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Chapter 1370: Fire Protection

Nangong Nuannuan smiled and walked up to the man. “May I ask why are you sealing up my Tianheng Holdings?”

The man had already spotted Nangong Nuannuan and Selina when he entered. After all, the two women had such eye-catching beauty.

However, what did this woman say?

Her Tianheng Holdings?

The man was stunned for a moment. In the face of such a beautiful woman exuding such a strong aura, he could not help but soften his tone and discard his previous arrogance.

“You… are the chairman of Tianheng Holdings?”

Nangong Nuannuan cracked a small smile. “That’s right, I’m Nangong Nuannuan. May I know why you’re shutting down my shop over a verbal disagreement?”

Under Nangong Nuannuan’s forceful gaze, that person could not help but gulp down a mouthful of saliva. Then, he said, “Your fire protection doesn’t fulfill the current standards.”

“Oh? Could I know which part of my fire protection fails to reach the current standards? Also, which department are you from?”

“I’m from the subdistrict’s administrative agency in the district. It’s the end of the year, and we need to conduct a security check on the fire protection system for every building. Come and take a look for yourself. What kind of fire protection is this?”

Nangong Nuannuan glanced at him and followed him out.

“Look at this building. It’s obviously made of wood, and there are so many clothes inside. It’s obviously a flammable area, but where is your fire-fighting equipment?

“We only saw one fire-fighting equipment located at a remote corner five hundred meters away. After checking it out earlier, we found out that the fire hydrant isn’t connected to a water source. You’re such a big mall, but you don’t even have basic fire protection. If I don’t seal your store, who will?”

After the proprietor finished his sentence, he realized that everyone was looking at him like he was an idiot.

At this moment, Aiden’s phone rang.

Aiden sneered after hearing the words from the other line. “Let them smash.”

With that, Aiden turned his gaze to the proprietor.

“Bros, you’re really fast! You just made a phone call, and you’re already in the process of sealing my two stores in the south and north of the city. How can you be so ruthless just because you’re from the subdistrict’s administrative agency? And did I hear you saying that we broke the law? You’re embarra.s.sing us in front of so many customers. Are you trying to ruin our business prospects?”

The man from the subdistrict’s administrative agency glanced at Aiden with displeasure. “Who are you? Your chairman hasn’t even spoken yet. What right do you have to speak to me?”

“I’m the executive chairman of Tianheng Holdings, Aiden. Get that through your head.”

The man froze momentarily.

“You claim to be an internationally-renowned company, but you don’t even have the most basic fire protection. Isn’t that a bit unreasonable? It’s not that I wish to go against you and embarra.s.s you. When you’re done making the changes, that’s when you reopen.”

Aiden said, “So, fire protection is under subdistrict’s administration agency’s jurisdiction, I see. I’ve learned something new today.”

The subdistrict inspector, “…”

“You might not know this, but our fire protection has once been listed as an exemplary modal and praised by the district’s fire department.”

The subdistrict inspector, “…”

“I can tell you very clearly that the fire hydrant that you mentioned earlier was an obsolete one, therefore, it has no water. Meanwhile, there’s a fire hydrant outside each of our specialty stores, just like the one in front of you.”

The subdistrict inspector was stunned.

He was currently standing on a piece of lawn with a large mushroom in front of him. Aiden bent down and opened up the mushroom. Inside was a fire hydrant.

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