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Chapter 652: Unease

When he arrived at the place where the inauguration ceremony was held, although he was almost killed just now, Mo Weiyuan had to calm down and offer incense to the previous Alliance Masters.

Upon s.h.i.+ Wei reciting the complicated rules and kowtowing a few times, the ceremony was over.

Su Cha instantly felt that the succession ceremony of the Star Alliance was too convenient.

s.h.i.+ Wei could just deduce who the next Master was.

Mo Weiyuan had brought the jade ring representing the Alliance Master. Su Cha remembered that she did not bring it with her because she was too busy.

However, it did not matter if she did not bring it along. As long as s.h.i.+ Wei was here, he would know that she was the Alliance Master.

However, during the inauguration ceremony, Su Cha’s eyelids kept twitching. She felt inexplicably unhappy.

Logically speaking, it should not have happened. Nothing had happened to Mo Weiyuan, and she had saved him. Even if these elders had malicious intentions, they would definitely not have the guts to attack in front of her. At least they were safe.

There were security checks everywhere, so firearms could not be brought in. Su Cha was not afraid of weapons like silver needles.

Where did this frustration come from?

At the thought of this, Su Cha summoned Ah Chen from the shadows. “Why don’t you call your young master and ask him what he’s doing?”

Bo Muyi had a group of secret guards protecting him, so it should not be easy for something to happen.

Su Cha could not explain her frustration and asked Ah Chen to notify her father after asking about Bo Muyi.

Tan Yeluo and the rest saw Su Cha’s behavior and walked over to ask softly, “Alliance Master, what’s the matter?”

Su Cha shook her head but revealed her concerns. If she did not say it, it would arouse suspicion.

“Although I saved Alliance Master Mo, I have a… very annoying feeling in my heart. I’m not sure what it is. My intuition is not good.”

Her eyes were cold, but there was still a trace of worry in the depths of her eyes.

The others frowned.

“Is Alliance Master Su worried about others?”

After Mo Weiyuan completed the inauguration ceremony, he stood up and asked her this directly.

Su Cha nodded.

Mo Weiyuan thought for a while. “Since there’s nothing to do in the afternoon and the inauguration ceremony has been completed, why don’t you go back first, Alliance Master Su?”

s.h.i.+ Wei suddenly said, “Since the attempt has just happened, I think the people from the Killing Alliance will not let it go. Today is a good opportunity. Our two Alliance Masters are here, so they will not let go of this opportunity. It’s expected to take a plane. On the way, I’m afraid that they will attack in a crowded place. Why don’t you wait for a while, Alliance Master Su? After we find out some information about the Tang Sect, it won’t be too late then for Alliance Master Su to leave, right? The Imperial Capital is an important camp of the Martial Alliance, and there are troops guarding it. The chances of something happening to the people you are worried about are not high.”

At this moment, Ah Chen walked over and nodded at Su Cha. “Miss Su, don’t worry. The young master and your father are fine. The young master is in the company. In order to protect them, I’ve asked the Imperial Capital army to send people over. With the army watching, nothing will happen.”

Su Cha calmed down. “That’s fine.”

She turned to look at s.h.i.+ Wei. “Okay, I’ll stay here for a while and go back later.”

The attempt today made everyone wary. Tan Yeluo was not in a hurry to go back. After Mo Weiyuan completed the inauguration ceremony, he still had to comfort everyone.

Even if something had almost happened, he had to fulfill his responsibility. On the first day of his appointment, he could not let the Martial Alliance panic.

Su Cha was the same.

Hence, she sent a simple message to the group to report her safety.

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