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"Who did you call Ironing Board?" She asks me, frowning, wanting to look like a powerful person.

I look her straight in the eye and say without thinking twice, "Who did I call ??? HAHAHA .... you!"


"Aren't you afraid of dying your mortal ant ???"u003e She says with eyes full of tears, But she is pretending to be a cold and arrogant girl, She is just a piece of b.u.t.ter inside an arrogant armor.

This is the perfect time to grab and kiss her!

I don't waste time and go towards you, I grab your small waist with my left hand, and put my right hand behind your head, and kiss your little lips without thinking twice.



I feel a chill from my feet to my head, Suddenly there is a taste of horrible blood in my mouth .... My vision starts to darken ... before I completely lose my consciousness, I look at her mouth and notice a little smile of satisfaction ....

A few seconds later my body falls to the floor like a small piece of meat.

"How do you dare..."

She says smiling as if one of her dreams is being fulfilled, She puts one of her little hands on her lips and says to herself.

"What a cheeky boy ...."

"How dare he do that"

Since you dared to kiss me, you will have to take responsibility for stealing the virginity of my first kiss!

With a bright smile on her lips, she kneels close to my body, right after that she makes a small cut on her little hand and lets a few drops of her blood enter my mouth, right after that she concentrates a tiny amount of magic on her little hand, she is taking extreme care not to hurt me with her magic energy


"CYTRYTYOY AMGIC" She says without thinking twice!


In a few seconds a small tattoo of a golden fox image begins to magically be drawn on my neck, more precisely on the right side.

However, it is not only on my body that this tattoo is being drawn, On the neck of this Girl is also being drawn, in the blink of an eye a contract is made.


fsssss ... fsssss ... fssss ...

ssghnn ... ssghnn ... ssghnn .....

I take a deep breath and immediately open my eyes .. However I realize that I am still lying on the sand on the beach floor, The sky is still blue and the birds are still singing and flying everywhere.

I feel a little warmth in my right arm, I turn to check and know what the source of this heat is and realize that she is sleeping with me, but this time something comes into my mind ..... Wait .. since when this girl has a fox tail ??

* f.u.c.kING ... I MADE A CONTRACT WITH A FOX! * I say out loud without thinking twice.

The little fox that hid its appearance, now begins to show itself completely. She hears my statement and says it without thinking twice with a wicked smile on her little mouth.

* now you're mine! *

*Only mine!*

HHAHAHAHAHAHA u003cEvil laugh!

A sinister s.h.i.+ver runs through my entire body, with great fear in my little heart without magic. I try to move but I feel like a mountain is over my body.

She smiles when she realizes that I am pus.h.i.+ng against this invisible barrier. She gets up and sits right over me, she looks into my eyes and smile at me and at the same time she moves that little fox tail ... If I'm not mistaken there are several types of fox.

The first and rarest is when a fox is born with a tail .....

In other words, I made a CONTRACT with a divine anomaly among the foxes. Legend has it that if a fox is born with a tail, that particular fox has the potential to have 10 tails throughout its life.

And to make matters worse there is a legend that if a fox has 10 tails and at the same time has a perfect body for magic, it can become a G.o.ddess or a cosmic ent.i.ty.

I'm f.u.c.ked up! I made a contract with a fox that will become a cosmic ent.i.ty level warrior, And to make matters worse I am just an ordinary human being without Magic.

I look into the eyes of this little fox and say it without thinking twice.

* Why did you pretend to be a human! ??? *

She smiles and takes off her top clothes, meaning she is showing me her small b.r.e.a.s.t.s, I make sure not to call her a board ...

She smile at me and says.

* You are now mine! *

* And I'm yours! *

I look her in the eye with a big smile on my mouth and say without thinking twice ...

* You are still just an ironing board! *

* You don't have b.r.e.a.s.t.s or a big a.s.s *

When she hears this, she smiles and approaches my mouth and says.

*You are mine!*

And this contract shows that we are destined to have a large family!

* There's no way you can escape from me *

After hearing the possessive and crazy words of this baby fox, I just give up on resisting and just look at Her eyes steadily and say without thinking twice.

* You promise me that you will still have a body so perfect that it will drive me crazy ?? *

She smiles and says looking firmly at my lips.,.

* will a mere human be able to satisfy me? *

* With a body as fragile as yours, It wouldn't be a bad idea to have a harem of men to help you satisfy me! *

After briefly hearing the words of this wicked little fox, I feel a dark hatred in my little heart! Without wasting time I say looking straight into your eyes.

* You better kill me! Before that happens because if you dare to hurt my honor I will give my life trying to drink the blood of these men! *

* I will turn our lives into h.e.l.l! *

The fox hearing my hateful words she smiles and says to herself.

(What an interesting man, even though he knows he has no power, he still dares to make threats ...


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