The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me Chapter 2236

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Chapter 2236: Chapter 2039


“I have a girlfriend. It’s different now. I only care about my girlfriend. I don’t want my son or my brothers anymore. “

Xu Ci was extremely unconvinced. She turned around and replied, “didn’t I buy instant noodles for you guys? “

“thank you so much. ” Deng Yiran sighed.

The few of them returned to the residential area and went to Xu Ci’s house together.

Xu Youyou wanted to go home, but she was stopped by Xu Ci. He dragged her and refused to let her go. She could only follow him to the 18th floor.

When they reached Xu Ci’s house, Xu Ci took the initiative to help the other two cook instant noodles.

Shen Qing Sat on the Sofa and sent a message. Deng Yiran sighed, “the two of you are pretty good. If you want to go on a date, go on a date. Unlike Shen Qing, you can’t get a date no matter how hard you try. ”

“It’s okay, ” Xu ci replied with a smile.

Shen Qing was so angry that she kicked Deng Yiran.

“Sigh, after following us for a whole day, you only gave us instant noodles, ” Deng Yiran sighed exaggeratedly. He then looked at Shen Qing and felt that he was out of place, which made him even more unhappy. “Can you give a single dog some leeway to survive? “

“The two of you always help us. Why don’t I treat you to a meal? ” Xu Youyou immediately said.

After saying this, the room fell silent and everyone looked at Xu Youyou in surprise.

Xu Youyou was baffled by the look and added, “I also got the New Year’s money. Treating you to a meal is enough. “

Xu Ci immediately added from the side, “treat the two of them to a buffet. “

Deng Yiran laughed when he heard this, while Shen Qing quickly came over. “Go and eat barbecue or seafood. “

“Only the buffet, ” Xu ci immediately added and then came to Xu Youyou’s side. “The two of them eat as much as I do. If you eat anything else, you will go bankrupt. “

Only then did Xu Youyou realize this problem. She could not help but point at the pot. “there are only three packets in there. I thought… “

“This is for one person, ” Xu CI replied.

Xu Youyou did not say anything.

Deng Yiran immediately laughed exaggeratedly. He laughed until he burped like a little donkey that was celebrating.

Shen Qing gestured with Xu Youyou to try to salvage his image. “I’ll only eat two packets. “

Xu Ci immediately took out the instant noodles from the plastic bag and showed it to Xu Youyou. “He ate a bag and a half of instant noodles. He even specially bought such a large ham sausage. “

Xu Youyou was dumbstruck when she saw this and finally nodded, “alright, I understand. “

Shen Qing took the phone and went to Xu Youyou’s side, “mother, help me send a video to Gu Ruo. “

Xu Youyou shook her head, “I don’t want to send it. “

“Why? “

“I don’t want my little white rabbit to be seduced by a skunk. “

Xu Ci and Deng Yiran laughed when they heard the name skunk, especially Deng Yiran. This donkey laughed even more happily. Xu Youyou was afraid that he would run out of oxygen if he laughed any longer and had to go to the hospital to be resuscitated.

Why is this person’s laughter so low?

Shen Qing did not give up. He stood beside Xu Youyou and took a selfie with her.

Xu Youyou did not pose at all. Her expression was very unnatural and the selfie ended. Shen Qing then sent a wechat message and walked away. He was probably texting Gu Ruoyun.

She felt that it was no longer interesting and said goodbye to them, “I’ll be leaving first. “

Xu Ci immediately called Deng Yiran to look at the pot and put on his coat to send Xu Youyou off.

After the two left, Shen Qing sighed and stood up, “Sigh, I’ve put on my coat. I don’t think I’ll be back in ten minutes. Let’s fend for ourselves. “

Just as Shen Qing had guessed, Xu Youyou and Xu Ci stayed in the Stairwell for more than ten minutes before Xu Ci came back. The two of them had already finished eating instant noodles.

Xu Ci hummed a song and went into the kitchen to cook her own portion. She did not care about the looks from the other two people.

During the New Year, it was always very busy. The two of them could only find time to meet, so the time to meet was also very extreme.

Xu Youyou got up at six o’clock in the morning. She got dressed neatly, put on the same sports shoes as Xu CI, and went out.

When she walked out of the door, she s.h.i.+vered from the cold.

Xu Ci was already waiting outside the door. When she saw Xu youyou coming out, she immediately walked over and gave Xu Youyou a bear hug.

She was afraid that the neighbors would see her, so she quickly pushed Xu Ci away.

“Let’s go. ” After Xu Ci said that, he waved at her.

“It’s really morning exercise… ” Xu Youyou asked with a long voice.

“Yeah, I have to go back to the sports field. Otherwise, how can I be worthy of our little fairy? ” Xu Ci asked with a smile, then pulled Xu Youyou to accompany him for a run.

An ordinary boy would not drag his girlfriend along to run with him in the morning when they had just fallen in love.

However, Xu Ci was not an ordinary boy. Not only did he bring Xu Youyou along to run in the morning, but he also ran until he was out of breath. His stomach hurt so badly that he did not have the strength to speak.

“Aren’t you quite violent? ” Xu Ci said as he came to Xu Youyou’s side and helped her walk slowly.

“I… I don’t… I don’t run once in 800 years… ” when Xu Youyou spoke, she was still glaring at Xu Ci.

Xu Ci also panicked. He squatted down in front of Xu Youyou and said, “come up, I’ll carry you. “

She did not stand on ceremony and directly climbed onto Xu CI’s back.

It had to be said that Xu Ci really came from a sports school. After running a few kilometers, she still seemed to be fine. She was still able to carry Xu Youyou with ease.

She hugged Xu Ci’s neck and rested for a while. She felt much better, but she refused to come down. She even directed Xu Ci to go near the shop.

“Do you want to buy something? ” Xu Ci asked.

“Yes, just go. “

Xu Ci was especially happy. He was still jogging with Xu Youyou on his back. In the end, he slipped on the ice. After he steadied himself, he did not dare to show off anymore. What he was most afraid of was falling on Xu Youyou.

He carried Xu Youyou all the way to the business street. Only then did Xu Youyou get off him. She walked and stopped in front of the shop. Finally, she walked into a shop and picked out a scarf.

Xu Ci watched as Xu Youyou picked out a plaid scarf. She wrapped it around his neck and tried it on. Then, she changed to a camel-colored, pure-colored scarf. She tried on both of them and asked, “which one do you like? “

“For me? “

“What else? “

“Ah… anything is fine. ” Only then did Xu ci come back to her senses. She answered happily and once again displayed her trademark sweet smile …

Xu Youyou did come here on purpose. Xu Ci had given her a gift, so she should return the gift. She happened to have some lucky money in her pocket, so she brought Xu Ci to the shop.

In the end, she chose a camel-colored scarf. After paying the money, she was ready to leave, but Xu CI bought a cotton antler headband and put it on her head.

“So stupid, right? ” Xu Youyou didn’t like it.

“It’s quite fun. ” After saying that, Xu Ci took another one and put it on her head. After looking in the mirror, she was very satisfied. She turned her head and asked Xu Youyou, “is your boyfriend cute? “

Xu Youyou finally agreed. The two of them walked out of the shop hand in hand. She felt like taking a taxi back.

“Let’s walk back. It’s only past seven. You can only go out at nine, right? ” Xu Ci asked.

“Then let’s walk for a while. “

Xu Ci pursed her lips into a smile. Then, she held Xu Youyou’s hand, put her hand into the pocket of her down jacket, and walked home.

People with outstanding looks would attract the attention of others wherever they went. When two people with outstanding looks walked together with cute headbands on their heads, they were even more eye-catching.

The extremely distinct difference in height, the handsome sports major boy, and the delicate-looking little beauty looked surprisingly harmonious when the two of them were together.

When they reached the bridge, Xu Ci suddenly stopped and took out her phone. She opened the Selfie APP and planned to take a photo with Xu Youyou.

“So you used this to take a photo. I was wondering why your selfie looked so good. ” Xu Youyou couldn’t help but sigh.

“because people are also very handsome. “

“Yes, my boyfriend is definitely handsome. ” As she said that, she leaned into Xu Ci’s arms and showed her scissor hands.

Xu Ci could not help but smile. In the photo, her smile was exceptionally bright.

Chapter 126 has been discovered

After the fifth day of the Lunar New Year, Xu Youyou would no longer go out to pay New Year’s greetings. Xu Ci still had all sorts of free time.

Therefore, as soon as she had some free time, Xu Youyou invited the three idiots in the sleigh and Gu Ruo to have a buffet together.

The five of them reserved a large table. Xu Youyou and Gu Ruo sat together while the three idiots in the sleigh sat opposite them. The opposite side was obviously very crowded. Their side was so loose that they could fit two piles of clothes.

Xu Youyou and Gu Ruo were not strong fighters. They would be full after eating for a while. However, Xu Youyou felt that her money was well spent.

When the two reached the second half of the meal, they basically helped the three boys roast and turn over the meat. They asked what else they wanted to eat before they went to get it. Then, they stared at the three of them with their mouths agape.

Just as Xu CI had said, they could really eat. The three of them ate together for two hours before they felt that it was enough. The way they ate at the buffet was as if they were heading to the battlefield.

After they had finished eating, the three of them took the initiative to stand up and retrieve the fruit. When they returned, they even brought ice cream for Xu Youyou and Gu Ruo.

“I… I can’t eat… ” Xu Youyou refused and gave the ice cream to Gu Ruo …

“Oh. ” Xu Ci nodded to show that she understood. Then, she lowered her head and used her phone to record the date.

“Oh right, wasn’t the girl who posted on your moments last time Deng Yiran’s girlfriend? Why didn’t you bring her along? ” Xu Youyou could not help but ask.

After asking, Xu Ci paused and turned to look at Shen Qing, “did you forget to delete your moments? “

“Ah… I forgot, that day I… ” He was so engrossed in sending Gu Ruo home that he was so engrossed in sending messages to Gu Ruo that he had completely forgotten about this matter …

Deng Yiran smiled and said, “it’s alright. Lu Xuehan told me that now that I have a girlfriend, I feel much less guilty. “

Xu Youyou looked at the three of them and could not help but be puzzled, “what’s going on? “

“nothing, it’s not a girlfriend, it’s… It’s… How should I put it? ” Xu Ci did not know how to explain. Could it be that telling Xu Youyou was a trap?

Those who did not know how to lie were conflicted. In the end, it was Deng Yiran who explained, “it’s them who are helping me get revenge. It’s nothing, don’t mind them. “

“Oh… ” Xu youyou imagined a melodramatic drama. In the end, she did not ask any more questions. She nodded and then started to talk about other things.

After dinner, the three idiots in the sleigh were still preparing to go play, but Xu Youyou did not let them. “Xu CI, come back with me. I’ll tell you a few questions. “

“Uh… oh, okay. ” Xu Ci nodded and agreed. She was still smiling foolishly, clearly thinking of something else …

“What questions? ” Gu ruo asked.

“I’m going to teach him trigonometry. “

“Ah, I haven’t learned it well here either. I’ll go with you, ” Gu Ruo said immediately.

Xu Ci could not help but be stunned. “You’re going too? “

Shen Qing, who was especially blind, replied, “yes, I’m going too. I want to listen to trigonometry. “

“Hey! ” Xu Ci was so angry that she wanted to argue with Shen Qing. However, she heard Deng Yiran, who had a low sense of humor, laugh so hard that he was shaking his head. He then waved his hand and said, “I’m not going. I’m going to play basketball with Liang Zi and the others. “

After Deng Yiran left, Shen Qing dragged Gu Ruo along with Xu CI and Xu Youyou.

Gu Ruo finally reacted, “go… is it not appropriate? “

“Don’t hesitate. Once you’ve decided, go, understand? ” Shen Qing began to educate Gu Ruo. He then took out his phone, “I’ll call a car. “

Xu Ci did not say anything else. He only put on a ferocious look to scare Gu Ruo. Xu Youyou only gave him a good beating before he became obedient.

The four of them went to Xu Ci’s house together and seriously studied trigonometry for the whole afternoon.

Shen Qing was still happy when he arrived. After studying for a few hours, he collapsed. After reading for a while, he felt that a ballpoint pen was even more interesting than a book.

Xu Youyou was not a good teacher. If she did not understand after a while, she would find it difficult to understand. She would not understand such a simple question. Why did she not understand it after so many times.

Xu Ci listened with trepidation. She braced herself and wrote the questions. Occasionally, she would glance at Gu Ruo’s notebook. In the end, she did learn a little.

When it was time for dinner, Shen Qing grabbed Gu Ruo and prepared to escape. “The two of us are going to eat together. We’ll be leaving first. “

Xu Ci did not stop them and nodded. He and Xu Youyou accompanied them out of the neighborhood and returned together.

“I’ll be going home soon. You can order your own dinner tonight. ” Xu youyou glanced at the time and said.

“I’m going to your house for a free meal? “

“No thanks. I’m nervous now that you’re here. It’s different from before. “

Xu Ci thought about it and agreed.

When the elevator reached the 15th floor, Xu Youyou walked out of the elevator. Xu Ci almost instinctively followed her. He hugged Xu Youyou and lowered his head to give her a kiss. He then planned to climb up the stairs.

However, just as he kissed her, he suddenly pushed Xu Youyou away. Xu Youyou was shocked. She followed Xu Ci’s Gaze and saw her father smoking in the corridor.

Father Xu rarely went out to chat, unless he had a fight with Xu Mei or received a call from the company. When he came out to answer the call, he would smoke a cigarette.

Now that Father Xu did not make a call, it could only prove that he and Xu Mei had a fight. He must be in a bad mood.

Xu Youyou was so scared that her heart beat wildly and she forgot to speak.

Xu Ci greeted him guiltily, “uncle. “

“Okay. ” Father Xu looked at the two of them, then at their sports shoes. He nodded and said to Xu Youyou, “go home and eat. Everything is ready. “

“Oh… What about you? ”XuuYouyouu asked …

“I’ll talk to Xu Ci for a while. “

“Dad… “

Xu Youyou was extremely fl.u.s.tered. It was her first time doing something bad, but not long after they got together, Father Xu found out. This was a little awkward.

“Let’s go back, ” her father said.

Xu youyou hesitated for a moment, then looked at Xu Ci. In the end, she returned home.

Just as the door closed, Father Xu came to Xu Ci’s side. He took out a cigarette box from his pocket, shook out a cigarette, and asked, “do you want one? “

“No, no. ” Xu Ci quickly refused with a sincere att.i.tude.

“It’s normal for boys to smoke nowadays. I’ve smelled cigarette smoke on you before, ” Father Xu said.

“Oh… then… then one will do. ” Xu Ci nodded and took the cigarette. Without needing father Xu to light the cigarette for him, he took out a lighter from his pocket.

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