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* Dad, why should I do this to them? * I say with doubts.

My father smiles with that evil smile and says without thinking twice.

* Yesterday You mentioned that you wanted to get married and have children, so your friends are a great option.

* How disgusting Father! They are ugly, so you have a little idea of ​​what I'm talking about, They don't have big b.r.e.a.s.t.s, nor big, delicious b.u.t.ts to squeeze. I want one just like Mom! * I say with a bold smile on my face.

My father hearing this he smiles and says, * Boy, One day they will have big, big, one day they will be as juicy as your mom.

PAA! u003cSlap noise.

My father feels a burning and tormenting pain in his cheek.

He frowns, He looks at my mother and says, with a slight tone of anger in his voice.

*Love ???*

My mother wastes no time and rolls her eyes, making a sign of jealousy. Soon after she starts walking out of the room, leaving my father without understanding anything.

Leaving the room, I am still in my mother's arms. However, this time I find myself in a small room.

The atmosphere is calm and warm, Right in the middle of the room there is a crackling fireplace, the fire is a green color, the wood that makes the fire stay this color is a type of magic wood, If I am not mistaken every inch of this wood costs 0.1 units of magic energy in the sun flower market.

On the floor of this room there is a Big Bear Skin, Its fur is red with small strange Drawings, My father said that when he killed this bear, these strange drawings shone and lit up in a red color like blood, As if something was controlling that bear.

However, my father didn't find a Magician, or enchanter at that moment, so he just took the bear and sold the most important parts, and as a souvenir he brought the bear's skin, to use as a high quality rug.

On the ceiling of this room there is some kind of magic device, which in a few seconds it can completely illuminate part of the house. Obviously it is used only when the fireplace is out of wood, because we cannot afford to spend magic energy with only basic lighting.

My mom releases me and lets me slowly fall on the warm, pleasant fur, She smiles at me and says.

* My little Bebe, just wait for mommy to prepare your breakfast * My mom says.

"MOTHER! I want to play outside this house!"

"I want to leave!!!"

My mother hearing this she smiles and ignores me, as if she knows that I am just wanting to get out and get dirty in the mud of this aquatic village.


After getting ready and drinking coffee ...


Outside the house I find myself in a great and beautiful view, facing the ocean.

The weather is wet and cool, the ground beneath my feet is warm and sandy, I look at the sky, and I see that it is completely blue, without even a kind of cloud sign, hot and refres.h.i.+ng winds go and it comes from everywhere, small waves of the sea come towards me, but they always die on the surface of the sand.

However in this small part of the ocean I can say with certainty of the world, In this place there is not only salt water and sand. this d.a.m.n place is full of huge and gigantic trees, Right on top of these trees we can see houses floating in the air, some high level wizards live going to spend the night with the fairies, for some reason every weekend in this small village, we can clearly hear moans and screams, To this day I still don't understand! Could it be that fairies are such powerful creatures, that it is necessary that high level wizards, duel with them at night just to allow us to live in peace ??

In the air I see birds of all types and colors, but not one of these d.a.m.n birds is magical.

Looking at the right side of my house, I can see very clearly, another two small buildings, but this time these small addresses are not for normal people! This house belongs to the two girls that my father sent me to kiss and hug them.

They are not like my mother, meaning that what my father said is true, so it is better to win them early.

I will make them use their spells, to mark me as their primordial man, If I could use magic like them I could have them just for me ... But if some powerful wizard comes to challenge me I will just ..... Die .... "NO"

"I'm going to train! Even though I don't have magic, I promise I'll be just like my father!"


I hear a laugh close to me, and I feel a chill from my head to my feet. I turn around and I can see clearly! What I feared most happened ..... She heard my words! I'm f.u.c.ked ..... calm down ..... I take a deep breath, and pretend that nothing happened.

I see a girl with long golden hair, her eyes are red, her skin is black, her lips are blue, her nails are green but she is completely straight! That is, a board ... No b.r.e.a.s.t.s or big a.s.s.

"What are you laughing at, little ironing board!" I say with a big smile on my mouth, I already planned everything! I will make her and the other use their magic and promise to have me as a primordial man. In other words, with that oath they will never be able to abandon me!

s.h.i.+t! I hate it when I can't defend myself, If I were a Wizard I could Destroy and drink the blood of anyone who dares to touch my beautiful ladies! But I still haven't woken up with the gift of magic.

My parents will be devastated when they discover that I was born a cripple, that is ... without magic cores and without magic veins, let alone a heart of mana! And to make everything worse my body is like a sh.e.l.l ... I can only train a little and have a small amount of physical strength ..

The human limit does not allow me to destroy small stones .... It would be a hallucination to think of destroying mountains and tearing entire forests, just with the pressure of my physical power .....

s.h.i.+t! I better get real and accept that I will only be a failure or worse ... a Slave ..

All who are born without magic are sacrificed, In order not to be humiliated and die in the worst way in the world, My parents' law of G.o.d abhors child sacrifices. that is, I am saved because of my parents' Faith in their G.o.d.

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