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Chapter 1241: She’s Our Dean! (3)

On the other hand, how old was Jian Yiling?

And she already has such achievements?

Wasn’t this a bit too insane?

As soon as the news spread, all the netizens were in absolute shock and disbelief:

[Is this real? Is Jian Yiling actually the Dean of Lahaisen Hospital? I don’t believe in this!]

[I am in complete shock. She’s in her early twenties and is already the Dean of a hospital that has leading medical technology. Meanwhile, I’m nearly thirty and my bank account hasn’t even reached four digits. Why is the gap between people so big? Guess I’m just sorry for existing.]

[This is definitely the craziest news I’ve heard all year. The legendary and mysterious Dean of Lahaisen Hospital is actually Jian Yiling!]

[What other things has she done behind our backs? I can’t believe she owns the entirety of Lahaisen Hospital. That’s way too insane!]

[Please accept my knees! I now suspect I was only born into this world to make up numbers!]

The news quickly became the most discussed topic amongst everyone. Everyone was shocked by it.


How many more unknown ident.i.ties did Jian Yiling even have?!


After this news spread, the people who knew Jian Yiling were also confused.

Never in a million years did the Jian family expect Jian Yiling to be the Dean of Lahaisen Hospital.

After all, being an ordinary member of Lahaisen Hospital was different from being the Dean of Lahaisen Hospital.

And hence, when they heard the news, they all rushed to call Jian Yunmo to confirm the authenticity of the news online.

Jian Yunmo gave them an affirmative answer: “It’s true that Lahaisen Hospital was founded by Yiling.”

The Jian family was both shocked and happy to hear this answer.

Their Yiling was way too talented!

Very soon, an endless stream of people came to visit the Jian family.

Two years ago, when Jian Yiling and Jian Yunmo got publicly announced to be members of Lahaisen Hospital, there had been a period of time when they got a lot of visitors.

However, when Jian Yiling disappeared, they disappeared as well.

And now, when Jian Yiling’s ident.i.ty of being the Dean of Lahaisen Hospital got revealed, even more visitors came to greet Grandpa Jian and Grandma Jian.

The pebble pathway was about to be trodden flat by these visitors.

At the same time, the share price of the Jian family business also skyrocketed.

Similarly, the Zhai family business was also positively impacted.

And finally, Xuming Medical Manufacturers who announced that Jian Yiling was their successor also experienced a rise in share prices.


When Qin Chuan saw the news on his computer screen, the look in his eyes gradually deepened.

It seemed like he was hiding a lot of emotions.

Mo s.h.i.+yun knocked on the door twice before she entered the study. She placed a cup of ginseng tea on the desk.

“You should get some rest every so often. You haven’t slept much recently,” Mo s.h.i.+yun said to Qin Chuan.

“Mhmm,” Qin Chuan replied indifferently. He didn’t even look at Mo s.h.i.+yun.

For more than a year, his att.i.tude towards Mo s.h.i.+yun had always been cold.

And yet, he always gave her what she wanted.

And thus, even Mo s.h.i.+yun did not know what Qin Chuan wanted from her.

Mo s.h.i.+yun did not dare to disturb Qin Chuan. After placing down the cup of ginseng tea, she quickly left the study room.

Qin Chuan looked at Mo s.h.i.+yun’s departing figure before he redirected his attention to the computer screen to look at the picture of Jian Yiling in the news report.

It was not the same. Nothing was the same anymore.

When some deviation happened, no matter how hard you tried to bring things back, things would no longer return to their original track.

He, Jian Yiling, Zhai Yunsheng, Mo s.h.i.+yun, and even Qin Yufan could never return to the past.

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