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"What the f.u.c.k, why are there so many goblins coming for us; it looks like they are hunting us but didn't headmaster said it is a training ground for us as well as for goblins so why would they do this" Sahil was confused but he didn't linger on that topic for long because he saw something in front of him.

When Sahil came to goblin dimension, he was sent at the edge of the orange rank forest but now he was deep inside the forest and what he saw horrified him. In front of him were corpses of students of the academy, he was able to tell their ident.i.ty because they have insignia of the academy.

After seeing the gore and corpses in front of them, both of them started vomiting. there were some corpses which were in two pieces and their insides were coming out, blood was splattered all over the ground and both of them wasn't able to say anything for some time.

After both of them calmed down and looked in each other's eyes which were full of worries because it wasn't a normal thing for students to die, and ma.s.sacring a whole bunch of students were even more impossible.

"They had the tokens, so why didn't they crush them to eject themselves from this d.a.m.n dimension" Sahil who was searching the corpses said with a confused look.

"It's not like they didn't want to crush their tokens but they couldn't do, maybe their opponent was really powerful, maybe Sky realm and in front of those sky realm experts these low-level earth realm aren't worth mentioning" Adhira who had some knowledge explained to Sahil.

"But why would they ma.s.sacre these students are they trying to start a war," Sahil said and this question is also what Adhira wanted to know.

"Aahhhhh! Ahh!" while they were searching for any clue in the corpses, they heard a blood-curdling shriek not far from them.

So they run toward the cry stealthily and came on top of the tree. In front of them was a plane ground and some of the goblins were torturing a human boy who looked 17 or 18 years old.

"Please let me go, please I beg you!" that boy was begging and kowtowing again and again but those goblins were just laughing and enjoying the show.

Adhira and Sahil were truly enraged by watching the cruelty of these goblins. but his rationality told him that going there to help would be a bad idea so he restrained himself.

"These humans are so weak but still dare to act so arrogantly, in front of us goblins but now we have pledged our allegiance to the Asura race, we will be able to get rid of those lowly humans; if the elf race didn't interfere in our business with humans we would have annihilated those humans sooner," One of the goblins said in goblin language but fortunately Adhira new goblin language so she was able to understand every single word that goblin said and explained it to Sahil.

"So you are saying that these goblins have pledged their allegiance to the Asura race and now they are conspiring against human," asked Sahil to Adhira.

"Yes, now we have to inform father about it, otherwise the consequence would be too severe" Adhira has a grave face and didn't want to wait for any second here.

"kekeke what's the rush, I was searching for you everywhere; who knew you were here all along" weird laughter came from behind both of them and when they feel pressure from this man there heart sank.

"What a nice woman you got there, first I will enjoy myself then I will torture you to death, but if you give me your devouring skill then I will give you a painless death, what you say boy?" said the goblin leader with a menacing expression.

"Do you take me for a two-year-old child, you think I will believe a vile creature like you and you want my skill as well, fat chance" said Sahil with a face full of mockery and strangely he didn't feel any fear when he saw his opponent was Sky realm.

"You don't want to live any longer boy, so let me send you to 'Lord Yamraj' " after that goblin leader attacked without saying any nonsense and Sahil met him head-on.

(Yamraj is an Indian version G.o.d of death ;-))

When their attack met both them took two steps back. Goblin leaders face was full of shock because he was at the mid-stage of Sky realm, but now weaker than him in cultivation was able to fight him head-on. it was an insult to his pride.

"Heh if you are amount to this much, then you are nothing but disappointment" Sahil mocked goblin leader.

Actually, after two days of constant fight and devouring, he was at the edge of the breakthrough of the next realm and his fighting skill is also more refined than before.

"You are looking to die, boy!" goblin leader became enraged and attacked frantically.

While Sahil was fighting a goblin leader, Adhira was also fighting with his minions, she was able to fight them to draw and didn't let them disturb Sahil.

She was able to kill some goblins as well but she was also injured slightly, so she won't be able to hold them for too long because the number of goblins was too many and they keep coming without stopping.

Sahil was fighting with the goblin leader so he wasn't able to see Adhira's situation but even he did, he wouldn't be able to do anything.

"Ahhhhhh!" when he was fighting the goblin leader he heard a bloodcurdling scream of Adhira and he froze on the spot; when he turned and saw blood flowing from her mouth, goblin thrusting a dagger on her back his mind went blank and his adrenalin started flowing faster and the energy he got from devouring all the goblins started to refine on its on and his eyes went dark red.

"Arghhhh" he screamed and run with unfathomable speed towards the goblin who had hurt her and rip that goblins head from his body and when other goblins saw such a gory scene, some goblins p.i.s.sed in their pants.

Even goblin leader wasn't able to understand how his opponent became so powerful, even if he did breakthrough Sky realm. he shouldn't be this strong but he didn't know that it was the berserk form of a dragon, which he was able to activate because of the instability of his emotions.

After that, he put Adhira on his back and the ma.s.sacre began.

Every attack of his would end the life of a goblin, he painted the ground green with the blood of goblins. But the bloodbath didn't stop, blood was all over his body and his face looked ghastly.

After killing all the goblins in just half an hour, he turned towards the goblin leader who was s.h.i.+vering and said with his hoa.r.s.e voice " You will pay for this, your whole race will pay because of your mistakes" after hearing his voice and seeing his bloodshot eyes, goblin shuddered and bend on his knees and started begging.

"Please forgive me I will never do this again, please let me go"

Sahil walked towards the goblin leader and placed his hand on his head " You don't deserve to live" said Sahil slowly and started to pull out his head from his body unhurriedly which make the end of the goblin more horrified and with the sound of 'Kacha' his head separated and all the blood-splattered on the ground and on his face. After that, he left amidst the gory scene.

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