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1603 Chapter 1604: Staying Out!

Ye Xiaomeng was still a little stunned when her lunch was taken away just like that. She looked at her empty hands and then at Yin bei who was not far away. She actually dared to s.n.a.t.c.h her lunch! ?

In an instant, her pretty face was filled with anger as she angrily walked in Yin bei’s direction!

“Yin bei, are you tired of living –”

Ye Xiaomeng was completely stunned when she rushed over and saw Yin bei’s next move.

Yin bei ate a few mouthfuls of her lunch, then took the water beside her and poured it all into the lunch. Then, she pulled up Mu Dan, who was also stunned, expressionlessly and said, “Let’s Go!”

Looking at the two figures leaving the cafeteria, ye Xiaomeng was completely stunned!

This Yin bei, she actually dared to openly oppose her!

She clenched her fists tightly, and a pair of angry eyes wished she could swallow Yin bei’s back whole!

Back at the dormitory, let’s see how she will deal with her!

Along the way, she dragged her good friend out of the canteen. Mu Dan could not help but look at her in a new light.

“Bei, you were so handsome just now!”

One had to know that on campus, no girl dared to openly oppose ye Xiaomeng. It was said that she was the’s biological niece. It was also for this reason that she was able to be chosen as the school Belle!

Yin bei stopped in her tracks and glanced at her good friend before her face fell. “Handsome? I might not be able to return to the dormitory tonight!”

“Then I won’t go back!”

“May I ask where I’m staying?”Her home was far from here, so it was impossible for her to go back to stay.

“Go out and Live!”Mu Dan winked at her.

Yin bei frowned. “Go out and live?”

“That’s right. Aren’t there a lot of university students living together outside now? Why don’t we go out and live too!”Their family circ.u.mstances were okay, so it was not a problem for them to live outside.

Yin bei fell into deep thought. If she did not want to be tortured to death by ye Xiaomeng, she could only go out and live. She just had to persevere through her soph.o.m.ore year and then change her dormitory.

“What about tonight? What should I do?”Glancing at her good friend, she realized that tonight’s accommodation was the real problem! panda-n( 0 ve)

“Tonight…”Mu Dan looked away and looked at the bustling metropolis. “Let’s stay in a hotel first!”

“A hotel?”


“But…”if a university student entered and left a hotel and was seen by his or her colleagues, people would probably gossip about them, right?

Yin bei was a little worried.

“Don’t worry, we’ll find a place farther away so that we won’t be seen. Besides, we’re already soph.o.m.ores. As long as we dress up a little, who will be able to tell that we’re university students?”Mu Dan seemed to be able to see her worry, “Of course, for my dear bei, I’ll be staying here tonight. Not only can I share the expenses, but I can also be your companion!”

Listening to her good friend’s words, Yin bei felt like crying with grat.i.tude!


“Don’t be moved too early. I haven’t even eaten lunch yet. It’s your treat!”

“OK! What do you want to eat?”

“Snail noodles!”

“Let’s go. I want to eat too!”

The two daughters supported each other as they walked towards the food street.

After lunch, when they returned to school, Yin bei deliberately skipped a cla.s.s. She had to go back and move her things out of the dormitory. Otherwise, they would definitely be ruined by ye Xiaomeng and the others!

Just as she was dragging her suitcase and preparing to go around the field to avoid being noticed, a figure suddenly leaned against the maple tree.

She stopped in her tracks and put down the suitcase in her hand. She quietly looked at the man who was leaning against the tree with his eyes closed.

Even though his face was covered by a book, she could still recognize that familiar figure at a glance. The person leaning against the tree was s.h.i.+ Mo..

She quietly walked a little closer, took out her phone, and madly snapped photos of that figure.

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