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Chapter 639: Commencement of the World War


The sky has just started turning bright.

Jiang Feng was already up.

Perhaps it was because he had entered the Abyssal Realm and his chi crystal would automatically absorb the chi within the air and train his body so that he would feel refreshed, he did not feel a lack of energy at all.

After he was awake, seeing that Ling Feiyu was still asleep, he then kissed her forehead and went out to make breakfast.

Despite the Ling family having a professional chef, the breakfast that he made had a different meaning compared to the chef’s.

Once breakfast was ready, Ling Feiyu then walked out in her pajamas.

After he had washed up, he then woke Ling Chen and Su s.h.i.+ning up so that they could enjoy breakfast together.

Ling Chen was still expressionless, while Su s.h.i.+ning was slightly shy.

“You two…” When Ling Feiyu saw how Su s.h.i.+ning was like, she pointed at the two of them curiously.

Jiang Feng smiled and said nothing.

Before he went to sleep, he used his senses as an Abyssal Realm elite to sense what was happening.

Nothing happened between the two of them. Ling Chen had simply slept through the night while hugging Su s.h.i.+ning.

He had no sense of safety after committing murder. He needed to hug someone before he could fall asleep.

T/L note: FBI, yes, this one here…

After having breakfast, Ling Feiyu then pulled Su s.h.i.+ning into the room and had a wee chat.

Meanwhile, Jiang Feng entered the game.

Now that the Jiang family’s status was stabilized, he then continued to explore the game world and become stronger, so that he could gain some information about the Divine Dominion and the Monster Trans.m.u.tation System.

Once he entered the game, he reappeared at the mountains behind the bamboo forest.

When he returned to the wooden house, he then saw Murong Xiaoxiao sitting there staring blankly into s.p.a.ce.

When Jiang Feng entered the wooden house, she raised her head and then asked Jiang Feng curiously, “You are the Gatekeeper of the Yin Sect?”

“What did you say?” He did not even have to guess to know that Murong Xiaoxiao was from the Murong family.

Those from the large faction would use their own name or surname to play the game because they need not worry about others causing them trouble, and no one would dare to look them up to cause trouble anyway.

But even if he knew that Murong Xiaoxiao was from the Murong family, she should not be at a rank high enough to know about the Yin Sect. He wondered how Murong Xiaoxiao knew about it.

“Stop faking it. When they were having the family meeting, I accidentally overheard. I never thought that you would be the Yin Sect’s Gatekeeper. And your brother-in-law killed my cousin, didn’t he?” Murong Xiaoxiao asked.

“Why? You want to avenge him?” Jiang Feng said with a smile.

“No. The Murong family is so huge that I have plenty of cousins. I am not close to him, so there is no need for me to avenge his death. But I want to ask for a player slot from you,” Murong Xiaoxiao said.

“I don’t have any,” Jiang Feng said as he shrugged.

He knew what Murong Xiaoxiao meant by player slot. She wanted a player slot to enter the Great World of Tianji.

From Murong Xiaoxiao’s words, he knew that the Murong family would not pursue the matter about Murong Aosong. Meanwhile, they were looking for a way to get player slots from him.

In truth, the player slots were all under the control of the Lord G.o.d’s hand, but others did not know about it. As such, his answer was truthful.

“Say it. As long as you can give me a player slot, I can agree to any of your conditions!” Murong Xiaoxiao said.

“Any condition?”

Jiang Feng smiled like a scoundrel and began to look at Murong Xiaoxiao’s body. He had to say that Murong Xiaoxiao had everything she should have, and she was also a beauty. If it were not because he was already married and had a wife, he would not mind wanting more.

Looking at how Jiang Feng was staring at her lecherously, Murong Xiaoxiao then bit at her lips and said, “Anything that is not too much!”

“My request is quite simple. Once I bring you out, join the s.h.i.+fter Faction. Then, I will give you a player slot. How about that?” He did not want to cause too much trouble to Murong Xiaoxiao and immediately told her about his condition.

In truth, even without him promising Murong Xiaoxiao, as long as she could get out she should be able to easily get a player slot from the Lord G.o.d using her power as the Descendent of the G.o.ddess of Luck.

That said, instead of refusing her, he might as well let Murong Xiaoxiao join his faction without her knowing about it.

“Alright, I’ll agree to it!” She felt that this was a condition that was not too far-fetched, and so she agreed to it without any hesitation.

Maybe because she believed that she had secured a player slot, Murong Xiaoxiao then happily entered the Nine Great Temples.

As usual, Jiang Feng summoned the five little ones over and entered the Nine Great Temples together.


One month pa.s.sed by.

Jiang Feng would be online for ten hours every day. He would spend two hours at the Nine Great Temples while he used the remaining time to kill monsters to level up.

Within one month, his level had reached the maximum level of level 250. His experience bar was also filled up to the point where he could no longer increase his level.

He had also obtained a total of 29 slivers of the Demesne of Chaos.

T/L Note: Raw said Demesne of Time here instead of Chaos, but I believe this should be Chaos. Not the first time the author made this mistake.

At this time, the five little ones had also collected more than 100,000 slivers of the Laws of their Demesnes. They had also mastered many of the Demesne skills and had become very powerful.

Murong Xiaoxiao had collected 200,000 slivers of the Law of Luck. She could form her Demesne soon.

As for Jiang Fan, Jiang Feng still had no idea what he was doing and how powerful he was.

Today, he entered the game again.

As soon as he entered the game, he then encountered Murong Xiaoxiao.

“Hope that you can form your Demesnes!” Murong Xiaoxiao said with a smile.

“You too!”

Both of them had reached the point where they could form their Demesnes. If they could not form their Demesnes today, then they would have to continue to stay here.

Ding. Silvermoon World Announcement: As most of the players’ levels have reached the maximum, the World War shall begin. National Glory Points can be used to exchange for player slots to enter Dragonquarry. Good luck!

Ding. Divine Dominion Continent World Announcement: As most of the players’ levels have reached the maximum, the World War shall begin. Good luck!

“Hm? The two maps are having their World Wars at the same time? It is going to be quite lively then!” Jiang Feng said after he stopped for a bit when he heard the two World Announcements.

“Aren’t you going back for the World War?” Murong Xiaoxiao asked him.

“Not in a rush. I need to first try and see if I can form my Demesne. The s.h.i.+fters Nation should be able to hold for two hours,” He said and quickly entered the Nine Great Temples. Time was of the essence and so he needed to make haste and form his Demesne. Otherwise, he would die when he leaves this place anyway because he could never defeat King Zhou.

If both Murong Xiaoxiao and he had formed their Demesnes, then there was a possibility for them to defeat King Zhou.


The trumpet of the world war was blown.

All the players in Divine Dominion could not wait to start.

The Divine Dominion Continent’s world war was a war between the Chinese Server, the American Server, the j.a.panese Server, the Korean Server, the European Server, and the African Server.

While the world war in Silvermoon was between the s.h.i.+fters Nation, the Shang Nation, the Infernals Nation, and the Divines Nation.

As the world announcement was made suddenly, none of the nations was prepared. As soon as the announcement was made, each of the nation’s leaders began to call for their members.

Tianzi City, Silvermoon.

King Zhou said to s.h.i.+ Long, the Black Widow, and the rest of his minions, “a.s.semble all our men, we shall attack the s.h.i.+fters Nation!”

Within the Infernals Nation. “a.s.semble all our men, we shall attack the s.h.i.+fters Nation!”

Within the Divines Nation. “a.s.semble all our men, we shall attack the s.h.i.+fters Nation!”

It could be said that on Silvermoon, the s.h.i.+fters Nation was being targeted.

They had no choice since Jiang Feng’s s.h.i.+fters Nation was too powerful especially with the support of Zhuge Liang. If they did not eliminate the s.h.i.+fters Nation first, they would be the ones in danger.

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