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Chapter 2065: This Girl is Not Ill!

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“You! You have pimples lining the sides of your face that occasionally itch. You have a yellowed complexion and a weak stomach, which causes you to vomit every three days. This truly is gastric disease. You have the leisure to laugh at other people, yet the vital energy and blood in your own body has stagnated. Your body is so damaged that it wouldn’t last more than three years.”

“And you!” The little stoic swept a gaze at a young man laughing with a wide mouth. “You are so young, yet you are already stooping at the waist. Your pores have abnormally closed, and a chill has entered your body. You clearly have the symptoms of a carbuncle [1. A severe abscess or multiple boil in the skin, typically infected with staphylococcus bacteria.]. How can you still laugh! If the chill invades your blood, it might evolve into a skin ulcer.”

“And you, even worse! Your face is ashen and your eyes red. Your throat makes sounds when you laugh, which means the vital energy in your stomach has drained away. This is a precursor to death!”

After her lengthy lecture, the room immediately because quiet.

Everyone was flabbergasted at this young little stoic who started critizing people when she opened her mouth.


Most importantly, she had loathed to even bat an eyelid after saying so much. It was as if that gaze was sweeping over a group of ants. She was looking down on them, not even stopping for half a minute…

“Pfft.” The Venerable Peach Blossom Immortal clenched his fist and couldn’t resist spewing out in laughter.

No could do, no could do. He couldn’t stand it anymore. His Qiaoqiao was truly too cute!

The way she deadpanned while criticizing other people pridefully was much more cute than everybody else.

“Pre! Preposterous!!” The middle-aged man who had pulled a long face was the first to jump up. He flung his sleeves with a humph and strode toward the outside of the teahouse.

Afterwards, a string of people stood up with him. They had steely faces, and they soon left the teahouse.

Goodness! They had come to drink tea, yet the whole teahouse now knew that they had weak kidneys, gastric disease, and trouble breathing. This really caused these businessmen to lose face…

The boss of the teahouse almost begged, “Don’t go! Hey, honored guests, don’t go! Boss Zhang! Aty…”

Everybody threw down their tea money and stomped off furiously.

And at this time, the sound of vigorous clapping could be heard from the side. The dunce looked fixedly at Qiaoqiao with a wors.h.i.+pping gaze from her large black eyeb.a.l.l.s. “Savior, you’re so amazing! You know a lot!”

“Scram!” Lingfei shouted angrily. She grabbed Fairy Huanghe, the brainless fan, and started dragging her outside.

“Little Savior, I’ll come find you again tomorrow. Wait for me! Hey, hey. Hey, Senior Sister, don’t pull me! Senior Sister!”

“If you don’t properly treat dementia, the heavier symptoms later on will lead to raging emotions, mental illness, and it might affect the intimacy between husband and wife, resulting in infertil…” Before Miss Qiao could finish speaking, Crown Prince Mo couldn’t bear to hear any more and pulled her over. He covered her mouth tightly.

Fairy Lingfei was so furious her body was trembling intensely. She suddenly turned around and roared wrathfully at the little stoic who was sitting inside the teahouse, “I am not ill!!”

Qiao Mu tugged on Mo Lian’s hand and looked at the man disapprovingly. “What are you covering up my mouth for. It’s the worst when you people hide your illnesses for fear of treatment! If you don’t treat small illnesses, it’ll become troublesome when they s...o...b..ll into a diseases! You people are just too stubborn!”

Feng Chen’s shoulders were shaking as he hung his head. He had been laughing so hard that his stomach hurt.

Mo Lian was both amused and exasperated.

Isn’t it you, darling, who is the stubborn one?

“Humph.” Miss Qiao pulled back her pet.i.te hand and gulped a large mouthful of tea.

So tiring. If not because she saw that those people were in truly awful condition, how would she be so willing to say so much in diagnosing their illnesses?

Yet this bunch of idiots were all treating her as a quack who was talking irresponsibly!

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