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Chapter 1091: Captured

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The speed of the three people ahead of the soldiers became more and more frightening as they ran. The distance between those three and the ones running after them was getting bigger and bigger.

The soldiers tried their best to catch up to those three at their highest speed while clutching onto their weapons, but not even Ning Wenhao could close in on half the distance.

The soldiers from the special forces were rendered speechless.

Seeing that Scorpion’s speed was about the same as Big Brother Chi Yang, Nuannuan said to Chi Yang, “Big Brother Chi Yang, take your time. I’ll intercept him first.”

Scorpion noticed that he was about to leave the school grounds. Once they left the school, they would be on the road. With the chances of his survival greatly increasing after crossing the school gate, he was secretly glad that he agreed to be experimented on and gain such an inhuman speed. Even Queen and Chi Yang could only manage to maintain the same speed at best.


If this continued, his enemies’ stamina would be depleted, but he could rely on his newly obtained body const.i.tution to maintain his current speed for at least an hour without depleting his stamina.

It was only a matter of time before he got rid of them.

Just as Scorpion rejoiced, he felt a burst of pressure closing in on him. He snapped his head to the back for a quick peek, nearly gotten himself petrified on the spot.

Queen suddenly sped up like the speed of a suddenly accelerating sports car with the highest specification possible. In the blink of an eye, she appeared in front of Scorpion and sent him flying backward with a kick.

Scorpion knew he was finished.

He raised the gun in his hand, ready to make his last stand, but a card came slicing at his wrist at a much higher speed.

Even though the tendons and ligaments on his body were different from ordinary people now, the impact from this card was just too great—it cut off a small part of his wrist.

Nangong Nuannuan was surprised.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, the amount of force she exerted on the throw could have easily cut off two heads. However, even though she mustered up her greatest force in throwing this card, it merely cut off a small part of her target’s hand.

At the same time, a knife flew toward Scorpion, following up on Nuannuan’s card and cutting off Scorpion’s whole hand.

Although it did not hurt, Scorpion’s heart turned cold when he saw the empty s.p.a.ce below his arm, where his wrist was supposed to be.

Viper wanted to kill both Chi Yang and Queen. Was this… really possible?

To think that he, a top Rank-3S killer, was powerless against the duo. Against them, Scorpion was no different from an ant. It felt like there was nothing he could do but getting horribly beaten.

In any case, death was the only outcome even if they captured him. Therefore, Scorpion performed a feint as fast as he could while popping a poisonous pill into his mouth.

Yet, he suddenly realized that death had become a luxury when dealing with these two monsters.

The moment he threw the pill into his mouth, both Nuannuan and Chi Yang worked together tacitly. Chi Yang did not move, but his hand pinched at the air while everyone’s attention was elsewhere. Scorpion, who was about to bite down on the poison, realized that his lower jaw was no longer under his control. It could not bite down on his lower jaw and the poison rolled out of his mouth.

Scorpion, “…”

The next moment, he was horrified to see Queen popping up in front of him. She stabbed a needle into the middle of his forehead.

Scorpion thought that he was about to die, but it was an indescribable pain that took over his senses, originating from his waist and wrist.

Why did this hurt?

The bug was Master Viper’s most precious treasure. After giving it to him, the bug had completely fused with Scorpion’s body. From then on, he could no longer feel pain. His strength and body’s flexibility increased manyfold.

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