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He would never have a woman who would wait for his return at home, he wouldn't have children that would demand things and time from him, he wouldn't celebrate their birthdays, rejoice their bad or good days, all he would have were funerals of his kins till he reaches his coffin.

It was the hard face of the reality that enraged him. To him s.e.x was meaningless, he wanted to make love to his woman... He wanted her hugs, kisses, caresses and giggles. 

But any woman he loved would be the first to be slaughtered when they come for his head. His love would curse her to death. It filled him with bitterness and hatred!

He was envious of every man viable to these luxuries, comfort and purpose of life.

What was he supposed to live for? What was he supposed to even do? He couldn't kill Su Qainwei, he wouldn't be able to kill any of them!

What was he supposed to do? Wait for the trigger to be pulled on him like Lei Xinyi? People thought Lei Xinyi lived ridiculously but the truth was that she had given up on life long ago.

Su Qianwei faced the other side of the pillar and glared, "When are you going to let me go?"

Yu w.a.n.g who was cutting vegetables to freeze, stilled his knife and looked at her with a taunting smirk, "There is nothing as letting go." He took a pause, "I spared your life when I could have very well taken it, so you are nothing but my slave for life."

Su Qianwei's head turned sharply to him and she bristled and shouted in rage, "I am not going to be a slave for my whole life!"

Yu w.a.n.g chuckled darkly in mock and opened the cabinet above him and took out her bag. He unzipped it and threw the drugs plastic bag on the island in front of her.

"Don't say 'whole life' like you have a lot left of it."

Su Qainwei flinched at his words and her breathing ragged as her eyes watered. He had no right to judge her! She didn't know half the sh*t she had gone through, n.o.body did!

Yu w.a.n.g glanced at the woman and then the white powder on the island, both were familiar to him more than they were familiar to themselves.

Su Qianwei was like his mother in many aspects, flawed yet beautiful in her flaws. His mother took drugs too but what could she do, she was just a young woman trying to fight the grief of the living. Escaping the grief of living an impending death...

Both loved a man who wasn't theirs, to begin with.

Su Qianwei glared at him with contempt, and shouted, "You had no right to go through my things!" She was far angrier than she was grieved.

Yu w.a.n.g snorted, "Just like you didn't have any right to go through my things but that didn't stop you. Did it?"

Su Qainwei glare didn't deter at all, her rage was raising on the mercury-meter, "Cut me loose!"

"I said, cut me loose!"

Yu w.a.n.g ignored her demands, put the drugs back in the cabinet and locket it, pocketing the keys.

"It's mine! Give it to me!" Su Qainwei shouted but Yu w.a.n.g concentrated on his vegetables that he was cutting in different sizes and patterns in fluidity.

Su Qianwei started thras.h.i.+ng on the chair in an attempt to set herself free but Yu w.a.n.g wasn't even bothered by her feeble attempts.

"Are you deaf?! Didn't you hear what I am saying?!"

He encased all the vegetables in different zipper-bags and stored in the upper compartment of his refrigerator.

He then turned to the cutting board and picked the sharp knife, he looked at her and Su Qainwei felt her soul flee her body. 

She eyed the knife and then Yu w.a.n.g serious face. "Wh...What are you..."

Su Qianwei shouted and shrieked at once when Yu w.a.n.g started to advance on her. She started thras.h.i.+ng harder trying to grab the last chance at survival.

Yu w.a.n.g got in quick step behind her and frowned at her shrill shrieks. Maybe he should gag her through the whole process?!

Her shouting curses and warnings got louder and thras.h.i.+ng was even wilder. He pushed her against the counter so she was pressed against it, it restricted her movement a little but her shouting was only encouraged.

Yu w.a.n.g brought the knife between the ropes and cut one loose. The rope loosened at once and Su Qianwei quietened too.

When she was no more thras.h.i.+ng like a mad bull, Yu w.a.n.g put her chair back in position. Her hands and feet still bowed so her movement was still limited.

He picked her up from the chair and threw her over his shoulder and began walking.

Su Qainwei panic was instant, "Where are you taking me?!"

"I can't coo you like a Baby anymore." Yu w.a.n.g spat in irritation, "So I have thought to give a permanent solution to you." 


Before Su Qianwei could register, he had thrown her on the bed and was climbing on her. Once he was on her he made her sit upright and brought his hands behind her.

He was undoing the ropes. Su Qianwei held her breath and protests, he was too close that she felt his minty breath. She was hyper-aware of his presence while he didn't even look like he was with a woman.

Her breathing was ragged by his muscular body almost touching hers while he seemed unaffected. Su Qaianwei felt insulted and her rage multiplied.

Yes, she wasn't interested in him but it didn't mean her female ego wasn't affected when she was literally beneath him and the man looked like he couldn't care less!

He opened her ropes but before Su Qianwei could even ma.s.sage her wrist he threw her back on the bed and held them above her head and started binding them again but this time to the bedpost. Su Qianwei shouts were instant.

Was he into Kinky stuff?!

Su Qainwei thrashed through the binding to free herself somehow but Yu w.a.n.g wasn't having any of it. He bound her in three quick steps.

Yu w.a.n.g gave her a jerk and hissed, "Don't shout! Or I swear, I am going to gag you!"

She stopped her cries but her terror was amplified with each second that pa.s.sed. When he had bounded her, he settled back his body not touching hers at all.

Yu w.a.n.g than held the hem of her s.h.i.+rt and all the reason flew out of the window for Su Qainwei and she shouted at the top of her lungs.

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