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Chapter 944: Man and Sword as One

“The opportunity to break through into the realm of Heaven Essence only happens once every three years. And only in achieving this can one walk out of the forbidden area. Otherwise, one will be trapped here for another three years until the next time the sect leader removes the restriction barrier. As for you, don’t even think about it,” said Yuan Hui arrogantly.

Ling Chuxi remained silent as she looked at Yuan Hui indifferently. Did this person know how what death was?

“Ling Chuxi, just stay here. Maybe you will be lucky enough to break through to the realm of Heaven Essence soon.” Yuan Hui laughed out loud.

“You might not know this, but my luck has always been good,” said Ling Chuxi with a faint smile. Little Red was hiding in Ling Chuxi’s bag, poking out its little head. Its black eyes looked out mockingly at the other party. Another idiot was going to be unlucky. How dare he try to frame Ling Chuxi. He would definitely die. Little White on the other hand remained on Ling Chuxi’s shoulder, still calm.

Ling Chuxi knew that she would need to be in the realm of Heaven Essence in order to leave the place. Although it was impossible for her to advance in a short time, she could still unleash a power far beyond True Essence Advanced Stage with the help of the Cang Yuan sword technique and the White Jade Crystal, a power that should be comparable to the realm of Heaven Essence.

Ling Chuxi took out the Luo Chen sword and merged her mind with the Cang Yuan sword intent. The White Jade Crystal Heart emitted a gentle light as it quietly flowed like water into the Luo Chen sword.

“Hmph, I really don’t believe that you can really advance to the realm of Heaven Essence in such a short time,” said Yuan Hu disapprovingly. He was about to discourage her further, but when he saw that Ling Chuxi actually overestimated herself and attempted to break the barrier, he simply stopped and looked on as if he was watching a good show.

It was true that the Sacred Realm of Sects was full of spiritual Qi, and thus cultivation here would occur two times faster than the outside world. Even normal sect disciples could easily advance to the realm of Great Fulfillment. If there were panaceas or high-grade crystals, it would not be difficult to advance to the realm of True Essence. However, it was still not that easy to advance to the realm of Heaven Essence. Without true talent and comprehension, even if there were many panaceas and panaceas, it was almost impossible to do breakthrough into the realm of Heaven Essence. Otherwise, how could Yue Qingjie still be cultivating at the age of eighty and still remain at True Essence Pinnacle Stage? No matter how hard he tried, he still could not break through the thin layer that distinguished the realm of True Essence and Heaven Essence.

To Yuan Hui, Ling Chuxi’s current actions were childish and laughable. No matter how strong one was, could one really imitate the power of the realm of Heaven Essence just by relying on the power outburst of True Essence Advanced Stage?

However, very soon, his expression changed.

Ling Chuxi’s sword that was as cold as water suddenly emitted tens of thousands of light rays. Yuan Hui could still feel the immense power of the sword despite standing on the other side of the Flowing Cloud Valley boundary.

This was not the sword power of the realm of True Essence! Definitely not! He had seen Yue Qingjie’s sword technique before. Even if his True Essence Pinnacle Stage was infinitely close to the strength of the realm of Heaven Essence, he still would not be able to use such a sword attack.

Without a doubt, only the realm of Heaven Essence could unleash such a fearsome sword attack. However, wasn’t she at True Essence Advanced Stage? How could she use the sword power of the realm of Heaven Essence?

Ling Chuxi let out a clear cry, and the Luo Chen sword slashed down. A long arc of lightning shot out from the sword, striking the invisible barrier in front of her.

This sword attack was Ling Chuxi’s strongest unrestrained attack.

At this moment, her entire body and mind were one with the Cang Yuan sword technique. No one could tell human from sword. Both ent.i.ties had merged into one.

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Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss Chapter 944 - Man and Sword as One summary

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