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Chapter 871: Zi He!

In the back mountain of Huaxia University.

Xue Xi arrived in front of them step by step. Fang Yi waved her hand and the elders surrounded them.

Jing Fei said, “Fang Yi, what are you doing? We agreed that we’re only here to interrogate Sister Xi. Before Sister Xi admits it, you’re not allowed to arrest her!”

Fang Yi sneered. “What if she runs away?”

Jing Fei’s face was cold as he looked at the people behind Xue Xi and did not speak further. Anyway, with those people around, Sister Xi could not be detained.

He took a step forward and said, “Sister Xi, Zheng Zhi is dead.”

Xue Xi: “…I know.”

Jing Fei’s eyes were red. “Fang Yi said that you killed him. What happened?”

What happened?

When Xue Xi left back then, Little Square was clearly fine, but he died after that. She immediately said, “It wasn’t me. When I left, he was fine.”

Fang Yi sneered. “Then do you have a witness?”

Ji Silin took a step forward and said, “I’m the witness. When I came to save her, Xue Xi had already regained her rationality. That person called Zheng Zhi hugged Fang Yi’s leg and asked us to leave quickly.”

When Jing Fei heard this, he looked at Fang Yi.

Fang Yi sneered. “You? Who are you?”

Ji Silin slowly said, “Ji Silin, psychiatrist.”

Fang Yi did not panic at all. “A psychiatrist? Zi He, your ident.i.ty is really not bad!”

The moment the name “Zi He” was uttered, everyone was shocked!

Even the people from the special department looked at Ji Silin in disbelief.

He was one of the three elders of the mysterious organization, Zi He?

Fang Yi said, “Xue Xi, you colluded with Zi He. Are you worthy of those comrades who died in battle in the special department? Do you know how many of us have been sacrificed in order to capture the mysterious organization members all these years?! Zheng Zhi’s parents, my parents, and so many young lives…

“Some time ago, they caused a nuclear explosion in the suburbs. It was also them who’d forced General Xiang to take action. He’s still locked in the bas.e.m.e.nt and doesn’t dare to come out!”

Following this, the expressions of everyone in the special department changed.

Previously, they had protected Xue Xi because she was their comrade.

However, the Superhuman Organization and the special department were natural enemies!

Putting aside how many people had died in the special department over the years, even General Xiang had been harmed by them and could not come out now.

If General Xiang was still around, would the international espers dare to openly enter China?!

Jing Fei also looked straight at Ji Silin. “Are you really Zi He?”

Ji Silin knew that he could not hide it. He lowered his eyes. “Yes, but everything about the Superhuman Organization has nothing to do with Xue Xi.”

“So it’s unrelated to her just because you say so?” Fang Yi was aggressive. “I think Xue Xi might be your spy. Otherwise, why has it been so difficult to capture you guys all these years? Moreover, you guys have really put in a lot of effort to use her to restrain General Xiang! This is a honey trap!”

Fang Yi pointed at them and said to the people from the special department, “Hurry up and catch them!”

Zi He was here…

Anyone from the special department had to take action.

Jing Fei waved his hand and everyone surrounded Xue Xi and the rest again.

Xue Xi frowned. She knew that Fang Yi had come prepared, but she did not expect her to even know Ji Silin’s ident.i.ty.

Before Xue Xi could speak, she heard Ji Silin sigh. “Do you think you can catch me?”

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