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Chapter 1073: Arrest Xue Xingfu

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Thank you, Qian Mu Prime. If you need anything, feel free to come find me!” Qin Feng said.

However, as he said this, Qian Mu Prime could not possibly think like he did half a month ago when he thought that he had recruited an underling for himself.

On the contrary, from now on, Qin Feng’s combat power would inevitably sweep away some creatures. Even Qian Mu Prime could not do it.

It was at this moment that Nirvana Prime looked deeply at Qin Feng, but did not say anything. Instead, he tore open a rift, then turned around and disappeared.

On the other side, Wraith Devil Prime raised his hand, and an illusory skull appeared in the universe, wrapping around him. The skull then slowly retreated, becoming smaller and smaller as it pierced through s.p.a.ce and left.

After all, the Dark Coalition was different from the human alliance.. If an Immortal appeared in the Human Alliance, they would definitely gather together and get to know each other. They might even become friendly with each other. However, in the Dark Coalition, it was already quite rare for them not to fight and kill each other.

This was also the reason why when Gorefiend Prime appeared, Nirvana Prime gave him a sword strike.

After seeing the two Immortals leave, Qin Feng then said, “I am also very curious about the Divine Lake Realm. Previously, someone told me that in order to advance into an Immortal, one must go to the Divine Lake Realm. I don’t know what the spatial waymark of this realm is. Could it be that I can only be brought there by an Immortal?”

When Qian Mu Prime heard that Qin Feng did not know anything about Primes, he dismissed the idea that the other party was a descendant of Primes. However, even if he was not, the current Qin Feng was not someone to be trifled with.

“The opening of the Divine Lake Realm is not fixed. The most important thing is that it is too vast. The energy of the universe is incomparably violent. Furthermore, the divine liquid can only be produced when the realm has been unified for ten years. When that time comes, billions of tribes will s.n.a.t.c.h it. Without Immortals, even if you know the entrance, how will you reach it?”

“Billions of tribes?” Qin Feng was shocked.

Qian Mu Prime nodded and said, “That’s right. Including the ultra beasts and the insectoids, they will all be heading there. That’s the scariest part. At that time, we will also join forces with the Primes of the Human Alliance. However, no one knows how many of them will make it out alive.”

Qin Feng frowned.

They were actually going to join forces with the human Primes.

Qian Mu Prime saw Qin Feng’s expression, but he did not know what Qin Feng was thinking. He thought that Qin Feng was having doubts. Instead, he comforted Qin Feng.

“You don’t have to think too much. With your strength, you will definitely defeat billions of tribes and become an Immortal.”

Qin Feng nodded. “Then, I’ll have to trouble Qian Mu Prime. We’ll meet again in three months!”


After the two of them had finished speaking, they tore through the void and left this place. As for whether the Floating City would be destroyed or whether it would be built again, Qian Mu Prime would not care about such matters.

Only the ability users who stayed behind had witnessed this historic battle. Their emotions surged, and they even spread out at the speed of light.

Qin Feng did not know any of this.

He also did not know that along with today’s battle, the t.i.tle of Demon Xuan Feng Prime had spread throughout the Dark Coalition. He was known as a quasi-prime.


Blue Star Realm, Fengli City.

This city became extremely lively after Qin Feng became the number one person on the Blue Star Realm. What they did not know was what kind of battle the master of Fengli City had just experienced.

Qin Feng lay in the villa and fell into a deep sleep.

Even though his body was at its peak, Qin Feng’s battle this time was extremely terrifying.

The pain was imprinted in his soul, and the pain from the explosion of his blood made him tired. He could finally have a good rest.

Qin Feng slept for seven days and seven nights.

On the other side, in the Human Alliance, Xue Xingfu bought a high-grade realm.

The amount of resources Qin Feng had obtained was extremely large, and Xue Xingfu became more and more comfortable in the Human Alliance. He got to know many merchants, and this time, he made a deal with an SSS-tier elite.

There were no humans in this realm at the moment, and the resources were quite abundant. The realm core was at least one hundred meters in diameter.

After Xue Xingfu bought it, he immediately looked for Bai Li.

The two of them quickly stepped into this realm.

“Wait for me outside!” Bai Li instructed. This was not the first time the two of them had done this, so Xue Xingfu quickly flew into the universe and looked at the realm under his feet.

Following that, the realm shook, and cracks appeared on the ground, as if it was about to collapse.

This meant that Bai Li had already obtained the realm’s core.

Spatial beasts were just that overbearing.

However, at this moment, dozens of spatial rifts suddenly appeared in the sky above this realm planet. The cracks opened up, and one apt.i.tude users after another flew out.

Not only that, the strength of these apt.i.tude users was quite formidable. All of them were SS-tier apt.i.tude users. There was even one person whose strength was at SSS-tier.

Moreover, this SSS-tier apt.i.tude users was actually Shao Dongfeng, who had a grudge with Qin Feng.

Shao Dongfeng’s perception swept across the realm. Seeing that the realm was shaking, he instantly understood something. Following that, his perception saw Xue Xingfu. His body immediately rose high up into the air and entered the universe.

Then, a powerful pressure was pressed down on Xue Xingfu’s body.

“Xue Xingfu, is it? On behalf of the Human Alliance headquarters, I’m officially arresting you!” Shao Dongfeng said in a deep voice.

Xue Xingfu’s back was bent under the pressure, but he still gritted his teeth and said, “Arrest me? Why? What rules have I broken?”

Shao Dongfeng sneered as he said, “Witnesses and evidence are gathered here, and you still want to deny it? According to our investigation results, this isn’t the first time you’ve destroyed the core of a realm. The more than fifty realm you’ve touched have all collapsed. I even suspect that you’re a spy from the Dark Coalition!”

Xue Xingfu listened to Shao Dongfeng’s words. The former accusation was indeed true, but the matter of being a spy from the Dark Coalition was slander.

“These realms have been discovered by other apt.i.tude users. According to the rules of the Human Alliance, those who discover the realms have the right to deal with the realms and register as the owners of the realms. I use normal channels to purchase the realms. Every realm has a level. How I deal with these realms is my own business. There are no wisdom tribes in these realms, so why can’t I take away the realms’ cores?”

Xue Xingfu was a businessman, but he also knew that in this world where the strong ruled, no matter how rich a businessman was, it was useless. Therefore, he was very careful so that no one could find any evidence against him.

However, this time, Shao Dongfeng clearly came prepared.

“Who said that there are no wisdom tribes in this realm?”

As he said this, Shao Dongfeng raised his hand, and within the collapsed realm, there was a tribe that was running toward the spatial rift so that they could escape and survive. An A-tier Cannibal was then captured by Shao Dongfeng into the universe.

With the strength of this Cannibal Tribe, it was impossible for it to live in the universe. Therefore, as soon as it stepped in, it clutched at its neck, and then it entire body began to burn. Its body festered, and finally, it turned into an ugly corpse.

“Isn’t this a wisdom tribe?”

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