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Chapter 2155 Time Freeze (Part 1)

"I think I somewhat understand now." Stark said, as he had been listening intently to Russ explaining the situation so far. "Still, it is all certainly strange, for you to have so many different races sharing one planet. I wonder how that came to be."

Russ only knew what he knew and not the entirety of it. Although there was a lot of information in the Quinn museum and such, there wasn't a direct log of the Dalki creation and so on.

On top of that, just why was there bad blood between Quinn, Jim and Jack. This was a mystery even to Russ.

"There's a lot that I don't know, but you just have to know the situation is quite complicated. I was told bits and pieces from Quinn's wife here and there, but I wasn't too interested in following the story too much."

Ceril was also listening in to the troubles the planet had faced. She could replace the memories of Jim in her head with Quinn, so understood what he had done back then, and understood the matter with the celestials at the time, but nothing to do with these two individuals.

It made her wonder, just how much had Quinn been through. The person didn't seem to catch a break even now, and understood why he and his family had gone into hiding for a while.

"And I'm sorry to hear how your planet is treating you after everything he has done for them. You talked about Quinn's wife and family, are they just as fast as him?" Stark asked, as he now knew that Russ, as well as Ceril were both different races from Quinn.


"They are vampires. Well, a type of vampire." Quinn answered. "Vampires naturally have greater speed than humans. They are faster than the norm but when compared to me, you have to realise that I am an exception."

While they were talking, Quinn decided to do something else, something that he had been meaning to tell Stark for a while. Since they were in s.p.a.ce and already heading back to the Mermerial planet, he thought there was no chance for him to now reject the idea of wanting to return to his home planet, because Quinn was going to reveal the secret of just how he was able to win the match.

The shadow surrounded his body, and soon he had changed into one of his most treasured armours, one that would always get him out of a pinch.

"This is how I was able to beat you in the last event." Quinn explained. "What I am wearing is beast armour, but not just any beast armour this is a special set that is able to increase the user's speed for a limited amount of time."

Quinn paused there as he was waiting for a response from Stark. He was wondering if the fact that he cheated would make his opinion of Quinn change a bit.

"There are things that can do that, items that can increase your speed, by so much!" Stark excitedly said with almost stars in his eyes. "The Penswi people, if they had something like this, just think how much faster we could get our work done!"

Thinking about it, Quinn didn't see any of the Penswi apart from those protecting the Royal family in any type of armour. Maybe there was a problem with forging it or what not. It would be handy if at some point Quinn could gather all of the allies to share their information.

It would not only benefit the group, but the lives of each race as well.

"I'm happy to hear that your not so against the idea of using armour." Quinn said. "As we said before, this fight, this battle is going to be with our lives on the line. If that's the case, then the best thing to do would be to make sure you are able to use your strength to the best of your ability and in your case, it's speed.

"I plan to try and get an armour similar to mine for you as soon as possible if that fails…"

Quinn stopped there. In his head, he had debated about giving the fang set to Penswi himself, with its active skill he could only imagine how fast he could go. The only thing was, he wouldn't be able to use the celestial benefits of the armour, and since the armour was quite a personal item, he was second guessing himself.

'I guess, it can always be an item that is lent out, if it's more important, but the armour is still very useful for myself. Unless I can find something more suitable for me, it's best to just find something that Stark can use.'

There was a time when Quinn believed that the Fang set was possibly the best armour out there for him, and one of the best sets in the universe, but the image of Ray's armour kept appearing in his head.

It gave the user incredible strength capabilities, and Quinn had a feeling that he hadn't seen everything it could do. One other way of improving himself, was possible getting an armour set that could match up against Ray's, but he doubted that he could or would have the time for that.

"I understand, as I said, I am happy for you to teach me your ways, as long as thier is a way to improve my speed, I will do as you ask." Stark answered.

While everyone was still talking to each other, Quinn wanted to make a request as he turned his head to look at Russ.

"You absorbed that nest crystal and at the event you managed to summon a copy of Jun as well, it means you must have a lot of MC cells now right?" Quinn asked. He was suggesting that Russ had more MC cells than he first thought.

"Yeah… what is it?" Russ replied, a little bit worried just what type of ulterior motive Quinn had, as to why he was getting him stronger.

"I want you to see if you can summon something, or perhaps change into something." Quinn asked. "I don't want you to actually summon it, but just look in my mind and see if you're able to find it."

Quinn didn't know if this would work, because he had no memories of when he transformed, but when turning into the bloodsucker for the first time he wasn't conscious of it either. Although he did remember the memories later.

He felt like it was impossible to completely forget about what had occurred, it had to be in his head somewhere, and maybe Russ could find it. If so, it would be good for him to train against his own demon form.

"Alright come here, if you let me put my hand on your head, I might be able to more directly look for what you're asking for. I'll just search for whatever the strongest image is in your head, but I don't want you to get your hopes up.

"Even if I find it, then I have to see if I can change into it, even if I can do that, then depending how strong this form of yours is, there is a high chance that I could only keep it up for so long."

With all that said, it was time to get a better idea as to what this demon form could do.


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