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Chapter 2066: The Prefecture Lord’s Invitation

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

No eye of discernment!

She loathed to care about these people!

It was simply wasting her saliva.

Qiao Mu sipped some more tea. Just as they were about to get up and leave, they suddenly saw someone who looked like a middle-aged scholar enter the teahouse.

He cupped his hands toward them upon entering and asked with a smile, “Are you the students and mentors from Apex Academy, the third place of the recent academy ranking compet.i.tion? The prefecture lord is requesting the pleasure of your company.”


Mo Lian and company looked at this middle-aged man with a spurious smile.

“Uncle De, what are you inviting them over for?” Fairy Lingfei was vomiting blood from anger. When she heard the newcomer’s voice, she had no choice but to enter the teahouse again.

Ever since she met the little stoic and her group, she, Fairy Lingfei, had been making a fool of herself the whole time. It made her indignant.

Yet now, Master and the prefecture lord actually wanted to invite this group of hillbillies to the feast at Shuntian Prefecture’s official mansion?

How come!?

Fairy Lingfei was frowning in indignation as she stared coldly at Qiao Mu and the others.

That stoic face may be hateful, but those men beside her were most likely all blind!

She was such a beautiful woman, yet none of them spared her a look?


Geng Pengcheng couldn’t wait?

They had just set foot in Shuntian Prefecture’s prefecture city, yet Geng Pengcheng couldn’t wait to bring them into the official mansion?

When Qiao Mu thought of how she had clashed multiple times with this prefecture lord of Shuntian Prefecture in the dark, she couldn’t help but become moody.

She was extremely aware of Shuntian Prefecture’s intentions.

“Qiaoqiao, if you don’t want to go, you don’t have to force yourself to deal with them.” Mo Lian raised the little fellow’s hand and spoke to her quietly.

Was a minor prefecture lord of the Shuntian Prefecture going to overturn the skies or what?

Qiao Mu shook her head. “Let’s go see.”

Qiao Mu couldn’t help giving a cold smile when she recalled all the “good” things Shuntian Prefecture’s prefecture lord had done.

Previously, Crown Prince Mo had told her that he did not find anything particularly useful when he searched through Fan Gu and Fan Qiuhe’s souls.

It was most likely that someone had tampered with those memories, but it didn’t matter too much whether or not they found anything through a soul search.

Because Qiao Mu was absolutely certain Shuntian Prefecture’s prefecture lord, Geng Pengcheng, had everything to do with this matter.

Seeing that Qiao Mu agreed, the middle-aged scholar, who came to invite them, seemed to sigh in relief. He cupped his hands with a smile and said, “That is excellent. The official mansion has invited quite a few young heroes from the Divine Province Continent today. You may want to connect with them since you are similar in age.”

In the middle-aged scholar’s eyes, becoming friends with the young sirs and young ladies from the Divine Province was naturally something people would envy.

Yet Qiao Mu merely swept him an indifferent look and walked out while holding hands with Mo Lian.

“This lousy carriage will be taking us there?” Qiao Mu commented in distaste, and then she glanced coldly at that middle-aged scholar. “Since your prefecture lord isn’t inviting us with sincerity, you can head back!”

“Ah, wait!” The middle-aged scholar couldn’t help but become anxious when he saw the little stoic about to turn and leave with the man in ink-colored clothes.

This little fellow was totally not following the logical sequence of events! She had agreed at the start to go with him to the official mansion, yet how come her att.i.tude changed so abruptly in the short moments after exiting the building!

“The Prefecture Lord is sincerely inviting you all!”

How was this carriage bad? How did it slight them!?

The middle-aged scholar simply wanted to shout in his mind! Women really were fickle-minded!

Qiao Mu’s eyes were devoid of warmth as she looked over at that middle-aged scholar. She grunted, “Lousy!”

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