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Chapter 665 - 661: The End...


Current day...

"Where is he? That is a good question. Even I wonder that." Nyx said, looking at the vast s.p.a.ce.

"Tell me! What had happened! Where is Chaos? What happened to Ja.n.u.s? And where is my son?!"

"What happened to Chaos?" Nyx sighed as he smiled. "He has sealed Ra. And he is sealed with him as well. In short, both Ra and Chaos are sealed together in some unknown corner of the world."

"What? Why? Why did he seal himself too? That's so stupid! And why don't I remember anything?! What was I doing? Why didn't I help him?!" Ryder asked, concerned about Chaos.

Nyx told him about Chaos being a fragment of Ra's soul and that when the main soul was sealed, all soul fragments got sealed with it.

"That doesn't make sense! I'm also a soul fragment of his. If he was sealed, why wasn't I?'

"Because you aren't a soul fragment of his," Nyx answered.

"To keep you away from this mess, he asked for my help. I made an identical soul fragment from my soul this time. And all the memories and experiences were transferred from that soul fragment to my soul fragment. That was why you lost consciousness."

"Chaos took back the soul fragment that he left with you while leaving you to live your life."

"This..." Ryder didn't know how to reply.

He had started his life as the other half of Chaos, and now he was the other half of Nyx. Chaos didn't care about leaving his soul fragment with him even though there was a risk of being hurt if Ryder was killed. But when it came the time to seal himself, he didn't drag Ryder.

Ryder was slightly grateful. At the same time, he was a bit upset as well.

"Can we get him out?" he asked.

"Not without bringing out Ra. So no. Otherwise, everything would be a waste," Nyx replied. "In any case, It's impossible to find where they are sealed."

"So he's never coming back," Ryder said, sighing.

"Yeah. He isn't coming back," Nyx replied. "So live your life. So what if you don't have his soul fragment. You will always be the other half of Chaos! Live your life to the fullest in his stead. That would be what he would've wanted as well."

Ryder didn't speak. He kept his head down, looking at the city that was going about its day as nothing had happened. These people were never going to know what had happened in this world.

"Where is my son?" he asked.

"He is with your wife. Come," Nyx said.

A portal opened before them.

Ryder and Nyx stepped inside the portal, ending up in the Demon Realm.

His four wives were sitting together with the family of Shu and all the High Dukes.

"There you are! Welcome back!" All the ladies stood up, welcoming Ryder.

The little boy of Ryder was in the hands of Alice. And his daughter was with Esmi.

Even though only two days had pa.s.sed, this mess brought all the ladies from these two words together.

"When I brought your boy here, I told them that the battle was over and you were safe and that you were taking care of some minor matters so they wouldn't be worried. They just think you came back from a minor tussle," Nyx whispered in the ears of Ryder.

"Thank you." Ryder patted the shoulder of Nyx as he stepped towards his wife, taking his first step towards a new life, far away from all the conflicts. There were no threats anymore.

He walked to Alice and took the little boy in his arms. Even though the boy looked like him, to Ryder, the young boy looked more like Chaos.

Seeing Ryder, the boy burst into a smile.

"Grow up healthy and strong like him, alright, little guy?" Ryder asked, touching the nose of the little boy.


Back in the G.o.dly Realm, most of the G.o.ds were killed. In fact, to pay back Chaos, Nyx had killed all the G.o.ds who could be a threat to Ja.n.u.s and the others. The G.o.d Realm was back to peace after a short yet explosive war.

At the moment, Ja.n.u.s was standing in an empty palace.

It was the Palace of Chaos... The palace of his Elder brother. He had thought that his brother would take his rightful place on the throne here after everything was done, but it was only now that he knew it was never going to happen. Chaos was gone forever.

Ja.n.u.s had tears in his eyes as he watched the place. "It will always be empty now..."

Behind him, the G.o.ddess of Reincarnation and the G.o.ddess of Life and Death stood.

"There is nothing left in heaven for me. I think I'll leave this place..." Ja.n.u.s said.

"No, you won't leave this place," the G.o.ddess of Reincarnation said. Even she looked heartbroken by what happened to Chaos.

"Don't try to stop me. This place will only remind me of him. I need to leave!"

"If you leave this place, who will help your nephew grow up? Who will teach your nephew what his father was like? Who will teach the little guy how to be a brave G.o.d like his father?" The G.o.ddess of Reincarnation said in a low voice.

Even though the G.o.ddess of Reincarnation spoke in a low voice, Ja.n.u.s heard her clearly.

"Nephew? You mean Ryder's son?" Ja.n.u.s answered without looking back.

"No. I meant the true heir of Chaos..." The G.o.ddess of Reincarnation said.

Ja.n.u.s turned around, stunned.

"You mean...?"

The G.o.ddess of Reincarnation looked down and touched her tummy. "I mean your nephew..."

"This... He... Is it true?" Ja.n.u.s asked, taken aback.

"Yeah. In the Dark Realm, we...."

'So that's why he sacrificed himself? To keep him safe?' Ja.n.u.s thought blankly.

"This little guy..." Ja.n.u.s said, smiling. Even though he smiled, tears kept dripping from his eyes.

"Maybe this throne won't be that empty after all," he said, looking back at the throne.


After a few months, the G.o.ddess of Reincarnation gave birth to a baby boy who looked just like Chaos. He had his eyes, his cute nose. On the other hand, he has the fluffy cheeks of his mother.

The moment the young boy was born, a beautiful Rainbow appeared in all the worlds in the universe, welcoming the little guy who was going to be the ruler of heaven like his father was.


Far away in an unknown s.p.a.ce, a gray sword was floating aimlessly. However, at the moment, it shone a little before returning to its silence. It kept floating aimlessly in the Dark s.p.a.ce where no one dared enter, destined to stay here forever...


The end.


Author Note:

And with that, the story comes to an end...

for now at least.

Thank you to everyone who stuck through this journey which lasted for more than a year.

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