My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! Chapter 1127 - Miss Qiao Has Succumbed to Vital Energy Deviation!

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Chapter 1127: Miss Qiao Has Succ.u.mbed to Vital Energy Deviation!

“B*tch, you caused me to gain nothing from the secret realm.”

*Bam!* Before people could see how Qiao Mu moved, her leg had already fiercely stomped Dou Fengchi’s abdomen.

Dou Fengchi wasn’t even able to touch a corner of her sleeve before getting kicked away swiftly. She crashed heavily into a short tree nearby and spurted out blood from severe internal injuries.

Paling in shock, everyone looked at Qiao Mu in the same manner they would at a monster.

For better or worse, Dou Fengchi was a level-eight mystic cultivator, yet she couldn’t even take a hit from the crown prince consort? Why? It wasn’t that Dou Fengchi was too weak, but that the crown prince consort was too strong!

They didn’t think that the crown prince consort’s cultivation would surge to this extent after not seeing her for several days!

At this moment, Qiao Mu suddenly moved, and like a jade-sculpted asura, she directly attacked the two Dou Clan disciples standing in front of her.

Before those two Dou Clan disciples could regain their senses, their necks snapped, their heads drooping in Qiao Mu’s hands.

“Ah, ahhhhh!” Mu Zhilan screeched in horror.

Upon seeing Qiao Mu turn her gaze, locking on her with her eyes that were akin to ice beads, she couldn’t resist screaming frightfully.

Her icy, terrifying gaze was like a machine of ma.s.sacre, completely devoid of humanity.

By now, however, Qin Xuan had noticed Qiao Mu’s abnormality. Although she was usually cold and stoic-faced, she definitely was not so unfeeling as to just kill whomever she encountered.

Could it be that her cultivation made her succ.u.mb to vital energy deviation?

Qin Xuan was alarmed, and he subsequently flitted towards Qiao Mu.

Yang Fengyan shrieked after him, “Cousin, what are you going over there for! Cousin, that woman is a madman.”

“Xiao Bao, what happened to you, calm down first…” Qin Xuan had only just spoken when the little lady opposite him punched at his chest accurately.

This punch undoubtedly possessed the strength of a level-13 phenomenal success rank, whipping back Qin Xuan’s robes with a strong current.

He couldn’t take it head on, nor did he want to strike back, so he evaded by flitting to the side.

“Cousin!” Yang Fengyan screeched as if she were in her death throes.

Yet Qiao Mu’s unfeeling gaze suddenly flitted in her direction.

When Yang Fengyan met Qiao Mu’s arctic eyes, her screech stopped abruptly, as if she were a duck in a chokehold.

Such a terrifying gaze. Was that a gaze that humans were capable of?

Qiao Mu was clearly a moving jade sculpture, and a jade sculpture emitting a terrifying presence that was out to kill, at that. Shortly after charging into the crowd, she reaped several disciples’ lives.

“Everyone, quickly scatter!” Second Young Sir Dou shouted in fright, “Miss Qiao must have succ.u.mbed to vital energy deviation! Right now, she is mentally confused and does not recognize us. Everyone, do not face her head-on. Scatter and do not move, do not move!”

Upon hearing this, all the disciples present slowed their footsteps. They then stiffened their figures and even subconsciously slowed their breathing.

Qiao Mu s.h.i.+fted her feet, walking slowly past the scattered disciples.

When she walked up to a disciple who had stiffened his body with bulging eyes, she had planned to go around him.

Yet that disciple suddenly punched toward the back of her head. “Go die.”

Second Young Sir Dou’s pupils contracted.

He saw Qiao Mu suddenly turn around and also punch out behind her. Her fair and soft hand directly collided with that disciple’s fist.

The air current from the punch barrelled up that disciple’s arm and abruptly pulverized it into powder.

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My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! Chapter 1127 - Miss Qiao Has Succumbed to Vital Energy Deviation! summary

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