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Chapter 928: Same Reason

Of course, Su Cha would not blindly believe Lian Chi’s nonsense. With such a good opportunity in front of her, it would be a pity if she did not kill him.

“You don’t believe me?”

He smiled and suddenly bent down to scoop up a corner of his pants.

Su Cha saw green veins on his strong calf. Even a dark red color could be seen. There seemed to be something swimming inside it.

This sight was enough to make many people faint. Even Su Cha was shocked.

He quickly put down his pants and his expression became indifferent. “This is the price I had to pay to become the Vice Alliance Master.”

He knew that Su Cha already knew about these things. Now that his death was imminent, the matter could not be hidden anymore.

Even though she was still extremely angry, she did not know what to say when she saw this scene. She did not have any sympathy in her heart. She just frowned and asked, “In that case, why did Greya want to kill you?”

Lian Chi suddenly smiled. “You will know soon.”

“Do you think I will let you off just because you said that?” Su Cha whispered.

Suddenly, there was a commotion.

A police officer came.

He wanted to interrogate all of them.

Under everyone’s gaze, Su Cha did not want to cause any commotion for the time being. But just as she was about to leave, she suddenly grabbed Lian Chi’s arm and attacked with a trace of inner force.

In an instant, Lian Chi felt his entire body turn cold. He looked at Su Cha in surprise, but Su Cha had already mixed with the crowd and left.

She had left her inner force to prevent Lian Chi from escaping.

When she saw the bug in his calf, she knew that Lian Chi was not lying.

Whether it was a parasite or not, once the worm entered a person’s body, even if the owner of the worm did not activate it, Lian Chi would not live for long.

Once worms had entered the body, they ate the flesh.

This process would take at most a few years. Moreover, even if the worms were taken out, the people who were the hosts would immediately die.

In other words, Lian Chi had a Gu worm that had just been implanted.

She did not know why Greya as good as killed her Vice Alliance Master, but she knew that Lian Chi had suffered retribution.

Of course, what she could not forgive was that Lian Chi wanted her to die too when he learned that he would not live long. His reason was that he wanted her to accompany him.

Could she also deduce from this that in her previous life, Lian Chi had also been implanted with a Gu worm by Greya? A few years after that, it would have been the normal time for him to die, so when he was about to, he sent someone to kidnap her and killed Bo Muyi along the way?

If this was true, it was unforgivable.

She did not know how Lian Chi felt about her.

There were so many people who could accompany him, but it was her he did not let off?

When Su Cha returned to the hotel, she immediately asked Fu Mo to erase every trace of her. In order not to arouse suspicion, Fu Mo immediately forged Su Cha’s check-in information at the hotel. After checking through it, she found no problems and naturally did not attract anyone’s attention.

There were not many people in the United States who knew her. In fact, there were only a few. In front of the media, she was just a flash in the pan.

Without substantial evidence, everyone would think that they were seeing things. Besides, other than the two people who died mysteriously, there was no evidence of a crime.


At Dawn Club, Greya hugged her doll and circled around anxiously.

Lady Seventeen was trembling with fear. Greya suddenly asked, “How many days has my uncle been away?”

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