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Chapter 663 - 659: You Are Me

Nyx and Ra were both made from the same Origin. Despite that, Ra had grown stronger throughout the year while Nyx's strength was stuck because of what had happened to him.

Even though Nyx was back to his original strength thanks to Chaos, he still had that same Origin. The same Origin of the two was what helped Ra trap Nyx in the mind maze. Even though he was strong, he didn't want to risk being trapped there again.

The consideration made him decide to fight with Ryder this time. As he hid inside Ryder, even if Ra could put him in a mind maze, Ryder could still use his strength to fight back. That way, he could be at less disadvantage.

At the same time, he wanted Chaos and Ryder to fight together. Just like Ra and Nyx, Ryder and Chaos also shared a fraction of a soul. That could give him strength when fighting together because he knew something that Ryder didn't.

Even though Chaos had confidently stepped into the battle, he knew that Chaos didn't have that great of a chance of killing Ra since Ra also had Origin Immunity. So the best they could do was trap Ra. But killing a person was easier than trapping him. Similarly, taking out Ra and sealing him was easier said than done.

He could only hope that Chaos and Ryder could tread carefully.

As Nyx entered the body of Ryder, he found himself filled with immense strength. It was nothing like he had ever experienced before. This was the true peak of Nyx! The strength that Nyx possessed before he was sealed.


Ra grabbed Chaos's throat and flew high in the sky. Resisting Ra, Chaos used his spatial control. Despite the spatial seal of Ra, he was able to teleport freely.

He appeared behind Ra and kicked his neck.

As Ra's neck was. .h.i.t, he lost his balance and flew far away. The impact of the attack was so powerful that a booming sound echoed in the surroundings.

Ra flew uncontrollably towards the ground, but just as he was about to hit the ground, he stopped. It was as if time had paused suddenly.

His body straightened up. He looked up at Chaos while rubbing his neck.

"That bracelet of yours. Not bad. It looks like you found a neat hack to artificially boost your strength. But it looks like you didn't hear before. Artificial strength can never defeat true strength.

As Ra finished speaking, his eyes shone from under the cloak.

Chaos felt an abrupt pressure that pulled him towards the ground.

His bracelet started s.h.i.+ning again. Within a second, he was free of all the pressure.

"You mean this?" Chaos said calmly. The bracelet shone even more. The same pressure started acting on Ra.

Ra found the force so strong that even he had to struggle to remain standing

Chaos once again disappeared. He appeared behind Ra and swung his sword.

The black Sword sliced Ra in two halves. The two halves turned to smoke and joined in a different place, appearing as one.

"Go ahead. Try again," Ra said, smirking. His face wasn't clearly visible from under the cloak.

Chaos once again appeared behind Ra, and this time he stepped the sword into the chest of Ra.

Ra again turned to smoke and appeared in a different place away from Chaos.

"My turn now," Ra said. He casually waved his hand, making thousands of golden swords appear behind Chaos.

All the swords attacked Ryder, only to be destroyed by a Barrier that appeared behind him.

"That reminds me how difficult it can be to kill people like us. It's as if I'm figuring Nyx of the past,x Ra said, smiling.

"Your turn," Ra said. It was as if he was taking it as a game.

Chaos didn't say anything and straight appeared before Chaos. This time, he stabbed his hand inside the chest of Ra and grabbed his heart. As he used his left hand, even his Bracelet of Immortality ended up inside the body of Ra. He wanted to use it to deal with Ra's soul.

A strange force started penetrating the body of Ra through his head. Ra's smile disappeared. He tried moving back, but he couldn't.

"Trying to seal me?" Ra asked, frowning. "Naive."

Ra grabbed Chaos's throat and applied force. Despite the force, he couldn't crush Chaos's neck.

At the same time, Chaos stabbed his sword in the forehead of Ra. Since Ra was in his grasp, he couldn't turn to smoke now. Moreover, the sword of Darkness could only weaken him to be sealed easily.

"Little kid, you dinner know what you're doing. If you don't stop now, you'll regret," Ra said as his forehead and his eyes started bleeding.

Chaos didn't stop, though.


Suddenly, a cracking sound was heard. It was as if the heart of Ra was cracked. Soon after the heart cracked, Chaos felt his hands burn.

He immediately pulled out his hand to avoid the burning pain, which was something even his bracelet couldn't resist.

He moved back.

Ra remained standing silent. He looked up, grinning. "I warned you."

Ra slowly raised his hand to lower his cloak, revealing his handsome face.

As for his face, it was no different than the face of Chaos for some reason.

It was as if he was the same person.

"You..." Chaos was slightly taken aback. It was the first time he was seeing the full face of Ra. And it was his face.

The only difference was that Ra's eyes were pitch black which seemed to encompa.s.s the entire universe.

"Millions of years..." Ra said, smiling.

For millions of years, I sealed my heart and my strength with it. Since Nyx was gone, I didn't think anyone could be an opponent to make me use the same strength again.

"Who knew, I would find someone again... Someone who could force me to unseal myself as well." He rubbed his chest.

There was no heart inside his body now. But a black light that appeared to be a black hole.

"Why do you look like me?" Chaos asked grimly. He was concerned about this unsealing this guy talked about, but he was even more concerned about his face.

Moreover, when the heart of this guy shattered, he had felt the same kind of dark energy inside Ra which he felt inside himself.

"Who am I to you?" Ra asked. "I am to you what I am to all! I am the creator and your G.o.d! I am the one who created half the world! I am the one who created most of the life forms!"

"And you are one of those life forms! You are my creation!" Ra said. "Unfortunately, I created you right after trapping Nyx. So I wasn't careful. I made you in my image, and accidentally some of my soul entered your body," he added.

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