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Chapter 569: Bad Timing

Perhaps due to fear, Gu Qingjiu’s voice trembled slightly.

“I won’t…”

He merely said these two words, but his actions didn’t match with his words.

Gu Qingjiu, however, believed that the Chief Instructor wouldn’t be so sick as to do that to her while she was on her period…

If she weren’t on her period, Gu Qingjiu, of course, wouldn’t stop him.

She didn’t feel uncomfortable doing such a thing with the Chief Instructor.

He Niancheng managed to restrain himself at the crucial moment.

Towards the end, he carried Gu Qingjiu to the bed, but he still managed to stop himself.

He went to the bathroom and took a cold shower to calm himself down.

Feeling uncomfortable, add to the fact that she had drunk some alcohol, after all this…

She laid on the bed while He Niancheng took a shower. But very soon, she fell asleep.

When He Niancheng came out of the shower and saw the soundly asleep woman on the bed, he felt a rare sense of havoc inside of him.

He sat by the edge of the bed, his toned and perfect figure revealed in its nude form as he caressed Gu Qingjiu’s face.

It was a moment where he very nearly didn’t manage to pull himself back.

After all, this wasn’t an appropriate timing.

His return to the Empire this time around made He Niancheng see a clear picture of many things.

He cared about Gu Qingjiu and not about other stuff.

Even if something naturally did happen, it wouldn’t affect their future.

But it seems like the timing wasn’t appropriate.

After pondering all this, he didn’t shy from lying down on the bed next to Gu Qingjiu that he fell asleep with her in his arms.


When Gu Qingjiu woke up in the morning, she could feel a scalding hot embrace around her.

But as the indoor temperature was just right, Gu Qingjiu didn’t feel uncomfortable from it.

In contrast, she felt a lingering fondness for such an embrace.

When she opened her eyes, she was still kind of dazed.

And then, the scenes from last night replayed in her mind, making her realize what was going on.

Her face turned red, and she wanted to get out of bed stealthily. But since He Niancheng was hugging her tightly, the moment she s.h.i.+fted, he immediately sensed that.


He opened his eyes, which were sparkling as though there were stars in them. When he greeted her good morning in his raspy voice, Gu Qingjiu mumbled a hum before das.h.i.+ng into the bathroom right away.

It was only after changing that Gu Qingjiu heaved a sigh of relief.

She suddenly felt a little shy facing He Niancheng. Hence, she washed her face and brushed her teeth in the bathroom first.

By the time she was more or less done was.h.i.+ng up, He Niancheng pushed the door and entered.

At that moment, he was only wearing a pair of pajama bottoms.

His perfect, eight-pack abs and V-shape were revealed early in the morning, making Gu Qingjiu unable to resist sneaking glances through the mirror while brus.h.i.+ng her teeth.

She unconsciously gulped down a mouthful of water.

He Niancheng honestly had the a.s.sets to make one go crazy over him.

Noticing Gu Qingjiu peeking at him in the mirror, his lips curled in a hint of a smile.

Gu Qingjiu hurriedly lowered her head and continued brus.h.i.+ng her teeth.

He merely cast a glance at Gu Qingjiu with a smile, then pulled open the bathroom door and entered to take a shower.

Taking a shower early in the morning.

What kind of a person did that?

And then Gu Qingjiu recalled that although she had bathed the day before, she didn’t take a shower last night because of her period.

Although the weather wasn’t too good, she didn’t smell or anything.


She felt a tad awkward, nonetheless.

To think that the Chief Instructor didn’t disdain her for that and even held her to sleep all night when he was a clean freak.

Shortly after, she heard the splas.h.i.+ng sounds of water from the bathroom. She couldn’t help but imagine the scene taking place in there.

She then scolded herself for those impure thoughts in her head. Stroking her stomach, she started to feel hungry, so she went out and called for room service.

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