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Chapter 1071: Slaying a Prime

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“What I want, Gorefiend Prime, can’t you see it now?”

Qin Feng did not hide it. Up until now, the means to increase one’s strength were usually very cruel. Being in the Dark Coalition, it was a place like the law of the jungle. Natural selection was natural selection, and only the fittest survived.

Qin Feng said indifferently, “My physique isn’t strong enough. Otherwise, why would I let you hurt me? I want your Immortal core to increase my strength. What do you think?”

Everyone was in an uproar.

Qin Feng’s words were really too arrogant and challenged their understanding a great deal.

An SSS-tier ability user actually wanted the life of an Immortal to fill his body just because his physique was weak. Was this really not a joke?


The blood in Gorefiend Prime’s body instantly boiled. He had also vaguely realized why Qin Feng attacked him. But now, hearing it, it was as if he was a pig and a sheep. Just because Qin Feng was hungry, he swung his saber and wanted to kill him.

How could he not be angry?

However, while he was angry, he was also extremely fearful. Following that, his gaze landed on the other Immortals, and his consciousness rumbled.

“Qian Mu, you know this person, yet you still don’t want to stop him. If the Dark Coalition loses an Immortal, you should know how big the impact is.”

Qian Mu Prime looked at Gorefiend Prime, and then looked at Qin Feng. However, he did not speak. His golden eyes flickered incessantly.

Everything in front of him had indeed shocked him.

His previous guess had now been answered. Back then, the Giant Star Turtle Immortal had lost his energy because of Qin Feng, and he had been killed in one fell swoop.

Moreover, he had been on good terms with Qin Feng. However, Gorefiend Prime had slaughtered his Dora Tribe thirty years ago.

However, helping an Immortal or an apt.i.tude user was a difficult decision to make.

After a moment of hesitation, Qian Mu Prime let out a chuckle. In the next moment, his consciousness was transmitted out as well.

“Ha, the Dark Coalition had already lost you, Gorefiend Prime, thirty years ago. I thought that you wouldn’t be partic.i.p.ating in the selection of the new Immortal this time. In that case, what difference would it make if you were here or not?”

Qin Feng’s heart trembled. The Divine Lake Realm was a realm for the selection of the new Immortals?

This news was something Qin Feng had always wanted to investigate. He did not expect that he would casually receive it from Qian Mu Prime’s mouth.

When Gorefiend Prime heard Qian Mu’s words, he felt hatred in his heart. Then, he looked at Nirvana Prime.

“Nirvana, didn’t you want to stop me from killing those ants? If you help me kill him, I will stop. In the future, I promise you that I will not act within the territory of the Dark Coalition.”

In Gorefiend Prime’s opinion, since Nirvana did not kill Qin Feng with the strike earlier, he might be upset about it and might attack again. As long as Nirvana became serious, Qin Feng would definitely die.

Qin Feng was also nervous at this moment. Nirvana Prime was very strong. Qin Feng naturally did not want Nirvana Prime to make a move.

“Rather than trusting a butcher’s promise, why not just kill this person? Wouldn’t it over and done with once and for all? If you die, no one will kill the ability users of the Dark Coalition anymore.” Qin Feng transmitted his consciousness. Although he spoke to Gorefiend Prime, everyone knew that this sentence was meant for Nirvana Prime.

Nirvana Prime glanced at Qin Feng. That sword attack just now had left a deep impression on him.

“You’re right. I agree!” Nirvana Prime then stepped backward. In the blink of an eye, his body grew larger and transformed into a black giant. He stepped into the universe and watched alongside Qian Mu Prime and Wraith Devil Prime.

However, his consciousness once again released a message.

“Perhaps the Dark Coalition will have another Prime!”

Everyone present knew who this person was.

Nirvana Prime was talking about Qin Feng.

The spectating ability users in the universe could not believe that Nirvana Prime thought so highly of this SSS-tier ability user. He even thought that he might be the new Prime.

After all, Primes had never spoken of such things before.

None of them knew what it took to become a Prime. All they knew was that in the past few centuries, no new Prime had appeared in the Dark Coalition.

It was simply too difficult.

Just as everyone thought that Gorefiend Prime would definitely fight this ability user today, Wraith Devil Prime began to laugh loudly in the void, “Interesting, this is too interesting. Gorefiend, why don’t you ask me? I actually feel that this little fellow’s body is pretty good, and his soul is also very good. Why don’t you leave him to me?”

Gorefiend Prime was instantly overjoyed.

Qin Feng’s brows suddenly furrowed. He never expected that Wraith Devil Prime would actually want to help Gorefiend Prime while Qian Mu Prime and Nirvana Prime were watching from the side.

However, when he thought of the Verdant Emperor Saber in his hand, Qin Feng’s eyes turned sharp.

“Let’s see what you can do!”

The ability starglobe in Qin Feng’s body rumbled. The second frozen star was sucked out and merged into the Verdant Emperor Saber.


The Immortal Spirit Chain Rend was unleashed.

The Spirit Chain Rend had a restraining effect on all spirit-type creatures. Qin Feng’s attack power had reached the strength of an Immortal. The Verdant Emperor Saber was the saber of an Immortal. Most importantly, every time Qin Feng attacked, a frozen star’s internal energy would explode.

With the purity of a frozen star, it was ten times the combat power of other elites of the same level.

This was equivalent to Qin Feng having ten times the combat power of an Immortal with an energy core that was a hundred meters in diameter.

This was also the fundamental reason why he was able to injure an Immortal.

This blade blasted out, shattering the void s.p.a.ce. The enormous Giant Star Turtle’s spirit swooped down.

The ghost fire in Wraith Devil Prime’s eyes flickered, as if his eyes were wide open. He could not believe that Qin Feng would be so bold as to attack a Prime like him.

However, the attack was simply too powerful. Wraith Devil Prime suddenly summoned an enormous skull, which exploded with energy and bit down on the Giant Star Turtle’s spirit.

However, in the next moment, Wraith Devil Prime felt his energy rapidly weakening, and he began to move even faster. By the time he used even more of his life force, the Spirit Chain Rend was already right in front of him, with a third of its power remaining.


In the blink of an eye, Wraith Devil Prime’s body was struck by the blade light.

Energy ripples exploded out, sweeping across the universe.

At the same time, even the ability users who were the furthest away could see Wraith Devil Prime’s enormous body. After being struck by the blade light, his body became semi-transparent.

The blade light pierced through his body and stopped at the center. A semi-transparent dark starglobe that emanated a dark aura suddenly flickered, and a blade mark was left on it.

That was the core of an Immortal.

Qin Feng’s blade light hit the core of an Immortal.

The consciousness of Wraith Devil Prime roared in the universe.

“Star-slaying iron!”

How could an experienced Immortal not recognize something that could hurt them.

Star-slaying iron could kill an Immortal.

At this moment, Qian Mu Prime’s golden eyes shone with boundless light. He raised his eyelids in shock.

He had given Qin Feng the star-slaying iron.

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