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Chapter 777 Chapter 777: Betting With Zi Yan!

The fossil stone, which looked like a turbid crystal, was actually hard like a diamond, but the burly male fox skillfully cut the fossil stone layer by layer with his bare hand.

The young fox lady who had chosen the one-meter-tall fossil stone sighed in great disappointment after the burly male fox cut her entire fossil stone to pieces.

"Oh, it is such a pity~! Even though the fossil stone is so big, but it is actually empty~!" The party host exclaimed to the audience.

The audience laughed in unison at the huge but empty fossil stone.

The young fox lady quickly got off the grand stage in embarra.s.sment while the party host was ready to choose her next target.

Most of the partic.i.p.ants became a lot more nervous as the part host lady stared at them with a teasing smile on her charming face.

Of course, Tang Li Xue also did not feel nervous at all, and she yawned lazily instead because she already knew the content of her fossil stone.

"Hey, you~!" Someone called Tang Li Xue from her right side.

Tang Li Xue recognized that it should be Zi Yan's voice.

Tang Li Xue was too lazy to argue with Zi Yan, so she decided to just ignore Zi Yan.

Zi Yan gnashed her teeth in rage as she walked to approach Tang Li Xue.

"You hillbilly fox, do you dare to bet with me?" Zi Yan muttered softly to Tang Li Xue in a tone filled with resentment.

Tang Li Xue raised her eyebrow and glanced at Zi Yan as her interest was piqued by her provocative words.

"Oh? What kind of bet?" Tang Li Xue asked in a lazy tone.

"Let's bet on which fossil stone is more valuable." Zi Yan sneered at Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue hesitated as she really wanted to use her [Fiery Bright Eyes] to check the content of Zi Yan's fossil stone first.

But Zi Yan would definitely realize it in an instant since the color of her topaz blue eyes would change to bright golden if she activated her [Fiery Bright Eyes], so Tang Li Xue immediately gave up her intention to do it.

"What do you want from me if I lose? And what will I get if I win?" Tang Li Xue asked in a curious tone.

Zi Yan thought for a few moments and replied: "If you win, I will immediately give you one million credits. if I win, you have to split up with Brother Li Wei and never meet him again in the future. How? Do you dare to accept it?!"

Tang Li Xue's slender body shuddered slightly, and she almost accepted the bet on the spot.

One million credits was clearly an extremely huge amount of money for Tang Li Xue, but it was only a drizzle for Zi Yan.

Tang Li Xue might be very greedy for that one million credits bet offer, but after calming down and thinking deeply for a while, Tang Li Xue wondered if she could increase the bet further.

Tang Li Xue put calm acting and said in a mocking tone: "Only one million credits?! Do you not feel embarra.s.sed at all? If any other foxes heard it, they would think that it is only a small bet for poor foxes."

Zi Yan almost could not hold down her temper and scolded Tang Li Xue harshly.

One million credits bet is only for poor foxes?!

I really want to see how many millions you have in your account?!

Zi Yan took a deep breath to barely calm down her anger and asked coldly: "How many credits do you want to bet?"

"At least ten million credits~!" Tang Li Xue replied in a smug tone.

"Deal~! I hope you will not pretend to forget our bet later after I win the bet!" Zi Yan instantly accepted it and said mockingly at Tang Li Xue while sneering coldly at her.

Tang Li Xue suddenly regretted a lot after Zi Yan accepted her bet offer without any hesitation: 'I should say one hundred million credits instead...'

Meanwhile, the party host girl had already chosen another five other partic.i.p.ants, but after the burly male fox cut their fossil stones, all of their fossil stones were still empty.

Just like what Tang Li Xue had seen with her [Fiery Bright Eyes], around 80% of all fossil stones provided in the previous room were actually empty, so the fossil stones chosen by most partic.i.p.ants should be empty too.

Only the seventh partic.i.p.ant was finally lucky enough to choose a fossil stone with something contained inside it.

"Oh~! It is the Magma Crystal Ore~! Not bad! It can be used as one of the raw materials to forge treasure. The price should be around two hundred fifty thousand credits! Congratulation!" The party host girl shouted while she introduced the treasure that the seventh partic.i.p.ant got from the fossil stone.

As for the next partic.i.p.ant, the party host girl actually pulled Bingbing!

It was not just Bingbing who felt extremely nervous, even Tang Li Xue secretly felt nervous too.

Tang Li Xue was too busy looking for her own fossil stone before, so she did not have time to peek at the fossil stone chosen by Bingbing, Silly Fox, and Instructor Mei Lan.

Tang Li Xue shook her head in regret since she could not give the other two fossil stones she had found that contained extremely precious treasures to her friends.

"It is an empty fossil stone~! Another unlucky one~!" The party host girl exclaimed in a disappointed tone.

Bingbing also became very ashamed as she jumped down from the grand stage like the other failed partic.i.p.ants.

Tang Li Xue sighed in disappointment, but there was nothing she could do to cheer Bingbing at this time since she would surely proceed to the next stage of the contest.

Then the party host girl chose to pull Silly Fox as her next victim!

Tang Li Xue no longer dared to hold too much hope for Silly Fox after Bingbing's failure.

Even Silly Fox did not look as if he cared about his fossil stone at all.

He was clearly only climbing onto the stage with the intention of having fun with Tang Li Xue.

It would be better if he could help Tang Li Xue to win the contest, but he definitely did not have any intention to win the contest for himself.

But out of Tang Li Xue's expectations, there was actually something inside Silly Fox's fossil stone!

A blinding white light shone from the treasure inside Silly Fox's fossil stone!

"Wow, this is... a fragment of divine treasure~! Wonderful~! Finally, we found a lucky guy among us~!" The party host girl shouted excitedly.

Tang Li Xue dropped her jaw in shock.

'What the heck?! I thought it was a piece of junk before, so it was actually a fragment of divine treasure?!' Tang Li Xue thought dizzily.

Yes, Tang Li Xue also saw this thing with her [Fiery Bright Eyes] before, but she did not pick it up since she thought it was only a useless shattered fragment of spirit treasure.

Who knew that Silly Fox was an extremely lucky guy?!

Of course, the fragment of divine treasure was actually pretty much useless too for Silly Fox, but the material used to make divine treasure should be extremely precious, much much more precious than any material that could be found in this Immortal World.

Moreover, it had extremely high collectible value, so many rich foxes should be more than willing to buy it for millions of credits.

Silly Fox smiled in satisfaction when he received the fragment of divine treasure from the party host girl.

Then he stared with a pair of hot eyes toward Tang Li Xue while holding the fragment of divine treasure tightly.

It was clear that Silly Fox had already decided to give this fragment of divine treasure to someone later after this contest was over.

Tang Li Xue did not realize Silly Fox's stare as she became more nervous all of a sudden.

Since she could have missed the extremely precious fossil stone that Silly Fox had picked, she was afraid that Zi Yan's fossil stone would also contain another priceless treasure she had missed before just like Silly Fox.

Tang Li Xue suddenly became panicked for a while before she realized...

'Err, I only promise to split up with Teacher Li Wei and never meet him again in the future if I lose, right? Then everything is okay... I might really die in poverty if I need to pay ten million credits if I lose...' Tang Li Xue sighed in relief.

So, what if she lost?

Splitting up and never seeing Teacher Li Wei again in the future meant she did not need to pay back any of the requests she owed to Teacher Li Wei, so whether she won or lost, she would still be the one who got the benefits, right?!

Tang Li Xue sneered happily after she realized it.

If Teacher Li Wei could read Tang Li Xue's mind right now, he would surely spurt a few litters of blood in anger at Tang Li Xue's shamelessness.

The party host girl pulled several more partic.i.p.ants, but the fossil stones they had picked were all empty again.

Among fifteen partic.i.p.ants, only Silly Fox and one fox girl partic.i.p.ant managed to pick the fossil stone with treasure inside it.

Finally, the party host girl chose to pull Zi Yan among the crowd!

Tang Li Xue's delightful mood instantly became tense once again.

This would be the deciding moment whether she would win the ten million credits or lose her chance to pay back the two requests she owed to Teacher Li Wei!

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