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Chapter 5002: The origin of the venerable realm

Translator: 549690339

“Weak, who told you that the illusionary sword Supreme residence is weak?” Qi Tian looked at Ling Chuxi strangely and said,”speaking of a few hundred years ago, the illusory sword sect was indeed not strong. They only barely managed to gain a foothold in the venerable realm by sending their women out one by one to be concubines.

However, ever since they had joined the Dao validation Alliance 400 years ago, official sovereign had given his own daughter to an elder of the Dao validation Alliance as a concubine. The situation had changed all of a sudden.

It’s really a case of one man achieving the Dao, his chickens and dogs rising to the heavens. Now, even some ancient Supreme residence families don’t want to provoke them easily, let alone ordinary Supreme residence families. ‘

“Oh, so that’s the case. What’s the Dao vindication Alliance you’re talking about?” Ling Chuxi finally understood and felt even more disdain for the illusory sword Supreme residence. She then asked curiously.

“You don’t even know this?” Qi Tian looked at Ling Chuxi in confusion.

“I’ve always been following master and cultivating in seclusion, so 1 don’t know much about the outside world. ” Ling Chuxi said calmly. She had already thought of an excuse for this. After all, she was cultivating in seclusion. It was normal for her to not know what was going on outside. However, if she did not even know the flowers and plants, then it would not make sense.

“Oh, I see. Then do you know how our venerable realm came to be?” Qi Tian had a look of realization on his face. He first asked a question, then answered his own question. As if showing off, he venerable realm was originally a gathering place for the top experts from various cultivation s.p.a.ces. They have all reached the limits of their respective s.p.a.ces. If they want to advance to the next level, they have to find a new and higher level of cultivation s.p.a.ce,

But after searching for a long time, they could not find it. Although the laws of everyone’s original cultivation s.p.a.ce were different, it was hard to say that there was an absolute difference. In the end, they could only find the strange s.p.a.ce called the venerable realm. Of course, this place was not originally called the venerable realm. The most peculiar thing about this s.p.a.ce was that it could contain all kinds of nomological laws. Although they restricted and balanced each other, they never conflicted with each other.

Let’s put it this way, even if you travel through every inch of the world, you can forget about finding a s.p.a.ce like this. As a result, they all gathered here and continued to cultivate while using the power of laws they had comprehended to transform this s.p.a.ce. They wanted to find the higher cultivation realm they were looking for, which is the heavenly Dao. ‘

So this was the origin of the venerable realm. Ling Chuxi did not know about this in the past, but she found it interesting when she heard it. It was indeed very magical to be able to contain the laws of different s.p.a.ces in one place, restricting and balancing each other without conflicting. Ling Chuxi found it very difficult to imagine how such a s.p.a.ce was born and could only sigh with emotion at the wonders of creation.

“Were there any cultivators here before those experts arrived?” Ling Chuxi asked curiously.

“No, there are only laws, but no living creatures are born under the laws. The flowers, gra.s.s, spirit beasts, wild beasts, and so on you see are all brought in by cultivators from other s.p.a.ces.” Qi Tian replied.

“Oh then continue, what’s the Dao vindication Alliance?” Ling Chuxi was a little unable to understand. Logically speaking, a s.p.a.ce with complete laws should have living creatures. How could there be nothing? However, it seemed like Qi Tian could not give a proper answer, so he dragged the topic back to the main topic.

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