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Chapter 772: You Are Not Su Cha

“You can investigate everything about Bo Muyi that’s related to me, but you don’t know about Zhai Yao.”

Despite knowing that he was lying, Su Cha could not tell what he was thinking. Anyway, she could not be bothered to put on an act with him.

Due to her timely rebirth, many things that happened in her past life did not take place, but Su Cha could not pretend that they did not happen.

Those things had been done.

No matter what the reason was, it was not enough for Su Cha to forgive him.

Lian Chi’s fingers tightened. “When did you know?”

Since Su Cha had already said it so clearly, there was no need for him to lie anymore.

“Early on.”

She gave a vague answer, but it also showed that she had known about it long ago.

Su Cha looked at the man’s expression. He was very subtle. There were many psychological activities, but there were not many emotions on his face. Even if it was such an awkward matter, she could only see a flash of defeat in his eyes.

After a long while, he said, “I just wanted Zhai Yao to take care of you.”

Su Cha chuckled. “At that time, you thought I was an innocent girl who’s easy to fool, right? Don’t you know what happened to Zhai Yao? At that time, I really wanted to break his legs, but I thought that since you were the culprit, I shouldn’t take it out on him too harshly.”

Lian Chi looked at Su Cha and suddenly felt that she was a little unfamiliar.

In the past, Su Cha was obedient and cute. She would not show such emotions in her eyes. Now, she was so cold that people could not look at her.

“Zhai Yao told you?”

Lian Chi had always thought that he had hidden this matter well. How did Su Cha know about it?

Unless Bo Muyi told her.


Bo Muyi might not even know that Zhai Yao was sent by him.

He did not tell anyone.

“Ah…” Su Cha raised her eyebrows. “At that time, I asked Zhai Yao if you sent him. It seems that he doesn’t know who you are, so do you think he told me?”

Lian Chi’s eyes darkened.

Zhai Yao had never told him about this.

Of course, after that, Su Cha had already left Yonggu City. He had not completed his mission, and Lian Chi could not be bothered to contact Zhai Yao. But he did not expect that Su Cha had already asked about this matter and Zhai Yao had not told him.

There was a murderous look in his eyes, but Su Cha did not see it.

When he looked up again, he was much calmer.

“What did you want Zhai Yao to do?”

Lian Chi remained silent.

Perhaps he did not know whatever it was Zhai Yao did.

When he left, he did leave without saying goodbye.

But he was worried about her.

Except that, with his father’s strength, he would not let Lian Chi be a.s.sociated with someone like Su Cha. He needed to marry a lady from a better family.

When he found out about Su Cha again, she was Bo Muyi’s girlfriend. At that time, Lian Chi knew that he had no chance.

He was just indignant.

Faced with his silence, Su Cha looked at the time. “It’s about time. We’ve talked about it. Since there’s nothing else to say, let’s say goodbye here and pretend we never met. Forget about the past.”

Pretend that there was no past. This way, when she wanted to attack in the future, she would have no scruples.

He suddenly looked up and said in an ethereal tone, “You are not Su Cha.”

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