Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse Chapter 1220 - The Nomological Edict Of Cessation! II

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Chapter 1220 - The Nomological Edict Of Cessation! II


One could define it as the end of something, the conclusion, or simply something that had come to a stop. When Noah utilized this offensive based Nomological Edict, his enemies would not be able to help but face their end!

The names of Edicts were especially important as they had to truly mean what they stood for, and Cessation would be the terrifying result that anyone Noah directed this Edict to would face.

It was purely on the offensive side as when Noah recalled what happened in the small cl.u.s.ter of Pandemonium he was in where Daolords and Primordial Beasts alike were quite literally wiped off the map, he couldn't attribute another word to it aside from Cessation.


The voices of the two consciousnesses resounded in his mind once more as Noah affirmed, the Nomological Edict of Samsara that Noah obtained 10% of from the Primordial being a GREATER Nomological Edict as the one he was able to call forth right now was a MINOR Nomological Edict.

The ranks of Edicts were unlike the Lesser, Grand, and Cosmic of the Daos- and as far as Noah knew as of this point after coming across two Nomological Edicts, the lowest was a MINOR Edict as the step above it was a GREATER Edict!

Samsara was ranked GREATER solely due to its utility and defensive aspects, with beings that had stepped on the path of Samsara being very hard to kill- even with the use of other GREATER Edicts. But Noah could still raise his head high when it came to his design of Cessation, as even the design of Edicts alone was something that mainly Primordials dabbled into.

"The Nomological Edict of Cessation!" Noah called out his first designed Edict as its details bloomed beautifully before his eyes.

:: A Nomological Edict is a form of undeniable truth and authority that is birthed from the combination of laws and Daos. It cannot be circ.u.mvented or stopped by anything, with the only possibility of deniability lying with another Edict. The Nomological Edict of Cessation is born from the combination of the Cosmic Daos of Reincarnation, Chronos, s.p.a.ce-time, and Vitality along with the laws of Life, Death, and Fire. As the Edict Architect, Noah Osmont gains the Authority of Cessation that grants him unique rights. Cessation allows one to gain the capability of dealing True Annihilatory Damage that cannot be mitigated or reduced by laws and Daos. It cannot be mitigated or reduced, but it can be countered in some cases. A negligible chance to counter True Annihilatory Damage exists with a rough combination of Daos and Laws, but only the essence of Edicts has a chance of countering True Annihilatory Damage. True Annihilatory Damage erases everything it comes across, whether it be physical objects or incorporeal ent.i.ties as any abilities cast with the essence of Cessation deal a base increase of 50,000,000% Damage, as well as 25,000,000% True Annihilatory Damage. Along with this, any Nomological Edict grants its user a smoother pathway towards ●●●●●●●, granting them an increase in the speed of their Realm Progression by +100,000%, an increase of +1,000,000% to All Parameters, and increases the chances of Fusions of other Laws and Daos by 1% for the production of other Nomological Edicts. Current fusion of the laws and Daos for the Nomological Edict of Cessation : 1%

"Well…" There was truly a lot to unpack with the details of the new Edict that Noah didn't know what to focus on! But the biggest thing that stood out at this moment was…True Annihilatory Damage.

This was what was unlocked with the design of the Nomological Edict of Cessation- where he now gained the capability to deal True Annihilatory Damage that could not be mitigated or reduced! These two words were extremely important moving forward as they truly stood for what they meant.

Whenever Noah utilized the essence of this Edict to cast abilities against his enemies, none of their defenses or resistances mattered as all they would face would be Cessation! The only thing an existence could do was to possibly "Counter" Noah's attacks with the essence of their own Edicts, and even this had its own intricacies!

Noah knew he would have to slowly understand all of this as he came across different situations, but the base numbers of this Edict didn't lie as they gave him the strongest possible offensive Edict he could imagine, and this could be clearly seen with the base increase of 50,000,000% Damage and 25,000,000% True Annihilatory Damage! This was what wiped out three Primordial Beasts, Tainted Ones, and an existence that had glimpsed Edicts all at once…

Then, there was the fact that his progression in this Edict was 1%, and it reflected boosts similar to the ones from a Nomological Edict of Samsara where if he achieved 100% in Cessation, he would have an overall boost of 100 million percent to All Parameters and have his Realm Progression increased by 10 million percent, along with increasing the chance of fusing other laws and daos by 100%!

It made him look forward to completing this Edict as for him to do that…he simply had to utilize it and understand more about its intricacies.

Also similar to the Nomological Edict of Samsara, Cessation had the words [any Nomological Edict grants its user a smoother pathway towards ●●●●●●●…], the last portion being unreadable words that Noah could not grasp!

His eyes released a light of sharpness as he voiced out.

"Why is this information still filtered?" His voice was directed mostly to the Cosmic Core that quantified the outside 'world' and all the information they were receiving into a System database that was further displayed into things like the Status Panel that showed everything about oneself and the descriptions of abilities, skills, laws, Daos, and Edicts.


The Cosmic Core replied melodiously as Noah gave a light nod, his s.h.i.+ning eyes then focused on the other important thing in the definition of the Nomological Edict of Cessation.

It was the Authority of Cessation that he gained as the Edict Architect!

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