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Chapter 648: Something Big Has Happened

'What's going on?

'What's happened?

'Why would someone look into Sanque's health supplements company when it's doing just fine?

'Is someone deliberately causing trouble?'

Because there were too few clues, Su Yang could not find any useful information. Hence, he could only look for Sanque to understand the situation before coming to a conclusion.

With that thought, he arrived at Sanque's office.

As the boss of the entire health supplements company, it was only reasonable for Sanque to have its own office. Furthermore, a more logical reason was that it did not have the ident.i.ty of a high level evolution monster, so there were too many secrets that it could not expose. Therefore, it needed its own office to deal with some secrets.

When he arrived at the office, Su Yang knocked on the door and asked, “How was it? What happened?”

Because the two of them were on the phone earlier, plus Sanque was too concise, Su Yang had no choice but to ask that question since there were some words that could not be said clearly.

Sanque looked up at Su Yang and was just about to speak.

Then, Su Yang remembered how cautious Zhao Licheng was a few days ago and raised his hand to signal Sanque. Then, it looked around to make sure that no one was eavesdropping on them before closing the office door.

Sanque did not ask why Su Yang was being so cautious. Instead, it said, “Two days ago, someone from the marketing department called and said to me that they were going to check our factory, requesting for my cooperation.”

“So I called you immediately.”

Sanque's words were always concise. While Su Yang waited patiently for it to continue, it just stopped and looked at Su Yang.

Su Yang asked, “That's it?”

Sanque nodded its head.

Su Yang was speechless.

'Fine, I'll ask myself.'

Thus, the two started an “intense” conversation.

Su Yang asked, “How did they sound?”

Sanque replied, “Good.”

Su Yang asked, “What did they do at the factory?”

Sanque replied, “Inspection.”

Su Yang asked, “Where did they inspect?”

Sanque replied, “Everywhere.”

Su Yang asked, “What did they take away?”

Sanque replied, “Some production materials.”

If it were not for the fact that he had been receiving notifications from his [s.p.a.ce Traversing Eyes] as [Serious], Su Yang would definitely have thought that Sanque was deliberately asking for trouble!

'What kind of information am I expected to get if it answers like this?

'Even if the people from the related departments had spoken in a good tone, but… This could also be due to our country's recent efforts to capture people from the related departments due to their service att.i.tude!

'So, I guess I've got no choice but to look for someone else to gather information.'

With that thought, he took out his gla.s.s phone and called Young Master Ying.

“Du… Du… Du…” The call went through quickly.

Before Su Yang could say anything, Young Master Ying's voice came from the other end. “Young Master Su! I was going to call you if you hadn't called instead.”

Su Yang was confused. “What's the matter? Has something happened from my end?”

Young Master Ying replied, “No, I just wanted to ask you to send me a few boxes of Jiadian's oral serum.”

'This matter definitely isn't as simple as it seems.

'Forget everything else, it's been almost half a year since I've given Jiang Yan, that lesbian, and Young Master Ying the oral Serum. So, if they've actually drunk it, they should've been finished with it long ago. So, why would they have only just finished it then?'

Su Yang replied, “Sure, no problem. I'll give you two more boxes, while you tell me what's happened.”

Young Master Ying quickly replied, “Two boxes won't do. I want ten boxes. However, I'm not trying to take advantage of you for nothing. I'll pay you however much is needed.”

Young Master Ying's actions really puzzled Su Yang.

'His method is practically the same as me buying Juduoduo's shares from Huang Zheng myself, where I don't care how much the cost is since all I want is the product.

'There's only one possibility in this situation, the value of this item far exceeds its original value. Therefore, no matter how much the price is, it's going to be a guaranteed profit.

'But, Sanque's oral serum has only been on the market for half a year, so how did this suddenly happen?'

Just as Su Yang was about to ask Young Master Ying about it… All of a sudden, the phone in Sanque's office rang. Sanque took a glance at Su Yang and picked up the phone, hanging up after it said “En” twice.

However, not long after it hung up, the phone rang again.

Sanque picked it up and answered “En” twice again before hanging up.

Then… The phone kept on ringing continuously.

Since it was a landline, Su Yang could not chase Sanque out to answer the phone call. Hence, he could only walk out of the room and continue chatting with Young Master Ying. Of course, he refused to admit that he was forced out because he could not beat Sanque.

When he got outside, Young Master Ying was not at all angry that their conversation had been interrupted by the ringing of the landline. Instead, he smiled and said, “Are your suppliers calling you to ask for more stock?”

This time, Su Yang was even more confused.

He said directly, “Young Master Ying, stop keeping me in suspense. Hurry up and tell me what happened.”

Young Master Ying said, “Alright, here it is then… You're going to be rich now.”

Su Yang was confused.

Young Master Ying asked, “Did you send Jiang Yan two boxes of oral serum as well?”

Su Yang nodded. “That's right. I gave it to the both of you the other day. Why?”

Young Master Ying said, “You see, Old Master Jiang ended up drinking the oral serum.”

Su Yang was stunned.

'Old Master Jiang?

'He's a great man, the first of his generation. Yet, he's drunk my own oral serum?

'What happened after that…'

Young Master Ying said in a low voice, “Let me start from the beginning. According to the rumors that have been going around for the past few days, after Jiang Yan received your oral serum, she didn't pay much attention to it. In the end, she just casually left it in the car and forgot about it.”

“Later, when she went to visit Old Master Jiang, she asked her subordinates to move the items into Old Master Jiang's sanatorium. In the end, her subordinates thought that the two boxes of oral serums were also gifts, so they moved in together.”

“Then a few months later, just last month, when Old Master Jiang was taking a walk, he accidentally saw this box. Thinking that it was a gift from his granddaughter, he had someone open it to take a look. He realized that it was a health supplement that he had never seen before, so he wanted to try it.”

“However, someone of his level would not drink it so easily, so the doctors and experts had to conduct a detailed examination. Just last week, the results were out.”

“The test results showed that there were no harmful substances in your product and was just an ordinary health supplement. However, the test results showed that it seemed to be quite beneficial to the human body. Therefore, the experts suggested that it's safe to drink the health supplements, so Old Master Jiang drank it.

“Do you know who Old Master Jiang is? He's a big shot within the country! Anything that he and his team acknowledges would definitely be top-notched! Shanghai is the place where Old Master Jiang is closest to, so everyone in there knew about this piece of news first. So, of course, they all wanted to give it a try.”

Su Yang was enlightened. 'No wonder this happened…

'So that's what happened.

'However, it still doesn't make sense. Why were there inspectors from the related departments here instead of the suppliers then?'

Then, Su Yang shared his thoughts.

Young Master Ying laughed out loud and said, “Young Master Su, you're taking it for granted if you think so.

“Think about it. If you're the manager of the related departments and there was a company in your territory that was selected by the higher-ups who has decided to use it privately. Furthermore, they've influenced many of the higher-ups in the meantime. What would you do?

“Of course, I'd conduct a strict check first to ensure that there are no problems.

“This is an att.i.tude to show how much I value this.

“After that, I would also make an appointment with you to have a chat and chat about this through an indirect manner. Then, I'd monitor and ensure that there won't be any issues with the quality of your product.

“After all, this may be an honour, but it's also a responsibility.

“If your company cuts corners or changes the raw materials to save costs, it's going to cause major issues.

“Of course, even if that's the case, there might still be problems with some companies. But with these inspection records at hand, I'd at least be able to remove myself from being held accountable in any sense, wouldn't I?”

Su Yang nodded in realization. 'No wonder the related department caused such a huge commotion.'

At that thought, Su Yang felt that he made the right choice to call Young Master Ying. “Thank you, Young Master Ying! I'll treat you to a meal next time!”

After he said that, he was just about to hang up when suddenly, Young Master Ying hurriedly shouted, “Young Master Su! Young Master Su! You don't have to buy me a meal, just give me 10 boxes of your oral serum!”

“Du… Du… Du…”

Young Master Ying was speechless.

Su Yang, who had hung up the phone, blinked his eyes in confusion. “Young Master Ying seems to have said something when I hung up the phone just now. Forget it, it's probably nothing important. I'd better check and see what happened with Sanque's calls first.”

With that thought in mind, Su Yang returned to Sanque's office. At that moment, there was a woman in the office. She was sitting beside Sanque, holding a pen and paper as she recorded something.

When she saw Su Yang coming in, the woman looked up and quickly stood up to greet him. “Mr. Su.”

Su Yang gestured for her to sit down. Then, he recalled that this woman seemed to be from his company's finance department.

Su Yang asked, “What happened?”

The woman looked at Sanque, but Sanque did not seem to want to speak.

Hence, the woman had no choice but to explain to Su Yang. “Mr. Su, just now, Mr. Sanque received a call from many distributors. They all said that they would like to increase their supplies and have requested for us to send them more stocks. That's why I'm recording the amount of stocks each distributor wants.”

Su Yang looked at Sanque. “I asked my friend just now and he said that it's a normal inspection that won't affect the company. In the near future, our orders might increase exponentially. Can our materials keep up with the demand?”

The materials Su Yang was talking about were obviously not ordinary.

Sanque nodded. “En.”

Hence, Su Yang was relieved.

What happened next was as expected by Young Master Ying, the management of the related departments especially looked for Su Yang to have a chat. Their att.i.tude was friendly and sincere. They basically said that the oral serum that Su Yang developed was very decent, but they had to ensure that there was a guarantee in its quality and that there were no corners being cut. As long as the quality could be maintained, the related departments would give Su Yang some support.

Naturally, Su Yang agreed. After all, this was a good thing with no demerits at all.

After the matter was settled, Su Yang drove home in a good mood.

On the way, he happened to pa.s.s by a supermarket. The moment he saw the supermarket, his eyes lit up.

'Since I'm in a good mood, why don't I create a recipe item?'

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