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Chapter 654: We Have No Scandals!

Seeing that the two of them were about to fight again, Su Cha had to stop them. “Okay, okay. You’re almost a hundred years old, yet you’re still arguing and not blus.h.i.+ng about it? Let’s not talk about the past for now. We have to send someone to take control of this girl and investigate her. If she’s not involved, we will let this go. Then we will investigate whether Ming He entered the clubhouse because he liked her and was found out by the other members of the Killing Alliance. I believe that at least not all the martial artists in the Killing Alliance know others’ ident.i.ties. Did the people of the Killing Alliance find out after Ming He had exposed himself?”

Mo Weiyuan pondered and nodded. “Alliance Master Su is right. Our Martial Alliance is enemies with the Killing Alliance, so we have been keeping a low profile for the past few decades. On the surface, we are from aristocratic families. Basically, it’s very difficult for martial artists to expose their ident.i.ties. It’s very likely that his ident.i.ty has been exposed and he has been instigated to rebel. No matter what, we should send people to investigate this first. It might be very difficult for our people to enter the clubhouse, so we should find a stranger to investigate.”

“That’s simple. Among the guests in the clubhouse, we have many spies.”

Tan Yeluo made an OK gesture and went to give instructions.

Mo Weiyuan gave some instructions and temporarily moved to the hotel with the others.

Su Cha stayed in the hotel. There would be other people busy with the attempt today. She took time to look at her own matters.

She was still having a good time online.

Zhang Sen Media had made things difficult for her yesterday and made her third. Today, it had started to ferment.

All kinds of scandals started to spread. Some of them seemed to have been secretly exposed by the production crew. They said that the production crew had tampered with the votes, but in fact, Su Cha was number one.

Every staff member of the production crew had signed an agreement. It was hard to say who had exposed it. Even if it was out of a sense of justice, that person would never be hired by the entire industry again.

Hence, Su Cha was inclined to let the people in the company take action.

The Internet was in an uproar.

The pa.s.sersby remained suspicious. After all, the votes this time were indeed strange. Su Cha’s fans kept making a scene. No matter who may have won the champions.h.i.+p, the fans would blow up because they could not accept the results.

Ka Lian and Chen Shengjun’s fans were mocking and ridiculing them. It was mainly the fans of Ka Lian. They said that their idol had relied on her own strength to become number one. Why did the others say that it was due to a shady deal just because their side could not become number one? Wasn’t their faces too ugly?

Although the fans of Ka Lian were annoying, what they said was the truth without evidence to say otherwise.

Other than Su Cha’s fans making a scene, there were also anti-fans who took the opportunity to join in and curse Ka Lian and Chen Shengjun. Of course, Su Cha also received a lot of insults.

The pa.s.sersby who were originally suspicious gradually leaned towards the other two sides.

In the end, more and more news accounts came forward. They vaguely exposed the fact that the votes were fake, causing more and more pa.s.sersby to waver.

Although this matter was strange, perhaps it was just a coincidence?

Until the last bombsh.e.l.l from the production crew came.

Dreams in Progress Official: “For decades, the production crew has been holding a talent show. We have always maintained our original vision and conducted a fair and just talent show. We will let our popularity as well as our votes speak for us. Every result was chosen by the live audience. Perhaps there were mistakes made by the audience, but the production crew guarantees that the votes were fair. There were no shady dealings! We also congratulate the three contestants from the bottom of our hearts!”

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