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Actually I felt readers could get more scope of character in a play but I forgot that A PLAY IS MORE ELABORATE WHEN COMPARED TO STORIES AND WHAT COULD GET FINISHED IN ONE PARAGRAPH IT TAKES WHOLE PAGE.

I don't like repeating and in my previous play it is a converse between a atheists and a BELIEVER OF G.o.d THAT IS ME, wherein atheists feel that there is no force but all the things happen because of us humans and our acts but few questions proved that there is something more that what we expect. Something that we aren't used to or aware about it anything.
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For instance: We all know that only by ploughing the land we can grow grains but that doesn't that even plants and trees also grows depending on us. If we have visited any forest or remote jungles we would be astonished to see that more trees are present in those places and that too in many varieties. There no human resides nor ploughs any land still the greenery is so thick that we can't find such an atmosphere anywhere on this planet. It would be so fresh and natural without side effects.

So it is true we plough the land and sow seeds which later on becomes harvest but any harvest would be successful only on the climatic conditions like proper suns.h.i.+ne and rainfall which we can't bring down to earth as we can get our water from the well. It is tough and also a mystery to think that

"why when we put a seed in the land it grows up into a plant, why can't it bring some other results. Few codes are coded by G.o.d and this is one of the code. Still earth is a big thing for our entire life, forget about the universe, first try to understand the basics of earth that itself will be too much and self sufficient for all of us"


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