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Chapter 776 Chapter 776: Cheating Again?!

Tang Li Xue took a deep breath as she closed her topaz blue eyes and began to connect the [Sun Dragon King's Pearl] in her Dantian with her [Pure Sun Dragon] bloodline.

With her [Sun Domain] Prototype as the vessel, Tang Li Xue linked all of them onto her eyes through her divine ability, [Sun Dragon Fiery Eyes].

When Tang Li Xue opened her eyes again, her topaz blue eyes had already changed color to bright golden.

[Fiery Bright Eyes]~!

Her [Fiery Bright Eyes] not only had the power to see through any disguise or invisible creatures, but it would also allow her to see through any obstacle or object such as walls or trees.

Tang Li Xue took one random fossil stone and tried to use her [Fiery Bright Eyes]'s see-through power on the fossil stone in her grasp.

Well, it was empty...

Even though there was nothing inside the fossil stone in her grasp, Tang Li Xue became very excited since it meant she could use her [Fiery Bright Eyes]'s see-through ability to peek at the content inside the fossil stone!

Tang Li Xue suppressed her urge to laugh out loud in exhilaration as she excitedly used her [Fiery Bright Eyes] to check the content inside the nearby stacks of fossil stones.

However, Tang Li Xue's happiness did not last long.

Her expression changed again as her pink lips twitched in displeasure after she checked the content inside all the nearby stacks of fossil stones.

'Good guy... 80% of these d.a.m.n stones are actually empty while the rest only contain useless junk?! What a scam contest is this?!' Tang Li Xue thought as she rubbed her forehead to ease her displeasure.

She really wanted to call the event organizer for this party and scold them harshly for being black-hearted so badly right now.

Unfortunately, she would not be able to explain how she peeked at the content inside the fossil stones if she did it, so she could only hold back her anger for now.

Tang Li Xue shook her head in great disappointment as she walked toward the other stacks of fossil stones and checked them one by one.

There were thousands of fossil stones in this huge room anyway, so Tang Li Xue could only hope she could find one relatively precious treasure among them.

'Sigh... If only Little Loki is not sleeping to digest all the treasures it consumed from Gu Family's treasury warehouse in Garden City right now, I can ask it to help me find the most precious treasure in this room. With Little Loki's treasure-sensing ability, it should be an extremely easy task for it to do.' Tang Li Xue shook her head in distress.

The contest partic.i.p.ants who had already chosen their fossil stone went out of the room one by one.

After fifteen minutes or so, there were only less than five foxes that were still carefully choosing their respective fossil stone inside the room.

Even Silly Fox and Bingbing had already chosen their fossil stone randomly, and then they patiently waited for Tang Li Xue so they could get out of the room together.

"Little Xue, have you already chosen your fossil stone? Let's get back to the grand stage together?" Bingbing called Tang Li Xue from afar.

"Not yet~!" Tang Li Xue shouted back as she became even more panicked.

After running around busily for thirty minutes, Tang Li Xue had already held three fossil stones in her grasp, but she still looked around with her [Fiery Bright Eyes] as quickly and carefully as she could to find more precious treasure.

Around 80% of fossil stones in this room might be empty while the rest 19.99% contained something like metal ores, crystal stones, fossilized eggs, fossilized plants, treasure fragments, bone fragments, and so on.

Tang Li Xue was not interested in those things, so in Tang Li Xue's eyes, those things were only useless junk.

As for the remaining 0,01%... They might be the three fossil stones in Tang Li Xue's grasp right now.

Only these three fossil stones, which she had already carefully chosen among so many stacks of fossil stones, could barely satisfy her requirement.

They actually contained a complete bell-like treasure, a frozen lotus, and a green pearl.

Tang Li Xue panted heavily as her [Fiery Bright Eyes] actually depleted her energy pretty quickly.

If she used it in the fierce battle with the other skills and divine abilities, she might not be able to last even ten minutes before she was completely exhausted.

"Uhh, I am sorry, Young Miss, but you can only choose one fossil stone." One of the event supervisors kindly reminded Tang Li Xue.

"I know. Give me some time, okay?! I will pick one from these three..." Tang Li Xue replied in a reluctant tone.

To be honest, she really wanted to take back all of these three fossil stones in her grasp.

After pondering it carefully for a while, Tang Li Xue finally had a brilliant idea of adding her basic [All Knowing Eyes] on top of her [Bright Fiery Eyes], so she could check the description of these three treasures and evaluate which one among them was the most precious.


[Bell of Poison Shade]

[Description: Innate treasure born from heaven and earth. It can detoxify and absorb any kind of poison. The power of this Bell of Poison Shade will increase according to the number and power of the poison it absorbs.]


[Frozen Crystal Lotus Flame]

[Description: The top-grade spiritual flame with over 10,000 years of acc.u.mulation. It contains the power of burning heat and extreme coldness.]


[Storm Calling Pearl]

[Description: The innate treasure of heaven and earth containing the immeasurable power of wind and lightning. The power of this pearl purely depends on the strength of the wielder. If the wielder is practicing wind or lightning cultivation techniques, it could dramatically increase the wielder's cultivation speed.]


'Holy cow~! The three of them are actually so precious and powerful?!' Tang Li Xue widened her s.h.i.+ny golden eyes in shock and disbelief.

Tang Li Xue gnashed her pearl-white teeth in great distress. She really wanted to take all three of them!

'Wait a minute... It should be no problem if I secretly tell Bingbing and Silly Fox, so they can take the other two fossil stones, right?' Tang Li Xue thought excitedly.

Her idea might be really good, but unfortunately, the reality was far from her imagination.

The event supervisors had already urged Silly Fox and Bingbing to go back to the Grand Stage first in order to avoid cheating.

Only three foxes left in this room including Tang Li Xue herself.

The event supervisors had already kept urging them to quickly go back on the grand stage by saying their time was up.

Tang Li Xue glanced at the three fossil stones in her grasp while pondering her choice carefully.

[Bell of Poison Shade] was surely an immeasurably powerful innate treasure, since it could grow without limit as long as it kept consuming powerful poison.

But Tang Li Xue did not really like playing with poison, so the [Bell of Poison Shade] was the first to be eliminated by her.

As for [Frozen Crystal Lotus Flame], Tang Li Xue already had Flame of Pride, so she actually planned to give this flame to Bingbing.

Unfortunately, she could only abandon this [Frozen Crystal Lotus Flame] this time since she must choose [Storm Calling Pearl].

Yaya had already helped her very much previously in the Foxes Hunting Festival and The urgent mission in the Garden City, but she could not give anything useful to Yaya yet until now.

This [Storm Calling Pearl] was clearly a perfect gift to pay off what she had owed to Yaya after those two previous events.

"Sigh... What a pity for Bingbing... This flame is really suitable for her." Tang Li Xue murmured in an unwilling tone, but she could only throw back the fossil stone containing [Frozen Crystal Lotus Flame].

After Tang Li Xue went out of the room and headed back to the grand stage with the fossil stone containing [Storm Calling Pearl], the last two foxes in the room actually picked the fossil stone that Tang Li Xue had just thrown before walking back to the grand stage too.


Thirty foxes or so were lined up neatly on the stage while holding their respective fossil stone in their grasp.

"All right, it is time for us to break open the fossil stone they have picked~! Are you ready, everyone?!" The party host shouted to excite the audience.

"Ready~! Open them now!" The audience shouted in unison.

"Okay, let's see... We will begin with this lady with the biggest fossil stone!" The fox girl who had become the party host pulled one of the partic.i.p.ants with the biggest fossil stone.

The fossil stone she picked was actually more than one meter tall like a boulder.

The burly male fox grabbed the fossil stone and carefully cut it open with his bare hand.

It seemed the burly male fox's divine ability was to cover his barehand with a sharp energy like Tang Li Xue's [Sharp Edge Power].

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