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Chapter 674: Perfect Wife for Master Sheng

Jian Yiling wanted to refuse the gift. However, Zhai Yunsheng had already accepted the gift for her.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s yours now.”

“There’s too much,” Jian Yiling replied in a small voice.

A lot of the things on the list were incredibly valuable. Just the property alone was worth a huge sum of money.

“Don’t worry about it. Just think of it as a gift from the older generation. There’s no reason to refuse a gift from them,” Zhai Yunsheng said.

Wen Ruo was also at the scene.

As Wen Cheng and Cai Qinyue were the uncle and aunt of Jian Yiling, they were supposed to be there today.

However, because of the accident, both of them were still hospitalized. As a result, they could not help but be absent from the engagement party.

And thus, only Wen Ruo came over.

When Wen Ruo saw the scene in front of her, she couldn’t help but extend her neck to get a better look.

This was the legendary CEO of the Tianxing Group. In addition, he was the Second Master of the Zhai family. His gift alone was probably worth more than the entire Jian family’s fortune.

Furthermore, this was just an initial gift!

It was obvious that the Zhai family was incredibly different from other families in Beijing.

Even Zhu Zimo’s family could not be compared to the Zhai family in terms of power and wealth.

Then, the Second Master of the Zhai family walked towards Grandpa Jian and Jian Shuxing.

He took the initiative to shake hands with them.


Upon being greeted, Grandpa Jian and Jian Shuxing felt incredibly flattered. They did not know how to respond.

In fact, they couldn’t afford such respect from the Second Master of the Zhai family.

“You’re too kind,” Jian Shuxing said hurriedly.

“From now on, we are in-laws. Good fortune has allowed A Sheng to get engaged with a daughter from the Jian family.”

Zhai Yunsheng’s parents had both pa.s.sed away. As a result, Zhai Yunsheng’s uncle was essentially a fatherly figure for him.

“You’re too kind. Master Sheng is an excellent man. He treats Yiling very well.”

Although the Jian family knew that Jian Yiling was incredibly talented and capable, they still could not withstand such praise from the Second Master of the Zhai family.

Then, the Second Master of the Zhai family talked to Grandpa Jian and Jian Shuxing for quite some time.

The polite and friendly chatter was not in line with his aura and appearance.

Grandpa Jian and Jian Shuxing were at a complete loss of what to do. They were overwhelmed by his enthusiasm.

Only Master Zhai and Zhai Yunsheng knew about this. The Second Master of the Zhai family was incredibly intimidating in front of outsiders. However, in front of his own family, he was basically a paper tiger.

Then, the Second Master of the Zhai family turned his gaze to Wen Nuan.

“I’ve heard that you’ve raised four children?”

“Yes, Yiling has three older brothers,” Wen Nuan replied. She introduced her three sons to him, one by one.

Jian Yuncheng and Jian Yunnao were both present. However, Jian Yunmo was not there.

When the Second Master of the Zhai family looked at Jian Yuncheng and Jian Yunnao, he couldn’t help but smile.

This was amazing.

Grandma Jian had three sons.

And thus, altogether, there were nine grandchildren in the Jian family.

Out of those, Jian Shuxing’s family had four children.

It appeared as though the Jian family had the tradition of having a lot of children.

This was incredibly suitable for the Zhai family.

This was much more useful than money and power to the Zhai family.

Money wasn’t important. The Zhai family did not lack money.

Instead, they lacked people!

Furthermore, Jian Yiling studied medicine. She managed to achieve her qualifications at an incredibly young age.

She was perfect for Zhai Yunsheng!

And thus, in his eyes, Jian Yiling was the perfect wife for Zhai Yunsheng.

Other than the actions that he could not trace, there were no other problems with Jian Yiling.

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