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Chapter 1432: Beautiful

Lu Ning quickly came back to her senses and she stretched the corners of her mouth. “Ann, hi.”

She could guarantee that her smile at this moment must be very ugly.

He had brought his girlfriend back, and she had just invited him to her apartment. It was too awkward.

She was simply overthinking things!

“Lu Ning, get in my car. I’ll send you home.” Yin Zhihan said.

“No need, I’ll go back by myself.” Lu Ning didn’t want to be a third wheel.

“At this time, the subway has already stopped, and taxis are almost impossible to be flagged. Unless you walk home by yourself, but it’s very dangerous for girls to walk at night.” Yin Zhihan reminded her kindly.

Lu Ning thought of some bad news. A young woman was robbed and raped while walking at night. She suddenly felt very scared.

There was a private car, but she didn’t take it. She realized that she was quite pretentious.

“Okay then, I’ll have to trouble the President.”

In the luxurious sedan.

Yin Zhihan drove without looking away. Ann sat in the pa.s.senger seat, and Lu Ning sat in the back seat.

“Han, I didn’t expect your company to have such a beautiful female subordinate. Miss Lu, you’re really beautiful.” Ann turned her head and praised Lu Ning without stingy words.

Lu Ning showed a polite and modest smile. “No, Miss Ann, you’re flattering me.”

“Han,”Ann looked at the man beside her. “Do you think Miss Lu is beautiful?”

Lu Ning’s heart skipped a beat. She didn’t expect Ann to let Yin Zhihan evaluate her.

She didn’t care much about her appearance. To put it simply, she had always cultivated her character and cared about her talent. However, since young, people around her always praised her and said that she was beautiful.

She should be quite pretty.

Lu Ning looked at Yin Zhihan through the rearview mirror. She didn’t know how he would reply?

She was quite expectant.

Women would care about men’s evaluation of them.

Yin Zhihan’s gaze slowly came over. It was very gentle, but it was also a man’s appreciation and sizing up of women. He nodded and smiled, “Mm, Pretty.”

This time, Lu Ning felt her ears turn red.

She didn’t know if he was sincere or pretending, but his gaze just now made her feel that he really thought she was very beautiful.

“Han, you have such a beautiful girl under you, why didn’t you pursue her?” Ann continued to ask.

Lu Ning’s forehead was filled with three black lines. This Ann was really asking for trouble. It seemed that he didn’t pursue her. It was only on that day that he was very angry and said that he wanted to hit on her, but she rejected him. Then, he found a new lover, his speed made her think that all of this was a dream.

“Ann, you’re joking. No matter how beautiful I am, the President won’t take a liking to me. In the eyes of the President, you’re the most beautiful.” Lu Ning answered first.

These words made Ann very satisfied, and Ann smiled brightly.

Yin Zhihan looked up at Lu Ning behind him, and then smiled faintly.

Lu Ning didn’t know what his gaze meant, and she didn’t want to guess. In short, her feelings at the moment were very complicated, a little painful, and a little sour..

She looked sideways at the car window, and the shadow of the man in the front seat could be vaguely seen through the window. His handsome features were plated in the bustling neon lights, looking charming.

Lu Ning hurriedly looked away.

After driving for a while, Yin Zhihan said, “Ann, I’ll send you back to the hotel first. I’ll look for you after I send Lu Ning back.”

“Okay.” Ann nodded obediently. At this time, the only daughter of the king of gambling was also obedient like a little kitten in front of this man. In fact, rumours said that she was a wild and shrewd person.

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My Dangerous Billionaire Husband Chapter 1432 - Beautiful summary

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