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Chapter 1072: Atiyoga of the Physical Body

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He originally thought that he would only be able to use it after a hundred years, but he did not expect that in just half a month’s time, Qin Feng had already fused the star-slaying iron into his weapon.

To be able to kill an Immortal, not only did he need the star-slaying iron, his weapon would also have to be at least at the level of an Immortal.


Even Qian Mu Prime was shocked by Qin Feng’s methods. He also suspected that Qin Feng had the support of some elite behind him.

Even though the Immortals of the Dark Coalition were here, there were as many Immortals as the number of stars in the billions of realms. Qian Mu Prime did not know the background of this Xuan Feng.

And at this moment, after Qin Feng slashed at Wraith Devil Prime, a dark starglobe suddenly appeared beneath his feet. After this starglobe appeared, even the Floating City could not withstand it and was enveloped in darkness.

The phantom of the human-faced snake appeared from the starglobe and coiled around Gorefiend Prime..

“No!!!” Gorefiend Prime roared angrily. However, this time, he was powerless to reverse the situation.

Previously, in order not to show weakness, he had already unleashed most of his energy to withstand one attack from Nirvana Prime. Therefore, he did not have much energy left and was just bluffing.

“Wraith Devil, save me!”

Gorefiend Prime’s consciousness frantically transmitted his thoughts.

However, Wraith Devil Prime was clearly hesitating.

Qin Feng’s Verdant Emperor Saber was pointed at Wraith Devil Prime.

The saber light on the Verdant Emperor Saber appeared once again. The spirit of the Immortal had appeared but was not released.

This was a warning. It was as if it was saying that if Wraith Devil Prime took a step forward, Qin Feng would not mind and give him another blow.

At this moment, the other ability users in the universe were completely shocked by what Qin Feng had done.

The phantom was entangling Gorefiend Prime, and the saber light in his hand was threatening Wraith Devil Prime.

Fighting one against two was terrifying.


He was too strong.

Wraith Devil Prime’s expression was solemn and even more ferocious.

However, the weapon made of star-slaying iron had already made him suffer a loss and made him hesitate.

Furthermore, the relations.h.i.+p between Wraith Devil Prime and Gorefiend Prime was not good enough for the former to risk his life to save the latter. Also, Wraith Devil Prime was only trying to take advantage of him.

However, he had failed to take advantage of the situation. Clearly, Wraith Devil Prime would not do that now.

After struggling for a moment, Wraith Devil Prime took a step back.

This step was a clear indication of his stance.

Qin Feng’s Verdant Emperor Saber suddenly changed direction as he slashed down toward Gorefiend Prime.

Gorefiend Prime had been fighting back against the phantom with his blood, but now, he could not take it any longer!


The Immortal Spirit Chain Rend exploded in the universe, completely destroying the Floating City.

Gorefiend Prime’s body was still sustaining the saber’s light, but it had already begun to bend. Soon, the area around his waist and abdomen began to grow thinner and thinner. In the end, he was cut in half by the saber.

This was the end of his life force.

An enormous blood-colored core appeared, which was completely made up of blood power.


Gorefiend Prime’s body exploded like a blood-red firework. There were no internal organs or bones, only blood power.

The power of blood fell into the void and came into contact with the runes, instantly turning into strange life forms. Gorefiend Prime had killed countless lives, and after death, his body turned into life. This was a cycle.

However, Qin Feng had put in so much effort. Naturally, it was not for Gorefiend Prime to be reincarnated, or for the ability users to fight each other for power, but for resources. Giving these resources to Qin Feng was a kind of transfer.

“Absorption Ability!”

Qin Feng’s dark ability erupted. Ten phantoms with human faces and snake bodies opened their mouths wide, devouring all of Gorefiend Prime’s blood in the universe. Not a single drop was left.


It was as if a soul was roaring furiously, but gradually, it completely dissipated.

The immortality of an Immortal could also be reflected in this aspect. Even if the core of an Immortal was crushed, as long as a sliver of energy life form managed to escape, they could start all over again. Unfortunately, Gorefiend Prime did not have this chance anymore.

Qin Feng did not let go of a single drop of blood, completely annihilating Gorefiend Prime.

At this moment, Gorefiend Prime was truly dead.

The death of an Immortal should have caused a huge commotion. Even a drop of an Immortal’s blood could be s.n.a.t.c.hed. However, in the universe, the ability users did not dare to move, and the Immortals did not move either.

Nirvana, Qian Mu, and Wraith Devil watched as Qin Feng devoured all of Gorefiend Prime’s blood. In the next moment, Qin Feng’s body began to strengthen, and his strength rose steadily.


SSS4-tier divine level physique.


SSS5-tier divine level physique!


The human-faced snake body’s dark ability devoured all the blood, allowing Qin Feng to advance to SSS6-tier divine level physique. However, the dark energy was wrapped around another existence.

It was Gorefiend Prime’s core.

This was a core of an Immortal that had a diameter of three hundred meters. Even if Gorefiend Prime was injured, his Immortal core was still very huge. It was definitely not the core of a new Immortal that had a diameter of one hundred meters.

But now, this core was rapidly melting. The speed at which it was melting was terrifying.

And Qin Feng’s strength was also constantly increasing.

For three hours, the three Immortals were watching in the universe. Countless thoughts were floating in the hearts of every Immortal.

And some other ability users saw with their own eyes an SSS3-tier ability user who only used a few hours to increase his strength, and only stopped when he reached SSS9-tier.

These ability users could also see that Qin Feng’s advancement was truly a perfect breakthrough.

In their minds, they could not help but think of Qin Feng’s words from before.

“My physique isn’t strong enough yet. I want your Immortal core to increase my own strength!”

In the ears of those ability users, these words were words that could make people laugh their heads off. But now, they only felt that their knowledge was shallow and shortsighted.

This person really did it!

At this moment, Qin Feng also opened his eyes.

The strength of his physical body had already reached its peak. This time, Qin Feng felt a terrifying barrier. He knew that his physical body no longer had the possibility of evolving.

If he wanted to advance further, he would have to change his life form.

Only by turning his flesh and blood into energy life form would he be able to advance further.

At that time, it would be the time for him to become an Immortal.

Qin Feng withdrew the dark starglobe under his feet and then looked at Qian Mu Prime.

At this moment, Qian Mu Prime felt his heart tremble. He had a feeling of dread and rising gooseb.u.mps. Even though he was now an energy life form, it was uncertain whether he could have gooseb.u.mps or not.

“Congratulations, Xuan Feng!” Qian Mu Prime’s consciousness tried its best to convey a friendly message, then, he said, “In three months, the Divine Lake Realm will open. I believe that Xuan Feng, if you bathe in the Divine Lake, you will definitely be able to advance to an Immortal. It seems that there will indeed be a new Immortal appearing in our Dark Coalition.”

Qin Feng’s interest was piqued. This was what he was concerned about.

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