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Chapter 664 - 660: Origin Vs Origin

"Your Soul?" Chaos asked grimly. "So my soul..."

"That's right." Ra started laughing. "You are to me what that Ryder is to you! A small part of my soul that got away."

"I wanted to destroy you right after I made you. But I let you live. You know why?" he asked.

"Hurting a fraction of your soul hurts you," Chaos responded.

"Exactly. You were a part of my own soul. Destroying you would have hurt me a lot. And I wasn't in the mood to be hurt."

"There was another reason as well. It was that I didn't care about you. You were nothing! Just a useless fraction of my soul that didn't even have Origin Immunity! You were nothing but trash. So I simply sent you to where you belonged. Amongst these trashy G.o.ds of the lower plane!"

"Who knew that one day, my own soul would come to hurt me. You do know what will happen after you hurt me? You know what will happen after you seal me?" Ra asked.

Chaos didn't answer. He knew everything though. He knew that if Ra was sealed, he was also going to be sealed together.

When a soul was sealed, it looked to complete itself. And to complete it, Ra's soul was going to drag Chaos's soul inside as well. And if his soul was dragged, the soul of Ryder was going to be dragged as well.

"So you understand now. I can destroy you. And I'll only be hurt a bit. On the other hand, if you hurt me, you'll end up being destroyed! Do you still want to attack me?" Ra asked. "Not that it would matter anyway. I have my unrestricted strength."

"You can't stop me. I'm invincible! I am your true G.o.d!" Ra declared out loud. "I can destroy whatever I want, including the G.o.ddess of Reincarnation who turned you against me! And that's what I shall do! You won't be able to stop me! You can't! You can only live under my feet!" he further stated.

"Sorry, I'm late!" Ryder also came flying by now. He landed beside Chaos. "Why aren't you attacking? Also, will someone explain why he looks like me?"

Chaos turned to Ryder but didn't speak anything. He noticed Nyx inside Ryder.

He placed his hand on the shoulder of Ryder, contacting Nyx directly.

After a few seconds, he removed his hand.

As soon as Chaos took away his hand, Ryder dropped to the ground, unconscious. Within seconds, his body disappeared.

Chaos had taken back his soul from Ryder's body. He was complete again.

He took a deep breath as his eyes turned blood red. He turned to look at Ra.


Two days later...

Ryder woke up in an empty room. He held his aching head and stood up.

"What happened? My memories are blurry?" he muttered as he walked to the window.

"Huh?" As he looked outside the window, he found a clear blue sky. There were many tall buildings around. Everything appeared to be normal.

"Am I back on earth? What happened to the battle? Why don't I remember what happened after I met Chaos?"

"Because you don't need to remember," A voice came from the back.

Ryder turned around, finding a young man there. He didn't remember seeing that dark-haired man before.

"Nyx?" Ryder asked. He didn't recognize the face, but he could recognize the voice. It was Nyx in his real face that was of a young dark-haired man.

"Correct," Nyx replied, walking closer to Ryder.

"What happened to the battle? Did we seal Ra? How come we're alive if we didn't?" Ryder asked.

"We didn't seal Ra. Someone else did," Nyx said, sighing.

"Who? Chaos? Did he succeed? Where is he?" Ryder asked, frowning.


One day ago...

"So you are the one I came from. You're like my father now that I think about it. The father who I grew up hating," Chaos told Ra. "You're right though. I can't seal you. Because if I do, I'll go with you too."

"If I try, I'll end up sealed as well. I won't be here to see the world. I won't be here to live my life in the world which I dreamt about. But if I don't do it, there would be others who would end up dead," he said, looking back.

Through his powers, he could see the G.o.ddess of Reincarnation and Ja.n.u.s standing in the distance.

"Now that I think about it, I've already lived two lives. Do I still need to be greedy?"

Without thinking twice, Chaos flew straight to Ra.

"As you wish. If you want to die, then so be it!"

Ra raised his hand, releasing a dark energy that appeared to be coming straight from h.e.l.l. Chaos flew through the Dark Energy without stopping.

The Dark Energy was the core energy of Ra, and since he had released his full strength, it was even more powerful. The dark energy started burning the skin of Chaos.

It also started destroying the bracelet since Ra wanted the bracelet gone. As long as the bracelet didn't exist, Chaos was going to lose his origin Immunity which protected his soul from destruction.

The bracelet in Chaos's hands started turning darker, getting corrupted with Dark Energy.

As soon as Chaos reached Ra, he touched the dark sword on his Bracelet of Immortality. The bracelet of Immortality changed shape and finally left his wrist, merging into the dark sword.

All the fragments of the bracelet merged with the dark Sword. The dark sword also changed color, turning into a gray light.

Ra didn't care about the bracelet. He had Origin Immunity, and he believed he could destroy the bracelet. Moreover, the moment the bracelet left Chaos's wrist, instead of moving back, Ra intensified his attack to use the moment to destroy Chaos, who didn't have Origin Immunity anymore.

Chaos could feel his soul being destroyed with each pa.s.sing second. However, he didn't care.


Chaos stabbed the gray sword in the chest of Ra, targeting the black hole in Ra's chest.


Ra felt something as he was stabbed in this chest. It was different this time. It was very different. This time, he truly felt a soul-crunching pain.

He felt as if his soul was being sucked inside the sword. Despite being so strong, he couldn't resist.

"YOU!" He roared in rage, holding the throat of Chaos.

All he saw in return was a smile from Chaos. The serene smile that made him look like he wasn't scared at all.

Within a second, both Ra and Chaos disappeared with the gray Sword.

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