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Chapter 4806 - 4806: To be able to carry forward

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“But these two people have despicable characters. If I hand origin G.o.d sect over to them, I’m afraid that the ten thousand years of Foundation pa.s.sed down by the ancestor will end up in their hands.” Elder Liang said worriedly. “What elder Liang said makes sense.” Luo Yunshan agreed with him.

In fact, when sect leader Gu had said that he wanted to make the two of them the young sect leaders, they had already guessed his intentions. But to be honest, whether it was the Dharma sect or the martial arts sect, they were deeply suspicious of the two’s character.

“Hey, hey, hey, can you not make us sound so bad?” Li shaoqiu muttered in dissatisfaction.

“In that case, are you willing to remain in origin G.o.d sect as the young sect master?” Sect head Gu asked.

“l didn’t say that. Don’t think that I don’t know why you want us to be young sect Masters, isn’t it because you’ve taken a fancy to our pill refining skills and want us to help you refine pills? The origin G.o.d sect is so big and has nearly a thousand people. Just refining pills for them is already enough to tire one to death. We even have to do what the founding ancestor did and leave behind spirit pills for the later generations. Even if we die from exhaustion and live again, it won’t be enough. ” Li shaoqiu had long since known about the origin G.o.d sect’s situation and also knew why sect master Gu had taken a liking to him and Jiang wuhen. Once he became the young sect master, he would have to work like a cow or a horse for the entire origin G.o.d sect until he vomited blood. As such, he waved his hands and said this.

“You’ve eaten so many spiritual pills from my origin G.o.d sect. So what if you refine some pills for us?” Elder Liang said in an unpleasant tone.

“You guys are thinking too much. In fact, in terms of alchemy skills, the best choice is to give the position of sect master to young master Ling. However, I can’t choose her. I can only choose you. ‘t Sect master Gu waved his hand and said.

Li shaoqiu did not have any objections to this and did not interrupt, waiting for him to continue.

“However, young master Ling has other important matters to attend to. The safety of the heaven domain can not be separated from her, so I can’t let her stay in the origin G.o.d sect. More importantly, her alchemy technique is too wondrous and has a lot to do with her innate talent. Although she can help my origin G.o.d sect prosper for a while, she can’t pa.s.s it down to future generations, so it’s impossible for her to carry forward the alchemy technique left behind by the ancestor. ” Sect head Gu said.

Ling Chuxi immediately understood sect leader Gu t s meaning. Her alchemy skills were related to her Const.i.tution of all five elements, and it was also related to the cold heart Spirit Fire that she had fused with the Azure Spirit Fire. It was even related to her nine Yin vanis.h.i.+ng veins. It was impossible for her to pa.s.s it on to future disciples. However, Jiang wuhen and Li shaoqiu were different. The grade of their Spirit Fire was not too high, and there was nothing too extraordinary about their natural apt.i.tudes. Their martial arts techniques and spells could be pa.s.sed down to the future generations.

From this point of view, making them young sect Masters was indeed more suitable than him.

“Wuhen, shaoqiu, why don’t you two stay?” Ling Chuxi advised the two of them.

Their current strength was only at the monarch rank, so there wasn’t much meaning in them following him. If they encountered danger, he wouldn’t be able to split himself to protect them, so staying in origin G.o.d sect wasn’t a bad choice.

“But we still want to travel the Qing-Yun realm with you and be as famous as before.” Li shaoqiu said with a pout. The reason why he had given up his good-for-nothing future to follow Ling Chuxi back then was because he envied Ling Chuxi’s valiant and heroic bearing, which was admired by tens of thousands of people in the various country a.s.sessment compet.i.tion. Now that he had come to the heaven domain, he naturally wanted to show off a few times.. How could he be willing to stay in the origin G.o.d sect?

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