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Chapter 836: Begging Her

Lu Yi agreed with what Yan Huan had said, “Then, tell me, is there any difference between voicing it out and remaining quiet?”

Yan Huan shook her head, it seemed like there was no difference.

“Then let’s not say anything. Let the elderly be,” Lu Yi focused on driving the car. Although Su Yuhan’s ident.i.ty had now been recognized by everyone, Lu Yi still felt that there was something wrong about it.

However, no matter what, Lu Yi wanted to keep Yan Huan away from those matters.

Yet, most of the time, it was not their say to do whatever they wished. Grandpa Ye had just found his granddaughter and could not wait to give her everything. He had owed his daughter for a lifetime and his granddaughter for more than 20 years. Whatever Sun Yuhan demanded, he would give her.

For instance, Sun Yuhan wanted to be a celebrity, just like Su Muran and Yan Huan, to become a public figure. Grandpa Ye nodded without saying anything.

Ye family owned part of the shares in Linlang. With these shares, Sun Yuhan could debut herself under Linlang. In fact, under the order from Grandpa Ye, the initial main actress of the new drama was replaced, and it was decided that Yan Huan would play a supporting role for Sun Yuhan.

“This is the most hilarious thing in my life.”

Luo Lin folded her hands behind her head, “Has Sun Yuhan got her brain slammed by the door, wanting Yan Huan to be her supporting role? Just tell me, who in the entire entertainment industry would dare ask Yan Huan to be his or her supporting role, to be the co-star?”

“Not to mention the acting, Yan Huan attracts so much attention by just standing there – she’s the international best actress. You don’t feature a rookie like this. Mind you, the more you try to boom one’s popularity, the higher the chance that she will fall hard. The more comparisons there are, the uglier you will look. It’s not a guarantee that you’ll be famous if a big hitter plays a minor role for you. First of all, you need to have the ability to control the scene, so that a supporting role won’t steal your spotlight.”

When Yan Huan costarred with Liang Chen in the past, she did not show any weak points, not to mention that she was now at the peak of her career.

“We can’t help it if someone wants to make trouble,” Yi Ling threw her hands up.

“What should we be figuring out now?” Yi Ling buried her head in her hands, having a headache thinking about it. How were they going to tell Yan Huan about this? It was something that was hard to talk about. Yan Huan rarely accepted any movies these days, thus it was hard to request her to come back, not to mention that it was just a minor role.

“Just tell her the truth.”

Luo Lin stood up and handed over the task to call Yan Huan to Yi Ling.

“Hey, don’t leave.” Yi Ling pulled Luo Lin’s sleeve quickly, “You are Yan Huan’s agent, you can’t just push all the responsibilities to me. I can’t bear this myself.”

“You’re her person in charge and also her best friend.”

Luo Lin said sincerely, patting Yi Ling’s shoulder once again.

“Alright, good luck, I believe in you.”

Yi Ling’s face fell immediately. All of them just knew how to push the responsibility to her. Did they not fear that it would crush her? She took the phone, but after hesitating for a long time, she still could not bring herself to break the news.

She was afraid that once she made the call, Yan Huan would end their relations.h.i.+p. She knew Yan Huan well. She could act as a minor role for anyone, even as a foil, except for two people.

Su Muran was one of them.

Sun Yuhan was another one. Yan Huan never hid her disgust toward those two.

How was she going to make the call and tell her about it?


Hugging her head, she felt like she was going insane.

This very moment as she was struggling, she did not know that Yan Huan was at the Ye’s now. The person sitting opposite her was no one but Ye Chuji.

“Uncle, what is it that you’ve asked me to come over for?”

By the time Yan Huan picked up Ye Chuji’s phone call, she already knew he would not find her unless he needed help. Of course, he would never call her if it was not for something.

“There’s indeed something,” Ye Chuji put his hands on the table, then let out a sigh slightly. His sigh made Yan Huan’s heart skip a beat.

Was it something related to her? Her instinctive reaction was that she refused to listen to what he was about to say next, no matter what it was.

However, she knew that it was impossible not to listen to it, as Ye Chuji did not ask her out and let her sit here to waste his precious time, staring at each other.

“There are some little matters that might need your help,” at last Ye Chuji spoke in a very polite way. Of course, as someone younger, she could not easily reject her elder’s request for help.

A favor was one thing, yet reality was another thing.

Meanwhile, three minutes had pa.s.sed and Ye Chuji had not moved an inch or said anything. It seemed like he was waiting, waiting for Yan Huan to take the initiative to speak.

Yan Huan looked down, hiding her eyes at the same time, including the sigh that she gave from the bottom of her eyes. She suppressed all her feelings in her heart.

“Uncle, just tell me right away,” Yan Huan raised her head, and put on a smile, “I will help you if I can.”

It seemed like Ye Chuji was waiting for Yan Huan to say it out loud. After all, he was a businessman, and his purpose was to force Yan Huan to make a promise.

“Actually, it’s nothing,” Ye Chuji was indeed a businessman, even when he schemed against someone he could do it in such a cheerful way. Yan Huan did not like to be manipulated, especially by the Ye’s. She had always treated the Ye’s as her family, and it was not comfortable being manipulated by a family member.

However, as she thought about it, she remembered that she was just an outsider to the Ye family. To them, even Lu Yi was an outsider, not to mention her.

“Yuhan wants to join the entertainment industry,” Ye Chuji removed his smile, sounding quite serious. In fact, Yan Huan could feel that he sounded very determined.

Did he have his eyes set on Linlang? Yan Huan guessed and apparently she was right.

“So…” Ye Chuji paused for a while, then he spoke again, “Do your uncle a favor. Help her with her debut. I know that Linlang is preparing to shoot a film, and Ye family will sponsor throughout the shooting, no matter how much it costs. In this film, I want Yuhan to be the protagonist. Lend her a hand, will you?”

This was not a request. Yan Huan was still maintaining the smile on her face, but she felt annoyed from the bottom of her heart. The smile on her face was a perfunctory one, as the smile in her eyes had already faded.

“Uncle, I have not acted for quite a long time.” She would not act as a supporting role for anyone, especially Sun Yuhan. If Sun Yuhan wanted to debut, she could choose anything. From the looks of everything now, the Ye family was just like Su family in the past that decided to feature Su Muran. They would definitely have their own ways to feature Sun Yuhan, so it was not a must for her to help.

“I’m begging you, alright?” Ye Chuji had expected that Yan Huan would not agree too easily. So, favors, money and everything would be his bargaining chips.

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