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Chapter 594: Could You Be a Lost Daughter of a Prestigious Family?

Tang Xiaoxiao burst into a peal of laughter. “That’s clever of you. I remember putting my leftover ice cream that I bought between into an insulation cup during my senior year. It didn’t melt even after a whole period.”

Lifting an eyebrow, Gu Mang chuckled and lazily rested her arms on her knees before saying nonchalantly, “I used to put chocolates in it to prevent them from melting.”

The girls sitting around them used to be quite afraid of Gu Mang, but upon seeing how easygoing she was, they mustered up the courage to chat with her. One by one, they talked about the brazen deeds they had committed in high school.

Gu Mang placed her bottle aside and took out the sunscreen spray that Lu Chengzhou had prepared for her from her bag. While spraying it over her arms, neck, and face, she would occasionally join the conversation.

Right at that moment, the instructor who was in charge of their cla.s.s came over. His presence instantly silenced all of the students, thinking that they were going to start training again. They instinctively checked the time and exchanged baffled looks with one another when they realized that their ten-minute break time was not yet over.

“Gu Mang, come over for a moment,” ordered the instructor in a hard voice as he stood in front of them. Gu Mang looked at the instructor for a couple of seconds before stuffing the flask and sunscreen into her backpack and zipping it up. She rose to her feet and walked over towards him, who then turned around and led her to a clearing.

Her cla.s.smates, meanwhile, were confused to see this and could not fathom why the instructor had singled her out. The instructor, named Li Mu, was a young but stodgy-looking man with tanned skin. He was only nineteen years old. Stationed at Red Scorpion’s reserve base, he did not usually have the chance to meet higher-ups, but he had met them all during this military training, even Lu Chengzhou, the person-in-charge of Red Scorpion. This was something that he dared not even imagine before.

He brought Gu Mang aside, then stopped and turned around to face her. She halted as well. Pus.h.i.+ng her cap up with a finger, she turned her gaze to the instructor and asked politely, “Is anything the matter, Instructor Li?”

Li Mu looked at the female student with a torn expression for several seconds before he finally broke the silence to ask, “Gu Mang, do you have any relatives with influential status in the capital?”

Although she was surprised by his candor, she did not know what the man was after, so she told him with a raised eyebrow, “It’s a well-known fact that I’m a penniless orphan on scholars.h.i.+p. How could I possibly know any big shots?”

She’s not acquainted with any big shots… So she’s really from a poor family.

The instructor’s eyes shone with sympathy as he knitted his eyebrows together. “Are you aware that Bai Yufang is Su Jiaying’s grandfather and that he’s here at the base?”

Gu Mang narrowed her eyes at that. “So?”

In an ever so serious manner, he answered, “So it’s time to figure out your ancestry. Seeing how pretty you look, could you be a lost daughter of a prestigious family?”

Her lack of response made him increasingly anxious. “If you don’t have anyone who can back you up, the Bai family can easily kick you out of Capital University.”

A small smile crept up her face as she looked at him while ma.s.saging her wrist. Her voice was low when she told him, “Don’t worry.”

How can I not worry? Instructor Li was very impressed with Gu Mang. Not only was she smart and pretty, she had quite a personality and her prospects were also bright. So it was only inevitable that others would get jealous of her. Even though what happened this time was not her mistake, the other party would not let her off, given their status and influence. He could not bear to see her ruined by the powerful.

Just as he was about to say something else to her, she lifted her chin to point at the digital watch on his wrist and reminded him that it was time for training. “Time’s up, instructor.”

He swallowed the words that he wanted to say as he walked back with her while sighing. Along the way, he glanced at her and could not resist asking, “How are you calmer than me?”

Wiping off the sweat acc.u.mulating at her chin with a thumb, Gu Mang answered, “It’s not a big issue.”

Her response made the instructor speechless..

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