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Chapter 870: General Xiang! Sister Xi Is in Trouble! Help!

In the back mountain of Huaxia University.

Due to the recent battles of espers here, a spot in the mountain had already become bare.

At this moment, Jing Fei, a group of people from the special department, Fang Yi, and a few elders from the International a.s.sociation of Espers were standing there.

Jing Fei stared not far away and narrowed his eyes.

Zheng Zhi’s death had to be explained to the special department!

As long as Sister Xi dared to come, it would be a declaration. He would rather believe that Fang Yi was the one who’d killed him than Sister Xi.

As for why they chose to meet here—

It was because he did not believe Fang Yi.

Although they had already made it clear when they came that if Sister Xi admitted that she had killed Zheng Zhi, she would definitely be brought to justice, if it was not Sister Xi… they had to let Sister Xi go.

However, Fang Yi had gone back on her words several times. Jing Fei had to give Sister Xi a chance to escape.

In the back mountain of Huaxia University, as long as one flew up, they could merge into the capital’s moat and rush out along the riverbank. They could then leave the capital and escape this most concentrated encirclement.

He could neither advance nor retreat. This was the last thing Jing Fei could do for Xue Xi.

“Why isn’t she here yet?”

Fang Yi paced around impatiently and stared into the distance. “Captain Jing, do you see this? She doesn’t even have the courage to confront us. She killed Xiao Zhi! Just arrest her. I don’t know why you’re doing this!”

Jing Fei stood there. “Sister Yi, don’t speak to me like that, I’m so afraid~ We’re meeting Sister Xi at five. It’s not time yet. Why are you so anxious?”

It was already late. Xue Xi would come. If they did not come to an agreement later, she’d want to escape while it was still dark so she could hide.

As time pa.s.sed, at 4:59 AM, a few people slowly walked out from the mountaintop—

Xue Xi walked at the front. She was wearing an ordinary hoodie and a pair of Martin boots. She was wearing black jeans and her legs were slender and long.

She was wearing a black baseball cap and her long hair was draped behind her.

The girl’s cheeks were porcelain white and her exquisite features exuded aloofness. Her eyes were misty and she seemed to be arrogant.

Behind the girl, Ji Silin, Yu Da, Wu Tu, Fang Fang, Gao Yanchen, Qin Shuang, Cen Bai, and the rest followed closely. Their resolute footsteps made it appear like they were following her not to the battlefield but to a banquet.

Seeing so many people supporting her, Fang Yi said jealously, “Tsk, I really don’t know why those people are so protective of her!”

Jing Fei lowered his eyes. “Because she’s worth it.”


Fang Yi’s eyes were filled with hatred. Today, she must make Xue Xi unable to return!

In the bas.e.m.e.nt of the Capital Building.

A rustling sound was heard. Suddenly, a dark little thing scurried out of the elevator.

It did not dare to walk forward and slowly hid beside a car.

Occasionally, there would be light s.h.i.+ning on it. One could tell that although the black cat was agile, its fur was extremely dirty.

After Little White distracted Fang Yi, the black cat finally took the chance to leave the special department.

Along the way, it had encountered the espers sent by Fang Yi many times.

It had escaped death many times before finally arriving here.

It was just a cat and could not find Sister Xi.

What Little White said before it died was simply bulls.h.i.+t.

Just like the confession it had said…

Xitara was not an ordinary cat, and Little White had not awakened any abilities. What could it know?

The black cat hypnotized itself again and again.

Little White was a stray cat.

In this world, how many stray cats died every day? Hence, there was nothing to be sad about.

This was it.


The white cat was gone. No one would fight for favor against the black cat anymore.

How nice.

Just perfect.

It was irrefutable.

The black cat thought all this to itself. After a few leaps, it arrived outside the metal wall in the bas.e.m.e.nt.

The black cat pounced on the wall and suddenly shouted, “General Xiang! Boss! Sister Xi is in trouble! Help!”

The moment it shouted this, the black cat suddenly realized that its voice was filled with sobs.

However, this must be because of the difficulties and fear it had encountered along the way.

It was definitely not because of Little White.


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