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The words that had come out of Quinn's mouth came as a surprise to all of them. This included even Vorden who felt like he was the closest to him.

"Why would you suggest that?" Vorden said. "Leo is a sergeant, and although he isn't under Duke, he is under Nathan, who is ultimately under Paul, the head general. It's clear that Leo is working for them or at least he takes his direct orders from them."

It was a simple deduction that Vorden had made, and it would be right to a.s.sume so. But Quinn didn't believe it.

"Well, maybe I can change your mind about him," Quinn said. "First of all, I'm pretty sure he knows I'm a vampire; let me change that. I'm a hundred percent sure he knows I'm not human, and the same could be said for Fex and Peter."

"Wait a minute," Erin called out. "Is that why he gives you special treatment. It's starting to make sense now that I think about it."

"I'm not sure about that one," Quinn said, letting out a chuckle. "But I'm sure his ability has something to do with it. He knew I was different from the beginning and has safeguarded my secret until this day. Leo is different from the other teachers. He once asked me something, inquiring about whose side I was on. It started to make me think and wonder about a couple of things."

Leo himself doesn't align with the military; he is on the side of humanity. This was what he was checking up on with me that day. As long as there is a threat to humanity, he will protect us."

Logan then quickly hopped onto his computer and started to type away, checking to see if there was any information he could bring up on Leo, if at all.

"So, is this a hunch?" Vorden inquired. "Isn't it too risky to go on this journey just based on a hunch?"

"I too am in favour of talking to Leo; I think it is a good idea," Erin added. "I agree he's different from the other teachers. Remember how he saved us from the Dalki attack that one time? And during our lessons, he would continuously give me tips about my swordsmans.h.i.+p. Also, it seemed he treated everyone the same, no matter what. The way he acted just doesn't fit in with the way the world is right now. Usually, a teacher would choose to focus only on the promising students trying to please the upper ranks, but he never did anything of the sort.

"I respect him as a teacher, and if me leaving this place is based on whether or not we can trust Leo, then I would bet on him over any of the other teachers."

"Isn't Leo the guy I fought with?" Fex said. "I mean if it's him, he seemed like a pretty cool guy."

"I know, but we don't go trusting people based on how cool they are," Vorden replied back.

"I guess you're right," Fex replied. "Otherwise, you guys would have trusted me from the beginning, right?" He said as he swiped back a single strand of hair that had appeared in front of his face.

Once again, Logan projected the information about Leo onto the screen. Most of the news articles and information about Leo had to do with his accomplishments during the last war. He stood out due to the amount of Dalki he had managed to kill, despite being a lowly private at the time.

"Here you go," Logan said. "It looks like you might be onto something after all. It says Leo readily refused to join the military and only wanted peace after the war. However, he did agree to fight once again if the Dalki were to invade.

"At the time, Leo was a bit of a lone wolf who had refused to join any factions, including the Big Four. The military saw this as a chance to grab him up, but it proved difficult. In the end, Leo agreed at a request: he would join as a teacher.

"Judging by this, it is as you say; perhaps, he isn't as closely aligned with the military as the others from here are."

It was a risk, and others knew it would be, but if Erin was happy to go through with it, then she should at least have some say in what they were planning to do with her.

Suddenly, Logan lept out of his chair and started to search around his room for some items. He went through crates and crates of stuff until he had finally found what was looking for. After pulling out the strange looking object, he went back to his computer to fiddle with a few more things.

A bright light started to show from the projector that had been used to display the holograms so far, it was now starting to display a solid wall of green.

"Which one of you is the best at acting here?" Logan inquired. The other's didn't know who to look at but eventually, they all directed their gazes to Vorden. Even Quinn didn't know why he did this fully. But based on the numerous ways Vorden could express himself, he felt him to be the perfect fit for the task at hand.

Logan then paced near Vorden, and without even asking for his consent, he tried to put the strange-looking helmet device on his head. Unfortunately, there was quite a height difference between the two.

"Can you not see what I'm trying to do? Bend down, you dumb giant!" Logan shouted.

Vorden immediately bent down as little Logan placed the strange helmet on top of his head. The helmet mainly went around his forehead and had unusual mechanical arms that came outward.

"Even if you go to Leo and he agrees to help, the security around everywhere is going to be tough. This is the only thing I can think of which might get them to lower their guard a bit." Logan said.

"The strange helmet thing?" Vorden replied, his tone strange.

"This here is a facial recognition device. It is able to track the smallest of details and all the little movements of the muscles in your face. What I plan to do is make a video. If we put both Peter and Erin up against the green screen and we have our actor Vorden here, I will be able to create a realistic video.

"The plan is to pretend the video has been sent from Pure, informing the school that the kids they are looking for have already left the planet and are safe in Pure's hands. That strange helmet device and the green backdrop is so I can change your appearance to whoever I like, same with the background.

"Once they know Pure safely has the two of you; hopefully, they will stop searching around as desperately as they are doing now."

Quinn felt amazed by Logan's thinking ability and thought of all the things he could do with him. He was lucky to have someone like him on his side and would hate to think what it would to have him as an enemy.

A speech was made for Vorden to act out while Layla was in charge of telling Vorden what to say. It made the most sense as she knew best what Pure would send, to make the video sound more authentic.

The speech even ended with a phrase they had never heard before, 'May we purify your souls'

She explained that it was a type of signature Pure always used when they sent things like this to their enemy.

It also made the others realise how Layla really was living a double life and perhaps the Layla they actually knew wasn't real at all.

The video had finished being made, and it was time for them to act. Logan would stay in the room and would make sure the file got to the school while Peter and Erin would remain hiding in the room along with Fex.

If an inspection was to occur, at most, they would only send two people into Logan's room due to his special privileges. A long as that person wasn't overwhelmingly strong in the mind, Fex would be able to clear their memories as if they never saw anything again.

Vorden and Quinn would head to Leo and explain the details of what had happened, hoping they would be able to help Erin.

While lastly, Layla had her own task to do. She had to inform Pure of the plan as well. She was quite nervous about this, as she had broken the rules of Pure and acted on her own. Explaining this meant she would have to receive a punishment.

But right now, she didn't care and just wanted her friend Erin to remain safe.

'I hope the conversation goes well.' Layla thought.


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