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Chapter 706: Mingyue Enters the Lord’s Heart (39): Be Human

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Madam Feng was taken out by Luo Qian.

Before leaving, Madam Feng tried to see Pan Mingyue again but was taken away without seeing her.

The current Pan Mingyue was unfamiliar to her in all aspects.

She couldn’t understand her conversation with Cheng Wenru at all.

She didn’t know the child in Pan Mingyue’s office, either…

She also didn’t know how she had helped Feng Loucheng.

At first, after confirming that Pan Mingyue had broken up with Feng Ci, she had been undoubtedly excited. But now, she was really hesitant.

When she reached the gates, she saw the army dog lying quietly by the door.


“This?” A newcomer on the 18th floor didn’t have much contact with Madam Feng and was naturally very polite to her. “This is a dog adopted by Team Leader Pan. It’s very obedient, and everyone on the 18th floor adores it.”

The main thing was that when most people heard that it was a military dog, they harbored different feelings for it.

“I see…” Madam Feng was taken aback and walked out step by step. “What kind of person is Team Leader Pan? Who went to find her just now?”

The staff nearly also went downstairs and helped her press the elevator.

When the elevator doors closed, the staff saw that Madam Feng’s temperament and clothing weren’t like ordinary people and whispered to her, “Actually, most people in the Inspection Inst.i.tute know about this matter. In fact, Team Leader Pan isn’t an ordinary person. The previous Deputy Inspector Chen was sent into the first district by her. And if it hadn’t been for her, Inspector Feng might have really met his end. However, she was suspended from observation for a few days because of her involvement. Speaking of it, if she hadn’t been involved, she would have become the acting deputy now…”

Madam Feng couldn’t listen to the remaining words anymore.

When the elevator door opened, she walked out in a daze.

When she returned to her senses, she had already left the Inspection Inst.i.tute.

The phone in her pocket rang.

Picking it up, she was stunned to see Li Shuangning’s call. Even though she was under the hot sun, she inexplicably felt a cold wave in her heart.

She turned off the phone.

Inside the Inspection Inst.i.tute.

Cheng Wenru sat in front of Cheng Ziyu, still suffering from a headache.

“Is she alright?” Sister Liu glanced at her and whispered to Pan Mingyue.

Sister Liu didn’t know Cheng Wenru.

After all, Cheng Wenru was mostly behind the scenes.

Pan Mingyue shook her head. “I don’t know.” She put down her computer and asked, “Sister Cheng, are you okay?”

Cheng Wenru pressed her temples.

Sister Liu smiled and handed a strawberry to Cheng Ziyu, then said to Cheng Wenru, “Does that man have a crush on you? Is that why he’s doing illegal things next door to you? Is it actually to grab your attention? Actually, this isn’t such a big deal, you can just call the police or talk to the security officer.”

After sending off Madam Feng, Luo Qian returned and also volunteered. “Sister, let me help you. What illegal thing did he do?”

“I already told the security officer, it’s useless.” These were Pan Mingyue’s friends, so Cheng Wenru glanced quietly at them.

Luo Qian and Sister Liu were stunned. “Why was it useless? He didn’t care?”

Pan Mingyue couldn’t continue to listen and coughed. “Sister Cheng, Big Brother Giant Crocodile… Is he studying a bomb?”

Having been to the border once, she had guessed what Giant Crocodile was doing.

Cheng Wenru fell silent.

Her heart was dejected.

Sister Liu and Luo Qian: “…??”

Was she serious??

Pan Mingyue couldn’t help it anymore and closed her computer. It was no wonder Cheng Wenru had come to find her. If Qin Ran and He Chen didn’t settle this, it might be fatal. “What about Mr. Ken?”

Cheng Wenru touched Cheng Ziyu’s head, feeling even weaker. “He lives next door to Giant Crocodile and talks business with him.”

Cheng Wenru had rushed over for nothing, so she could only go back.

After she left, Sister Liu and Luo Qian were still staring motionlessly at Pan Mingyue.

Pan Mingyue stood up and took Cheng Ziyu for a drink of water outside.

“Sigh, Team Leader.” Luo Qian cleared his throat. “Giant Crocodile and Kenneth are…”

“His parents’ friends.” Pan Mingyue glanced at Cheng Ziyu and shook her head. “I’m not close with them.”

After she left, Luo Qian and Sister Liu exchanged glances. Luo Qian thought of something and turned on his phone.

Sister Liu muttered to herself, “I finally understand why Mingyue’s friends threw the child to her… What kind of people are beside them? Terrorists?!”

Luo Qian found something on his phone and paused. “They might really be terrorists…”

He hadn’t managed to find out about Kenneth, but he could show Sister Liu news about Giant Crocodile.

“I think she’s talking about this Giant Crocodile…”

In the evening, Cheng Mu sent Pan Mingyue back.

She returned to Song Luting’s place.

When she brought Cheng Ziyu down, she saw a figure standing at the door, slender and tall, his shadow pulled longer by the street lamp.

He was looking down at his phone and looked up when he heard her.

“You’re back?” Lu Zhaoying waved at her. “Cheng Jin asked me to send a bottle and milk powder over.”

Speaking of this, he glanced at Cheng Mu. “Aren’t you looking for Uncle Lin?”

Cheng Mu was stunned. “No…”

“You are, I remember.” Lu Zhaoying calmly stuffed Cheng Mu back into the driver’s seat.

Cheng Mu stared at Lu Zhaoying’s back and then called Uncle Lin. “I remember that you weren’t looking for me. After all, we’re both in seclusion. But, Lu Zhaoying said you were looking for me.”

Father Lin nodded and agreed. “Go and ask him if he remembered wrongly!”

Mother Lin couldn’t bear it anymore and s.n.a.t.c.hed the phone over. “Mu Mu, it’s me who is looking for you. Come over.”

Pan Mingyue was looking for dog food.

Lu Zhaoying was holding a baby bottle and was looking for a thermometer. “It’ll be good if Big boss Giant Crocodile is here, I can’t feel the temperature… Mingyue, where’s the thermometer?”

Cheng Ziyu put down the alb.u.m in his hand and looked up at Lu Zhaoying.

Lu Zhaoying was taken aback. “F*ck, your mom can look at me like that, but you can’t! I can’t win your mother, but I can’t win you either?!”

Pan Mingyue poured the dog food and petted the dog’s head.

This dog was very quiet and would look at a place in a daze most of the time. Lu Zhaoying said it was too old and couldn’t run anymore.

Pan Mingyue stared at the dog for a long time, then looked back at Lu Zhaoying, who was muttering to Cheng Ziyu. She smiled to herself.

It was rarely so lively here.

In the hall, Lu Zhaoying watched Pan Mingyue squatting on the ground, her back looking very lonely.

He didn’t know how many years she had been in this state. If he had known such a day would come, he would have moved to Yun Cheng in junior high school.

He had always had an outstanding background since young, and because he followed Cheng Juan, he was fearless in Beijing. However, this was the only thing he was cautious about, and he was afraid of taking the wrong step.

“Hey, here’s milk.” After finally handling the milk, Lu Zhaoying handed it to Cheng Ziyu and let him drink it himself.

Cheng Ziyu looked down and away from him.

“Hey.” Lu Zhaoying stared at him and raised his right hand. “Do you believe I’ll throw you away?”

Lu Zhaoying had complained about Pan Mingyue’s biased att.i.tude toward Cheng Ziyu for a long time.

Cheng Ziyu finally raised his head and started pouting with a blank face.

Seeing that he was about to cry, Lu Zhaoying quickly changed his expression to a gentle smiling face. He handed the milk bottle to him, but his words were said through gritted teeth. “Little devil, please drink the milk.”

If Cheng Ziyu cried, Pan Mingyue would probably chase him out.

No, she certainly would.

After finally feeding him milk, and seeing how busy Pan Mingyue was in the kitchen, Lu Zhaoying clicked on Cheng Juan’s number and asked him how to cook.

He had once been chased out.

Three minutes later.

Cheng Juan finally replied charitably, as if he was done with his business.

Lu Zhaoying hurriedly clicked on the reply—

[Cook while standing.]

Lu Zhaoying was speechless.

F*ck, he was inhumane.

Scratching his head, he was about to turn off his phone when a call came from the Lu family’s patriarch.

“What is it?” Lu Zhaoying leaned back.

“Erm, about the first district’s new training base, I heard that the Cheng family was in charge,” the patriarch said hesitantly. “You’re also in charge, right? Can these candidates include our Lu family’s disciples?”

Lu Zhaoying remembered that it was Pan Mingyue and s.h.i.+ Liming who were in charge.

However, because of the recent conflict between the first district and the Inspection Inst.i.tute, he wasn’t very bothered and simply said, “I don’t know.”

Patriarch Lu was still quite afraid of Lu Zhaoying and paused for a moment before sighing in relief. “The Tong family seems to have partic.i.p.ated in this matter, and their family has the right to vote…”

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