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Chapter 662 - 658: Sharing

Chaos stepped out of the black door, wearing the bracelet of Immortality and carrying his powerful sword, which seemed even stronger now.

Behind him, the G.o.ddess of Reincarnation walked calmly.

"Ja.n.u.s?" Chaos asked, looking towards Ja.n.u.s in the cage. He also noticed the small kid in the cage. He could feel a sense of familiarity with the kid, as if the kid had a part of his soul too.

He glanced at Ryder. "Your child?"

As he finished speaking, he snapped his fingers. The blue fragment in the bracelet shone briefly. The cage which was behind Ra disappeared and appeared before Chaos.

Next, he simply touched the cage. The sword of his was enough to destroy the cage with its darkness. After so long, Ja.n.u.s was finally free. He dropped to his knees weakly.

The small kid also started falling, but Chaos waved his hand, bringing the kid to himself.

He turned to the G.o.ddess of Reincarnation. "Take care of the little one."

The G.o.ddess of Reincarnation took the young boy in her embrace, fascinated at the divine aura of the kid.

Chaos turned to Ja.n.u.s. "Am I late?"

"You're right on time." Ja.n.u.s held his chest as he coughed while standing up, but his knees went weak again. He didn't fall this time.

Chaos kept him standing by supporting him.

"Took a little longer to collect these all. But it's good that I'm not late."

He placed his hand on the head of Ja.n.u.s, sharing some of the healing energy with Ja.n.u.s to heal him.

Ra glared at Ryder. It was after a long time that he was seeing Chaos. And he was stunned. Chaos had the Origin Energy around him. And he also had a powerful aura. Moreover, he seemed a bit different.

After Ja.n.u.s was healed, Chaos pushed him back.

"Ancestral G.o.d Ra. We meet again," he told Ra. "All this trouble... All this mess... All this suffering... It was all for today. I hope I won't disappoint you.'

"Oh right, first you should return someone." he clapped his hand.

With the sound of his clap, Ryder disappeared and appeared before Chaos as well. Ryder had a spiritual fraction of Chaos. His death could hurt him badly, so he didn't want Ryder to suffer, at least not without Origin Immunity.

"Don't get involved," he reminded Ryder before he started walking towards Ra.

On the way, he reached Nyx first. He held the shoulder of Nyx. Nyx's body started s.h.i.+ning.

Even though Nyx and Ra were Ancestral G.o.ds, Chaos now had something they didn't. He had the Bracelet of Immortality which he had especially crafted to kill Ra.

However, he also knew that people were going to ask him why he was making such a strong bracelet. They were going to oppose it. And if anyone realized that it was all to kill Ra, who sat at the top of the food chain, he was going to be in trouble. He wasn't strong enough to face Ra them.

With that in mind, he spread the rumor that he was making it to give Immortality to humans after the others found out about him messing with a huge amount of Divine Energy.

He came up with an absurd reason which could justify the use of energy in this range to make it while at the same time being something that wasn't concerning to Ra. He didn't want the information to reach Ra at any cost. And that's what happened.

He finished making the bracelet. And as it was a matter of human immortality, the G.o.ds didn't go to Ra to inform him. Instead, they waged a War on Chaos.

The War killed him, sending him into Reincarnation, which gave enough time for the bracelet to gain its full strength. At the same time, the issue about him making something absurd was forgotten with his death.

Everything had settled down, and he could continue his work without being caught. All for this one point.

As for why he hated Ra enough to plan so much to kill him? It was all because of the G.o.ddess of Reincarnation, which was his first love. However, she was killed by Ra for the crime of attempting Rebirth, which Ra felt to be something that could put him at risk.

He spoiled her second Reincarnation, which killed her. Unbeknownst to him, The G.o.ddess of Reincarnation knew something like this could happen.

That's why she left a fraction of her soul with Chaos and a body hidden in the core of a world.

The soul fragment went into Reincarnation with Chaos, appearing inside Alice. However, it was different from the reincarnation of Chaos.

Chaos had only one soul, which was used by Ryder. On the other hand, Alice had two souls. One was her real soul, while the other was the fragment of the G.o.ddess of Reincarnation that hid in her soul, healing.

Now that he had the Bracelet of Immortality, he could do anything. He was no weaker than Ra, if not stronger. Moreover, he could heal Nyx.

He broke the mind maze of Nyx and woke him up. At the same time, he even shared some of his healing light.

Seeing Chaos trying to heal Nyx, Ra couldn't waste any more time.

"You dare!" He roared as he appeared before Chaos, grabbing him by the throat before flying away like he did with Nyx.

Even though he took away Chaos, it didn't matter. The healing light was still left with Nyx, healing him.

Something which should have happened in a thousand years happened instantly. The soul of Nyx gained his true strength. He had come out of the damage he suffered because of being sealed.

He looked up, frowning. He didn't fly though. Instead, he looked back at Ryder.

"Your other half isn't half bad. He helped me."

"He certainly isn't bad," Ryder replied.

"Still, he won't have an easy time against Ra. One shouldn't underestimate Ra. Since he helped me, I'll help him too," Nyx said.

"Nah, it would be better if you help him instead. Two halves of the same soul fighting together. You want to do that?" Nyx asked.

"How can I? I'm too weak to help them. I can't even resist Ra," Ryder replied.

"You couldn't because you had a fraction of my strength... A fraction of my weaker self's strength. But I'm fully healed now. Want to try my full strength?" Nyx asked.

"I-i can? How?"

"All you need to do is reach out your hand. And it'll be yours," Nyx said.

Ryder frowned. But he also raised his hand towards Nyx.

Nyx grabbed the hands of Ryder before disappearing. He had again entered the body of Ryder, sharing his strength.. He merged his strength of what he had with what he had shared with Ryder, making it even more.

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