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Chapter 2156 Time Freeze (Part 2)

Russ wasn't lying when he stated physical touch allowed him to look through one's mind easier, another thing he could do was close his own eyes which allowed him to focus and get a better picture.

These weren't requirements of his ability like that of the Blade ability, but did give him a better image, especially when it was something that Russ had not directly seen himself before.

Because right now he had no idea what he was looking for.

'Just searching through Quinn's mind of those that he thinks of as strong is tiring. How many strong individuals does this person even know?' Russ thought. Eventually the connection was broken off, and Russ was covered in sweat.

"I'm sorry, It's not that I can't summon what you are looking for, but it's incredibly hard for me to find what it is that you want me to find." Russ started to explain. "The fact that you don't remember what your demon form is like, is making it a little difficult for me to even pinpoint a memory.

"But I will tell you one thing, if it is as strong as some of the others that are in your memory, I still don't have the power yet."

Quinn had set up a deal with the Penswi to hand over the nest crystals that they would find for this exact reason. At the moment the Penswi themselves had no use for the nest crystals and the main concern was going up against the strong ones in the battle.

It wasn't the sheer large numbers, but those like Chris who could practically take out a whole army on their own. He needed Russ to be able to take on someone at that level. If Russ was able to at least summon someone like Chris from his mind for a certain amount of time, then Quinn could be more confident.

"Based on what you're saying, if you were to see the form yourself, then maybe you would be able to search for that image in my mind, and figure out what it could do." Quinn asked.

"It would be much easier." Russ replied. "If I also saw your attacks and so on, I would also be able to emulate them to some degree so it would be much better…" Russ trailed off towards the end of the sentence.

He started to remember what state the practice room was in, and lining up everything Quinn was saying, what he would ask him to do, could very well be very, very dangerous.

"Don't worry, I need you alive." Quinn said. He had a plan, and that involved using Layla and her sword if everything went wrong.

It was the end of discussion for the group and they continued to do their thing with Ceril flying the s.h.i.+p, or at least in charge of the autopilot and looking over it in the meantime, and eventually they could see the Mermerial planet once again.

"Something's strange." Ceril stated.


"What do you mean, the planet looks just as blue as the last time we saw it." Russ replied.

"This is my first time off the Penswi planet, you certainly do have a lot of water." Stark commented.

"I tried to send a message to Wince and the others, about us arriving but there has been no response at all." Ceril explained.

"From the whole planet?" Quinn replied.

"No, there has been response from other cities and places." Wince explained. "You remember last time, an attack force came out to stop us. I wanted to get permission from the Royal place to land in the city centre, but apparently they're not replying.

"Some went to check out the situation to see what is going on, but those that went, they are no longer responding either. It seems that the others don't want to send in more people until they are aware of the situation."

For a second, Quinn's heart thumped louder as he was worried, because his family was in the main city. The good news was that the whole planet didn't seem to be under attack, so at least it didn't seem like Jim or Jack were currently present.

"Just head straight to the city, we will deal with whatever is there." Quinn ordered.

The s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p was able to enter the atmosphere of the planet with no problem, and now they were cruising along until they reached the city. They had informed the other cities to not send any more people into the city, until they arrived, then finally the city could be seen in sight.

"There's something strange!" Stark said as he rushed to the gla.s.s display. "Look at the sea, near that ice city thing. It's not moving."

The others noticed it as well, it wasn't just the sea, but even the clouds that were above the city didn't look to be moving. Then, when the s.h.i.+p had entered the s.p.a.ce, it had completely stopped, mid air.

"What's going on!" Quinn asked, but there was no response, it was dead silent on the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p.

Not only had the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p just frozen mid air, but everyone inside it had frozen as well. Stark was pointing out to the sea, Ceril had a concerned look with her eyebrow both pointed in with her forehead wrinkles, and Russ had an expression that made it seem like he couldn't care less.

'Why… is everyone frozen, and why am I the only one that can move?' Quinn thought. He went toward them, and he could touch each one of them, but even though he could touch them, they still weren't responding.

Suddenly, in his mind, Quinn had thought of a similar situation that had occured before. Something that had happened in the past.

'This is that celestial power, the one that calls himself the messenger, Mundus!' Quinn realised.

'He must have found out that I escaped from the celestial prison thing… is he here because he was looking for me?' Quinn thought.

It was the only explanation. Quinn didn't know how the celestial's powers worked, but the fact was that he was still able to move. There had to be some type of rule that had been set up that allowed Quinn to move.

'Although this power is not affecting me now, it doesn't mean that it can't affect me at all. If there is a confrontation, then there will be problems.'

Thinking about this, Quinn could only come up with one solution, he didn't know if it would work or not, but he used his shadow that blocked out attacks and other abilities, at least for a while, to cover his whole body.

He also coated himself in the second stage of Qi, just in case that would help at all. At times Qi had an effect of piercing through abilities.

'My family… they have to be safe! They have to be safe!' Quinn thought to himself, still trying to suppress his energy. The second he unleashed it, then Mundus would know that he was here, that was if he didn't know it already.

Quinn tried to use the shadow link skill, he was concerned for his family the most, but his shadow link skill wasn't working, and he was unable to connect to Minny.

'That b.a.s.t.a.r.d, what did he do to THEM!' Quinn clenched his fist hard, but took deep breaths to try and calm himself down. 'It might be just because of the ability, that might be the reason why I can't link to them.

'I have to keep a cool head.'

Thinking this, Quinn got out from the s.h.i.+p standing on top of it, and leapt up far toward the city. He then used his shadow wings to glide himself until he reached the icy flooring.

[Nitro accelerate activated]

Running through the city, Quinn couldn't hold back, the guns were held in his hands, and he quickly went through the city, until he had finally found his family, and the person he was looking for.

"Oh… that didn't take as long as I thought it would… it's a pleasure to meet you again." Mundus smiled.


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