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Chapter 869: Not Leaving!

At Huaxia University, on the 19th floor of the activity building, a club was carrying out operations.

“Little Square is dead?”

Xue Xi looked at Ji Silin in disbelief and clenched her fists.

Although Little Square Zheng Zhi was very hostile to her in the past, the two of them got along very well later… How could it be…

Wu Tu stood at the side and said, “Right now, the special department and the International a.s.sociation of Espers are searching for you in the entire capital. It’s only a matter of time before they find this place! Sister Xi, let’s go. Let’s leave and return to the Superhuman Organization…”

Back to the Superhuman Organization…

Xue Xi narrowed her eyes and looked at Wu Tu. “Are you from the Superhuman Organization?”

Wu Tu scratched his head and sighed. “Yes. I am Night Owl.”

He looked at Ji Silin and frowned. “Back then, I didn’t get along with Ji Silin’s ideology, so I left the Superhuman Organization and came to Huaxia University to wait for you…”

Night Owl…

Little Wu Tu was actually one of the Three Protectors, Night Owl!

Behind Wu Tu, Yu Da, Fang Fang, and the other club members stood. Yu Da said, “Sister Xi, you can’t leave. If you leave, it’ll be deemed that you’re fleeing from your crimes. The crime of murder will be confirmed!”

Wu Tu said angrily, “But if she doesn’t leave, those people will kill Sister Xi!”

Xue Xi’s head hurt slightly and the mist in her eyes became thicker than before, but she could still vaguely see with clear eyes…

Ji Silin also sighed. “La.s.s, your staying here will just give the special department more trouble. Come home with me. The Superhuman Organization is your home. No matter who you are, no matter what you eventually become, the Superhuman Organization will never despise you…”

He lowered his eyes.

He knew that it was inappropriate to say this now, but he still could not help but say, “If you hadn’t been taken away by General Xiang back then, you wouldn’t have ended up like this…”

If her special ability had remained suppressed, her compensation would not have awakened.

Then, those people would not have been able to find her.

Xue Xi shook her head. “Can I hide forever?”

Xiang Huai had opened a provision store near the school back then, which meant that he had already found her. Since she was not discovered by others, Xiang Huai must have done something to help her hide her tracks.

If someone else had found her first, her parents would have been affected.


At this thought, Xue Xi suddenly said, “My parents…”

Wu Tu comforted her. “Don’t worry. The special department won’t implicate ordinary people with espers.”

Just as he said this, Ji Silin said, “The special department won’t, but someone will.”

Someone will…

Xue Xi’s pupils shrank.

At this moment, her phone rang. She picked it up and Jing Fei’s voice came from the other end. “Sister Xi, where are you?”

Ji Silin, Wu Tu, Yu Da, and the rest stood in front of her.

However, in her heart, her feelings for the special department were the strongest.

Xue Xi lowered her eyes. “At Huaxia University.”

Jing Fei: “…Zheng Zhi is dead. Fang Yi insisted that you killed him. Sister Xi, are you going to come back now or escape?”

The entire capital was surrounded by espers.

Escaping was the most important choice if she wanted to save her life.

However, if she escaped, she really would not be able to return.

Xue Xi clenched her jaw. “I’m not leaving.”

Jing Fei was silent for a moment before nodding. “Alright, Sister Xi. I’ll help you fight for a chance to meet in the suburbs to help you clarify everything!”

The special department would not capture Xue Xi, because no matter how scary Fang Yi was, Xue Xi had not committed any crimes so far.

Xue Xi nodded with a resolute gaze. “Okay.”

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