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Chapter 909: Unt.i.tled

Just when he thought that Mu Huan would really ignore him…

Mu Huan turned around and looked at him. “Are you going up or not? If not, I’m really leaving!”

Long Feiting looked at the small car and felt that he could flatten it if he sat on it. Furthermore, the road here was a slope. Even if it wasn’t, she’d need to use a lot of strength to push the two of them.

He didn’t want her to be too tired. After all, she was the one who had been charging ahead for them.

Seeing that he was still not moving, Mu Huan asked, “What? Are you waiting for me to carry you?”

Long Feiting: “…”

He really wanted that, but would she really do it? Would she hug him?

“Hurry up, stop wasting time!”

In the end…

Long Feiting still ended up sitting in the cart, but he could only sit on the side. He could basically be considered to be suspended on it. However, him being pushed was still much faster than him walking with his feet.

After Mu Huan had been pus.h.i.+ng them for a while, she vaguely heard someone shouting their names. Then, she quickened her pace. When she turned and realized that it was a slope, she could no longer stop. She could only grab the car and run down.

And the shouting came from the slope below.

When the professor saw that Mu Huan and the rest were not back yet, he brought a group of people to look for them.

When the people below saw Mu Huan pus.h.i.+ng the cart down, they were frightened out of their wits. They didn’t know whether to hide or to stop her. After all, if Mu Huan were to go down like this, the three of them would fall down seeing as there were stairs below.

Just as a few tall and strong boys in the cla.s.s stepped forward and decided to give it their all to stop Mu Huan…

Mu Huan stopped before she hit them.

This made both parties break out in a cold sweat. This was because the impact would really not have been a joke! No matter how strong those tall and strong boys were, they would still have been injured if they hit them.

The strongest boy in the cla.s.s snapped back to his senses and said, “Mu Huan, you’re too strong! You even managed to stop the wheelbarrow!”

She was even stronger than him!

When the students snapped back to their senses, they all expressed that Mu Huan was simply too strong.

“All my strength comes from eating!” Mu Huan heaved a sigh of relief and slumped to the ground.

“Where did you guys go? Why couldn’t I get through to you…” The professor proceeded to ask them where they had gone and why they were in such a sorry state.

“We…” Mu Huan was about to say something.

But when she saw Bo Junyan walking toward her with his men, she immediately stood up and asked in surprise, “Hubby, why are you here?!”

When Bo Junyan saw her, he quickened his steps and strode toward her. “Are you hurt?”

“No, they’re the ones injured.” Mu Huan pointed at Long Feiting and Li Meng.

Then she asked, “Hubby, why are you here?”

“Professor Li said that he couldn’t get in touch with you no matter what. He even got someone to search around but couldn’t find you.”

Professor Li, who was standing at the side, said, “Yes, I was afraid that something had happened to you, so I informed Professor Bo.”

“What’s going on?” Bo Junyan sized up Mu Huan and realized that although she wasn’t injured, she was in a sorry state.

“Over there, someone seems to have built a field for survival training in the wilderness. The traps are very high-level. The three of us almost couldn’t get out from there,” Mu Huan said.

Bo Junyan looked at PA w.a.n.g and asked him to bring his men to see what was going on.

He turned around and was about to say something when Mu Huan reached out for a hug. “Hubby, carry me. I’m so tired. I didn’t eat this afternoon, so I’m also very hungry.”

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