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Chapter 752: Am I Pregnant With National Treasure?

Mu Qiqi called to inform Feng Shanshan of her worries, but Feng Shanshan laughed it off.

“I don’t go out now and I’m living in the military compound. Even if Cheng Bin wants to make a move on me, he has to carefully find an opportunity.” Feng Shanshan looked down at her abdomen as she comforted Mu Qiqi. “Besides, no matter where I go, you can locate me. What’s there to be afraid of?”

“No, before Captain Tang returns, I won’t be at ease. Tonight, the bodyguards will report to the professor’s house.” Mu Qiqi insisted on being cautious. “Even if you don’t need it, the professor and his wife will still need it. There’s no guarantee that Cheng Bin won’t find an opportunity to attack you or that he won’t s.h.i.+ft his target to someone else.”

“Okay, I’ll listen to you.”

Therefore, that night, the two young bodyguards arrived at the professor’s building on time to report.

Professor Tang saw this and listened to Feng Shanshan’s explanation. He smiled in relief. “Xiao Qi, that child, is really loyal. You’re very lucky to have a friend like her.”

“I’m just afraid of inconveniencing you.”

“We all know about Cheng Bin’s matter. There’s nothing wrong with Xiao Qi being so cautious.” Professor Tang comforted Feng Shanshan. “When Tang Yan returns, tell him to settle Cheng Bin’s matter as soon as possible. Otherwise, if he keeps threatening you like this, we won’t be able to rest a.s.sured.”

“I’m sure he also wants to settle it quickly.”

However, Cheng Bin did not make a move, nor did he make a mistake. At least not yet.

Everything could only be decided when Tang Yan came back.


Cheng Bin’s men observed everything the whole day not far from Professor Tang’s place. They could not even see Feng Shanshan, let alone make a move.

In addition, Mu Qiqi had hired bodyguards. It was almost impossible for Cheng Bin to make a move before Tang Yan came back.

Third Master Long noticed that Cheng Bin had been absent-minded the whole day, so he asked him, “Tang Yan is a criminal police officer now, and there are elite officers around him at all times. His physical fitness and state of mind are both very strong. In addition, he knows that you have been released from prison and is on guard everywhere. It is impossible for you to deal with him now.”

“But Third Master, he is not a drug enforcement officer now, and yet he is still investigating the origin of those things that appeared in Huang Yao. Don’t you feel afraid?” Cheng Bin asked Third Master Long.

“Why should I be? I’m a proper businessman now. Those messy things have nothing to do with me. I have no need to be afraid. As for you, Cheng Bin, if you can’t bear it, you’ll mess up the big plan. If you don’t have enough patience and can’t wait until Tang Yan lets his guard down, then the prison door will open for you.”

Cheng Bin also understood this logic. However, Feng Shanshan was clearly Tang Yan’s Achilles heel now. It was also a rare opportunity for him to take revenge on Tang Yan in the near future.

Unfortunately, Feng Shanshan was surrounded by people who were not to be trifled with. Mu Qiqi was the first line of defense.

No, it should be that there was Sheng Xiao behind Mu Qiqi.

This man was not inferior to Tang Yan in the slightest. In fact, he did not lose to Tang Yan in terms of strategy too.

“Third Master, I’ve suffered a lot in prison for so many years. I once swore that if I couldn’t cripple Tang Yan with my own hands, then I would have lived my life in vain. I’m not afraid to tell you that Tang Yan’s woman is pregnant. I’ve been observing her for a few days, and Tang Yan is not in Jianchuan. So, I plan to use his woman to attack him.”

“You don’t want someone to always be standing behind you with a knife, do you?”

“No matter what, I won’t give up this opportunity. I also hope that you can help me. Of course, if you don’t want to get involved, that’s fine. I just hope that you don’t get in my way.”

When Third Master Long recruited Cheng Bin, he already knew that this person wasn’t easy to control. He was like a ticking time bomb.

After Third Master Long heard this, he did not say anything. He only sighed lightly. “If you fail, contact Uncle Qiang. He can help you clean up afterward.”

“Thank you, Third Master.” After Cheng Bin said this, he cupped his fists and bowed. It meant that he still gave Third Master Long enough face and respect, but he would still do what he planned.

It was fine if Feng Shanshan hid and did not come out, but wasn’t she a pregnant woman? She still needed prenatal check-ups, didn’t she?

He didn’t believe that he wouldn’t be able to seize the slightest chance!

But how could Mu Qiqi not understand what he understood? Feng Shanshan would definitely not choose the same hospital for a prenatal check-up. At most, it would be a little more troublesome.


At night, Mu Qiqi talked to Feng Shanshan as usual. She was more strict than a mother.

“In two days, you’re going for a prenatal check-up. I need to send more people.”

“Am I pregnant with national treasure?” Feng Shanshan could not help but laugh.

“You’re still laughing. This is my fault. If I hadn’t gone to the doctor then, I might not have met Gu Ziling.” Mu Qiqi silently blamed herself for this.

“What’s there to blame? If it weren’t for you, I might have been tied up by Cheng Bin by now.” Feng Shanshan rolled her eyes. “I’ll rest well for two days. I promise you, I’ll stay at home and won’t go anywhere.”

Mu Qiqi was satisfied and ended the call.

Behind her, Sheng Xiao entered through the door. He was half-naked and there were sparkling water droplets on his body. Mu Qiqi felt hot all over when she saw him.

They had been together for a few years, yet he was still trying to seduce her. What a guy.

“Tomorrow, Sheng Kai will announce his appointment as the CEO of Changrong Electronics,” Sheng Xiao told Mu Qiqi as he wiped his hair.

Mu Qiqi climbed onto the sofa and knelt behind Sheng Xiao. She took his towel and helped him wipe his hair. “That Changrong Electronics that has a very bad reputation and keeps pressuring their employees till they commit suicide? What’s he thinking?”

“He needs to regain his momentum. Xu Che has checked everything. The Gu family has nothing to do with Changrong Electronics. This proves that there’s someone else backing him.”

“What is he doing this for? To catch up to you? Then he’ll never have the chance to do so in his entire life,” Mu Qiqi said confidently. “Even if he’s just trying to suppress Huang Yao, it’ll be hard for him too. After all, Third Brother may look like an easy target, but he’s surrounded by kings.”

“The only thing that’s pus.h.i.+ng him now is unwillingness and hatred. If he loses those as motivation, his life will lose half its meaning.” Sheng Xiao brushed his hair, hugged Mu Qiqi’s lazy waist, and took her into his arms.

Mu Qiqi leaned into Sheng Xiao’s arms and winked at him. “I… have to go out later.”


“Didn’t I have an appointment with Qianqian? She was too busy, so we’re meeting tonight instead,” Mu Qiqi explained coquettishly. “She’s a female CEO now and has a lot on her plate. I haven’t seen her in a long time. It’s been a few months! I want to catch up on the current situation between her and Lin Mu’an.”

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