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Chapter 638: Unrest

After leaving Club Lingxiao, Jiang Feng brought them both back to the Ling family.

While on the way, Ling Chen said nothing but only stared out of the window.

Su s.h.i.+ning stared at Ling Chen, wanting to say something, but did not dare to disturb him.


Jiang Feng could see the moment from the rear-view mirror, and he felt that it was very interesting.

It was like when he had returned to the time when he was still in high school. He liked someone but only dared to watch her, and did not dare to say it out loud.

It was silent the entire way, and the three of them reached the Ling family safely.

At this time, many people were already waiting in front of the Ling family’s place.

Ling Zhenhong, Ling Yuntian, Li Ran, and Ling Feiyu were all worried as they waited at the front door.

When they saw the car that Jiang Feng was driving in, they all expressed delight as they quickly went forward.

“Get down,” Jiang Feng said to Ling Chen and Su s.h.i.+ning and then walked out of the car.


As soon as Ling Chen got down from the car, Ling Yuntian walked over and slapped his face.

“You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! How dare you kill someone? You think you have grown to be independent? And you even killed two? Do you know if it wasn’t because of your brother-in-law, the entire Ling family would be doomed?!” Ling Yuntian roared at Ling Chen angrily as he raised his hand, prepared to give him another slap.

“Enough, our son was just being foolish. He knew what he did was wrong, so stop beating him,” Li Ran rolled her eyes as she caught Ling Yuntian’s arm, and then gave Ling Chen a hug and said, “My good son. Go back and rest.”

“Hmph! The reason that he turned out like this was because of you spoiling him. Go on! Spoil him even more! Next time, he would even dare to kill me!”

“Ling Yuntian, are you done yapping? We can talk about it tomorrow. Not to mention that it is you who want the entire world to know that your son is a murderer with you screaming like a banshee here,” Ling Zhenhong, who had been standing at the side, said. “Yuntian, Li Ran, go home. Little Feng will deal with this, both of you should not have your hands in this!”

Ling Zhenhong’s words were still quite effective.

Ling Yuntian snorted coldly and left with Li Ran.

“Little Feng, I will leave this matter to you. You have to deal with this gracefully. As for Little Chen… He is yours to teach now,” Ling Zhenhong said as he let out a yawn. “Yawn… Old people like me get sleepy so easily now.”

“Come on,” said Jiang Feng to both Ling Chen and Su s.h.i.+ning as he grabbed Ling Feiyu’s hands.

And then, the four of them had returned into their mansion.

Once back in the mansion, Ling Feiyu was going to start teaching Ling Chen a lesson, but she was stopped by Jiang Feng.

“One room for each of you. Go and get some rest,” Jiang Feng said, and he then dragged Ling Feiyu back to their room.

Once back in their room, Ling Feiyu said to him discontentedly, “Husband, why did you stop me? What Little Chen did this time was simply too much!”

Jiang Feng then hugged Ling Feiyu, gave her a kiss, and then consoled her saying, “It’s fine. No need to yell at him anymore. He already knows what he did was wrong. And after experiencing all of this it might be beneficial for him.”

“There are benefits from murdering others, right?” Ling Feiyu said to him disapprovingly.

“Just wait and see. Our little brother is going to have a great future ahead of him. But like a gem, he needs to first be cut and polish,” said Jiang Feng.

“Alright, fine. I can put my younger brother aside for a while,” Ling Feiyu said and then asked Jiang Feng with curiosity, “How did you become the Gatekeeper of the Yin Sect? Do you know how shocked I was after hearing that news?!”

“If I want, I can even be the Xuanyuan family’s patriarch,” Jiang Feng said arrogantly.

“Yes, continue boasting. Quickly, tell me how you became the Yin Sect’s Gatekeeper?”

As Ling Feiyu was begging him to tell her, Jiang Feng then described to her how he became the Gatekeeper of the Yin Sect.

When she heard that Jiang Feng was almost killed because of his grave injuries, Ling Feiyu looked at him with worry.


Just when Jiang Feng was telling Ling Feiyu about everything that had happened, Ling Chen was at the balcony alone. Su s.h.i.+ning did not go to her room, but instead went and accompanied Ling Chen. She sat on the bed with her arms around her legs.

“Why did you stay?” Ling Chen asked her without turning back.

Su s.h.i.+ning’s body froze for a moment, and she then replied to him with certainty after biting her red lips, “I like you. You know that!”

“I am a murderer.”

“Then I am the mastermind!”

“It isn’t worth it!”

“It is!”

“You will not be happy if you’re with me!”

“I’m happy just by following you!”

Su s.h.i.+ning was also someone loyal to a fault, just like Ling Chen.

But she wondered if her loyalty could be exchanged for a lifetime of happiness!


Tonight was going to be a sleepless night.

Many of the major factions called for a meeting among their higher-ups after receiving the message from the Yin Sect and had an emergency meeting.

Those that did not offend Jiang Feng were all thinking about how to befriend him.

Those that had offended Jiang Feng were all thinking about how to apologize to him and how to make Jiang Feng accept their apologies, as they could not even sit in peace at night.

Yet they were relatively safe when compared to the Murong family and the Baili family, who were the most anxious.

The meeting hall of the Murong family.

Murong Qingcang reported everything that had happened and then said to the leader of the Murong family, Murong Tianbo, “What should we do, Patriarch? If Jiang Feng wants to deal with us, we can never handle him. He alone is already leading about twenty elites of Grandmaster Lesser Completion or stronger!”

“What else can we do? Tomorrow, go and apologize and show that you are willing to work together with the Ling family,” Murong Tianbo then continued, “We still have four members in the Yin Sect. Whether they can enter the new world or not would all depend on Jiang Feng. As for the matter with Murong Aosong, he did this to himself. For the Murong family’s future, treat this as if it had never happened!”

“Yes, I understand,” Murong Qingcang said with a nod.


Baili Family. Baili Yuanqin collapsed on the chair.

At this moment, he felt as if he was 100 years older. It was as if his strength had left his body, and even his face had less glow to it.

“Uncle, are you alright?” Baili Qiusi asked his uncle who was not sitting that far away.

Baili Qiusi was even more handsome than he was in the game. In the real world, he looked mature and steady and gave out a feeling that he was very friendly.

“I’m fine. Call your father over,” Baili Yuanqin shook his head and said to Baili Qiusi.

Baili Qiusi nodded and then gave his father a call.

After a short while, a middle-aged man had arrived. He looked a lot like Baili Qiusi. This was his father, Baili Changji.

“Changji, from now on, the Baili family is yours. I have transferred my shares of the Baili family to you. I hope that you can take good care of the Baili family,” After he finished saying that, Baili Yuanqin stood up and left his seat, heading outward.

When he went past Baili Qiusi, he sighed and said, “If Shenye was half as responsible as you, I could smile even if I were to die.

With that, he left the room as he shook his head.

From then onward, the patriarch of the Baili Family, Baili Yuanqin, disappeared. The position of the patriarch was pa.s.sed on to Baili Changji.

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