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Chapter 1938: Very Strange


“The three buildings cover over 100,000 square feet of land. Our Wu family is the number one n.o.ble family in Sea District. Do you think that it’s strange for such a family to have a safe and secret compartment? We would even be justified in having a secret room or secret bas.e.m.e.nt. Do you think it’s strange that the secret compartment is empty? Or do you think it’s strange that you weren’t able to find what you were looking for?”

Zhou Wei was left speechless by Elder Wu’s questioning.

After all, there was still no evidence regarding Wu Jingzhong’s alleged crime. Given that he was also the governor, it would be difficult to pin a crime on him without enough solid evidence.

Zhou Wei did not dare to offend the Wu family in case Wu Jingzhong did not go down for this.

Therefore, given that Elder Wu was already scolding him, Zhou Wei could only adjust his att.i.tude and respond, “Elder Wu, I’m sorry. That’s not what I meant. I know that the Wu family is the wealthiest family in Sea District, with an incomparably strong backing. There must be many things in this big home that small-time policemen like us have never seen in our lives. I don’t have the right to ask about the safes and secret compartments in your house, I know. I didn’t mean to ask why there was nothing in the secret compartment. What I meant to say was that the secret compartments in your house have been placed in such discrete areas and are very small. It’s obvious that they were used to store some kind of box-like item. Logically speaking, that has to be the case. So, why is your secret compartment empty? I have a feeling that its contents have just only been cleared out.”

Elder Wu’s anger almost hit the roof thanks to this low-ranking police officer.

Who in Sea District would ever dare disrespect him as Elder Wu? This small-time criminal police officer was actually questioning him like he was a petty thief. Clearly, he did not take Elder Wu or the Wu family seriously.

Elder Wu did not want to bother with responding to Zhou Wei. In an instant, he changed his aura.

Wu Jingcheng did not want to give him any face either. He sneered. “Officer Zhou, how on earth did you graduate from the police academy and become the captain of the police? Putting aside the fact that my brother is only a suspect as of right now, isn’t it the police’s job to find evidence? Have you ever seen a police officer go to a suspect’s home, search for something, not find it, then ask the suspect’s family why what they’re looking for isn’t there? You’re not entirely wrong. The suspect’s family might not think he’s an amazing man, but we know he would never have done what you accused him of. If you’re trying to frame him, know that our Wu family is not to be trifled with!”

Zhou Wei was greatly saddened.

He had been ordered to look for evidence. The other party had even told him where the item was hidden. However, when he managed to find the hidden compartment, the evidence was gone.

They were still waiting for him to hand over the evidence to convict Wu Jingzhong, as a conviction would be nearly impossible without solid evidence. The plan had already been set out in stone. He did not understand when a mistake could have occurred. How could the evidence be gone?

Zhou Wei smiled at the Wu family, his att.i.tude suddenly changing dramatically. He said, “Elder Wu, Chairman Wu, don’t be angry. I’m just a small-time policeman doing things by the book. Coming to the Wu family residence was just a formality. Think about it. If we’re investigating a Wu family member, we have to come here. But the Wu family home is so big, while there are only ten of us policemen. We weren’t able to find anything. I told Elder Wu when I entered just now...”

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