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Chapter 600: (Part Four) Let Go

He looked at his little wife who stared at him without any s.h.i.+fts in expression in her face and eyes. If she was not completely clueless, then she must have undergone extremely harsh training. As a result of that, she must not reveal any flaws in her pretense in front of him.

However, Chi Yang had no intention of unveiling his little wife’s mystery.

He was more than happy that his little wife had the ability to protect herself.

It was just that his heart ached for her whenever he thought about how much she must have suffered in the past few years…

“Okay, if I get to know her, I’ll bring you along. We’ll go thank her together.”


“One more thing. I received news that the person responsible for the information leak in this operation was a member of a regiment cadre. Since Cloud Group is related to some dark organization, this regiment cadre is most likely… your father.”

“Has he been captured?”

“Not yet. I haven’t told the commander yet.”

“Why?” Zhong Nuannuan looked up. “Big Brother Chi Yang, are you afraid that I’ll be sad?”

“He is your father, after all. He is the family that you took so long to find.”

“Then if I told you that I was sad, would you not have captured him?”

Chi Yang’s heart skipped a beat.

Was he wrong?

Could it be that Nuannuan still cared about her family?

“I will arrest him, but before that, I’ll help you think it through. Nuannuan, no matter who the mole is, he is cancer in the military base. I cannot keep such a person.”

Afraid that Nuannuan would be upset, Chi Yang hurriedly said, “But he’s your father, which means he’s my father. Even if he made a mistake and went to prison, as long as he doesn’t get sentenced to death, we can still take care of him.”

Looking at Chi Yang’s worried, pained, and desperate expression, Zhong Nuannuan rubbed her body against his. Realizing that she was still not tall enough, she knelt on the sofa and kissed Chi Yang’s lips.

Chi Yang:…

Chi Yang stared blankly at his little wife who had suddenly kissed him. His EQ made him unable to react on whether this kiss was her begging him to let Zhong Kuijun go, or begging him to let Zhong Kuijun go.

Zhong Nuannuan knew that Chi Yang’s EQ was offline, but she did not know that his EQ was so disconnected that he had misinterpreted her actions.

She kissed him and hugged Chi Yang tightly. “Big Brother Chi Yang, you’re the only one in my family.”

Chi Yang, “…!!!”

The sudden confession touched Chi Yang. He was overjoyed but his heart ached.


“Big Brother Chi Yang, do whatever you want. No matter what you do, I’ll support you. As for the Zhong and Jiang families…”

Zhong Nuannuan suddenly rubbed her head against him again and asked unhappily, “Didn’t you notice that I don’t even go home now? Neither the Zhong family nor the Jiang family is my home. Therefore, the people in these two families are not my family.”

With that, Chi Yang finally felt relieved.

“So, even if I arrest Zhong Kuijun and he might be executed for treason, you won’t be sad, right?”

“Who’s Zhong Kuijun?”

Chi Yang, “…”

Zhong Nuannuan’s eyes were calm. When she mentioned Zhong Kuijun’s execution, there was not a single ripple in her eyes. It was as if Zhong Kuijun had never existed in her world.

Chi Yang was shocked by this expression of hers.

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