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Chapter 588: Taibai Resists the Dao Ancestor, Yun Xiao Leads Qingping!

The atmosphere in Xuandu City was a little oppressive.

Outside the array formation, the Great Daoist Master and Kong Xuan held hands and firmly stopped the otherworldly demons that were attacking again.

Outside the Xuandu City, pairs of eyes and immortal senses were staring at the vortex in the middle of the city.

The experts from the Dao Sect, who had been lying in ambush in various corners of the Xuandu City, also felt the unprecedented nervousness.

Even if Perfected Yu Ding was calm enough, Perfected Taiyi was intelligent. At that moment, he subconsciously held his breath and focused.

Yun Xiao, Qiong Xiao, and the other immortals hiding in the Chaos Sea had already sensed Kun Peng’s aura but had yet to determine its exact location.

Even if the Primordial Beast was anxious, it was still extremely cunning.

“Are you here?”

In an hour, Quan Dong asked the question for the twelfth time with his spiritual will.

“Not yet. There’s probably still a moment,” Li Changshou replied via voice transmission. “Your Majesty, don’t be too nervous. This time, it’s essentially a siege of Kun Peng. I spent so much effort to design so many things just to bait Kun Peng.”

“I understand, but I just feel that… it’s very novel.”

Quan Dong paused and frowned slightly. He closed his eyes and focused his senses. He muttered, “Strange. Why is the Heavenly Dao suddenly unstable?”

“You’re here.”

Li Changshou was shocked. He immediately sent a voice transmission to various places. Quan Dong secretly looked over when he heard that.

The few Dao Sect experts hiding in the city surged with Dharma powers and were prepared to attack.

In the middle of the Xuandu City, in the vortex at the entrance of the world, a faint golden light bloomed quietly, as if something was surging.

The power of the Heavenly Dao became rich, as if it had formed a barrier.

However, the golden ball of light easily broke through the barrier and appeared in Xuandu City with a faint sound!

There was silence.

There was silence in and outside the city. The Primordial World mighty figures, Chaos demons, and experts from the sixteen or seventeen Dao Sects, who were waiting for the purple gas to appear, tensed up at the same time.

Look at that ball of light!

The misty golden light was a proof of merit. A wisp of purple gas lingered and rotated inside. It contained the will of the heavens, earth, and all living beings. It hid the Dao, Dharma, and the door of nature.

Primordial Violet Qi!

Almost instantly, dozens of Primordial mighty figures and demons hiding in the Chaos Sea rushed towards the Mystic Capital Array!

Dozens of Great Dao that were either perfected, incomplete, ancient, or treacherous carried various colors of light. They spread out at the edge of the world and the Chaos Sea and surged towards the Xuandu City!

Dozens of gazes were fixed on the golden ball of light!

An old Daoist priest shouted, “Excuse me!” and a demon shouted, “Move!”

Daoists with the demeanor of immortals had their hair and beard flying. They were awe-inspiring without being angry. Dozens of Great Dao rumbled and resisted. The composite array formation in the Xuandu City was about to collapse almost immediately.

The composite array that could stop the otherworldly demons was like thin paper.

In fact, half of the hundreds of Dao soldiers on the city wall of Xuandu City were scattered…

That was the mighty figure hidden by the light of the six Saints of the Primordial World!

That was the danger of the Primordial World that Li Changshou had seen in the books of the Immortal Du Sect since he was young!

Great Daoist Master Xuan Du and Kong Xuan, who were fighting the otherworldly demons, pretended to be shocked. That situation was naturally within their expectations. They had also deduced it more than ten times with Li Changshou.

In fact, every time Li Changshou deduced, he estimated that there would be more experts than those.

Clearly, this was not the worst situation that they had expected.

The Great Daoist Master said loudly, “You will bear the consequences if you barge into the important place of Xuandu City!”

The dozens of figures were unmoved. They had already rushed to the front of the Xuandu City’s array formation from various directions. A few old Daoists even waved their sleeves and sent the group of otherworldly demons flying!

At this moment!

The otherworldly demons rioted. A few huge and strange black shadows that had appeared in the Xuandu City appeared outside the city again and headed towards the Xuandu City.

The Great Daoist Master gritted his teeth and cursed the experts of the Primordial World.

“Don’t be blinded!”

His figure rushed into the Chaos Sea. The Taiji Painting above his head and the Cosmic Ruler in his hand welcomed the Connate G.o.dfiends.

There were priorities. He was in charge of guarding the Xuandu City. He could not let the Connate G.o.dfiend take advantage of the chaos.

The wisp of Primordial Violet Qi rushed upwards in Xuandu City. It rushed towards the wall of the city wall from the inside, as if it wanted to completely escape the Primordial World and dissipate into the chaos.

Do the escape!

Kong Xuan, who was originally beside the Great Daoist Master, suddenly turned around and rushed into Xuandu City. Five-colored divine light bloomed in his hand as he grabbed the Primordial Violet Qi.

However, the moment Kong Xuan turned around, more than ten streams of light bloomed behind her. They shot towards Kong Xuan’s slender back. Each of them seemed to be able to destroy the ancient Buzhou Mountain.

Even if Kong Xuan’s mystical abilities were extraordinary, he had no choice but to move to the side and temporarily avoid the attack.

Dozens of Great Dao crushed over, and the Xuandu City’s Recovery Array instantly shattered…

The Primordial Violet Qi was less than five kilometers away from the experts!

“Why did it arrive early?”

Li Changshou frowned and muttered to himself. In his arrangements this time, the deviation in the details was already a huge mistake.

The stone that he had transformed into had already moved by a millimeter. His immortal senses spread out with all their might and sensed Kun Peng’s traces.

No matter how fierce the big shots were fighting, as long as Kun Peng did not appear, he would not appear.

Today was just a setup. The Primordial Violet Qi was done by him and the few human emperors. It completely imitated the form of the Primordial Violet Qi when the human emperors accepted it back then.

He gathered the water of the Heavenly River, the essence of the stars, and integrated a large amount of merit. He even used a heaven-defying method and the dense aura of ancient precious materials to mix it into a wisp of purple gas.

The few Imperial Lords had been bestowed with Primordial Violet Qi by the Heavenly Dao. They had worked hard to create it. The final results could almost be distorted.

It’s here. It’s really here this time!

A few of the dozens of mighty figures had already rushed to the top of the city wall of Xuandu City. The few mighty figures at the front were guarding against each other and also guarding against the “Fellow Daoist” behind them.

At some point in time, he had arrived at the Earth Immortal Ancestor Zhen Yuanzi, who was near the Xuandu City. His beard and hair fluttered, and his sleeves fluttered. A piece of heaven and earth seemed to be about to fly out of his sleeve and suppress all the mighty figures there.

The general of the ancient Fiend Ancestor Rahu, who was dressed in black armor, held a long saber in his hand and a golden serpent helmet on his head. His body was surging with black Qi. He was a fiend G.o.d that had walked out of the ancient times and was still a lonely soul that refused to die.

The cold-looking female immortal was a short-lived mighty figure of the Primordial World. At that moment, Sword Qi surrounded her. Her Dao runes were extremely sharp, and her strength was not much weaker than Zhen Yuanzi.

There was no story about them in the Primordial World, only their Dao marks!

There was also the old woman who had deliberately turned her face extremely ugly, the old man who was holding the incomplete paG.o.da, the young man who was dressed as a scholar and held a metal pen, and…

Behind the dozens of figures, beside the place where the Great Daoist Master and the Connate G.o.dfiends were fighting, was the image of a huge beast that completely covered the Xuandu City. It was so huge that one could not see its appearance.

Kun Peng appeared!

A few of the Dao Sect experts who were hiding in the dark could not help but want to attack. Fortunately, they were stopped by the immortals beside them.

However, in that instant!

The situation in Xuandu City changed drastically. Li Changshou’s mind was also changing.

No, something is wrong!

Li Changshou’s heart suddenly trembled. His tense heartstrings were almost torn apart.

The Primordial Violet Qi had already arrived. Why had Zhao Gongming, the G.o.ddess of Golden Spirit, and G.o.ddess Wudang not come out of the vortex?

If anything happened, Zhao Gongming would naturally crush the jade token to warn them. Moreover, if the three of them joined forces, they should be able to send out a request for help even if they were stopped by a Saint.

In a flash, countless thoughts flashed across Li Changshou’s mind.

At that moment, the Primordial Violet Qi seemed to have a spirit. It seemed to feel that the path ahead was completely sealed. It suddenly turned around and retreated backward!

The dozens of experts from the Primordial World almost had their waists broken. The conflict that was about to erupt was temporarily suppressed. They chased after the Primordial Violet Qi in one go.

The battle would only erupt when someone approached the Primordial Violet Qi.

Those who could live to this day in the Primordial World were naturally not foolish. Facing the opportunity to become a Saint in the world, they each had plans to risk their lives!

Kong Xuan’s figure flew beside the experts. He looked like he wanted to vie for the Primordial Violet Qi, but in fact, he was just wandering at the edge and controlling the situation.

The Great Daoist Master was holding the Taiji Painting and was already fighting fiercely with several Connate G.o.dfiends. In fact, he had deliberately left the Xuandu City to fight and used the Taiji Painting to seal Kun Peng’s path at the crucial moment.

The Connate G.o.dfiends were also aggrieved.

They were living beings of the Chaos Sea and did not need the Primordial Violet Qi. Today, they were only driven by Kun Peng to attract the attention of the Qi Refinement cultivators. They did not expect to be beaten up by Great Daoist Master Xuan Du.

At that moment, he could not retreat. If he retreated, he would be swallowed again…

As dozens of mighty figures in Xuandu City had revealed their Great Dao at the same time, the otherworldly demons could not approach at all.

Just the aftershocks produced by the collision, turbulence, and compression of the Dao laws could completely shatter the otherworldly demons.

However, even dozens of experts at that level could not catch up to the golden ball of light…

What’s going on?

Li Changshou’s Dao heart trembled continuously. His clear Dao heart stirred up waves, and the rock that he had transformed into trembled continuously.

That’s not right. No matter how high the Dao Realms of the human emperors were, they could not create the Primordial Violet Qi that could fool all the mighty figures.

Master Zhao’s Sea-Calming Divine Pearl was in charge of temporarily suppressing his plan…

What went wrong?

He had been plotting for twenty years. He wanted to erase the uncontrollable factors on Kun Peng. At that moment, every segment had been successfully completed. He was just short of the last scene. Once Kun Peng attacked, the Xuandu City would be able to activate the important array formations. The experts who were lying in ambush would rush forward, and the Grandmaster of Heaven would be behind them…

Did it really happen?

The Primordial Violet Qi…

Li Changshou “raised” his head and looked over. He saw the golden ball of light flash gently and pa.s.s through the universe without a trace. It flashed out of the dozens of large hands comfortably and appeared thousands of feet away.

If this thing was not a fake…

If this was really the eighth and ninth wisp of Primordial Violet Qi!

Only the Dao Ancestor or the Heavenly Dao could release it!

No, that’s not right. There’s only the Dao Ancestor.

The eighth Primordial Violet Qi was split by the Dao Ancestor. If there was really a ninth wisp of Primordial Violet Qi, it would definitely be in the Dao Ancestor’s palm.

Why did the Dao Ancestor do that?

Did he think that the fake Primordial Violet Qi could not deceive Kun Peng, or did he have other schemes?

Li Changshou’s heart was filled with streams of light. Those were the various possibilities that he had been thinking about for the past twenty years. The options were linked together and were deducing and tracing backward!

Could it be that the Dao Ancestor already knew that he had sensed the abnormality of the Heavenly Dao?

In the darkness, Li Changshou waved his left hand. The countless streams of light instantly disappeared. He completely ignored his Kun Peng catching plan. Two separate options surfaced in his heart.

Firstly, the Primordial Violet Qi was used by the Dao Ancestor to plot against the experts of the Primordial World. It attracted the demons hiding in the Chaos Sea to appear and destroy them in one go.

Secondly, the Primordial Violet Qi was specially sent to find him. He wanted to take this opportunity to let him grasp the opportunity to become a Saint.

If it was the former, it would not conflict with his plan to plot against Kun Peng.

If it was the latter…

Should I take it or not? Should I take the Primordial Violet Qi?

Li Changshou squinted and looked at the flickering golden ball of light. Its shadow was imprinted in Li Changshou’s heart. It was mysterious.

In the darkness, the burly old Daoist priest who was sitting seemed to have appeared. His eyes opened slightly and looked at him calmly, waiting for him to make a choice.

Li Changshou was not conceited or arrogant.

However, he did not want to accept the golden ball of light that the mighty figures were fighting over.

Although the eighth and ninth wisp of Primordial Violet Qi was a chance to become a Saint, it could only allow the quasi-saint who had severed three corpses to become a Half-Saint.

The price was to be locked in the world by that wisp of Primordial Violet Qi!

His Dao realm could not advance any further. He was controlled by the Heavenly Dao and became a “small” cornerstone of the Heavenly Dao!

If the ninth Primordial Violet Qi appeared today, he did not know if it really existed. Moreover, the Dao Ancestor had deliberately given it to him. Li Changshou would definitely not hesitate.

However, that was not the case.

This was only one-ninth of the complete Primordial Violet Qi, but it had the same “side effect” as the complete Primordial Violet Qi.

How could the highest Half-Saint be considered transcendent?

The most troublesome thing was that if Dao Ancestor Hong Jun gave him a wisp of Primordial Violet Qi and he did not accept it, wouldn’t it mean that he had a guilty conscience and was wary of the Heavenly Dao?

If he did not stop, he would be in trouble.

If the second a.s.sumption was true, he could not accept it!

He had to think of two ways in the shortest time possible and find the most stable path to survive this crisis!

This time, it might be a test from Dao Ancestor Hong Jun…

Could it be that the Dao Ancestor had seen the scheme that he had started after his master died?

What should I do?

If it was really the worst situation, how could he break through?

The G.o.d Conferment was imminent. The dawn of his escape from the quagmire of the Primordial World had already appeared…

“Changgeng! Changgeng!”

Suddenly, he heard a voice transmission from the mischievous stone beside him. “This is the real Primordial Violet Qi! The Dao Ancestor has released the ninth wisp of Primordial Violet Qi! This thing really exists!”

Li Changshou sighed in his heart. The Jade Emperor had reminded him that he no longer had any room to delay.

The Dao Ancestor was watching.

After scheming for so many years and plotting so many times, he actually had to take one step at a time.

He’d actually end up in such a state too.

Come on then.

Li Changshou suddenly stood up. The transformation technique, the illusion technique, and the Essence Restoring technique instantly dissipated. The white-haired, white-browed man stood in the corner of the Xuandu City. His Daoist robe swayed slightly, and his long hair was messed up by the wind in the Xuandu City.

A wisp of blue light forcefully squeezed into the dozens of Great Dao!

The Great Dao of Equalization!

At the same time, the golden ball of light that was constantly dodging the pursuit of the other mighty figures trembled violently and flew towards Li Changshou!



Li Changshou’s Dao heart twitched.

He was too inexperienced compared to the Dao Ancestor.

This is a trick, this is a scheme!

A wisp of Primordial Violet Qi used the real to confuse the fake. It made him stand against all the mighty figures and was deeply tied to the Heavenly Dao. It locked him, the greatest variable in the world!

Indeed, those so-called “treating outsiders equally” and living beings were the creation of the Great Dao and True Spirit trembling…

Well said!

Ah, this Senior Lang had really harmed him.

Although Li Changshou’s thoughts were complicated, his expression quickly changed from shock to excitement.

“Is this really Primordial Violet Qi?!”

Before he finished speaking, he immediately flew towards the Primordial Violet Qi.

Kong Xuan immediately reminded him, “Changgeng, be careful!”

The Five-colored Divine Light immediately swept towards Li Changshou’s body for protection.

However, just as the Five-colored Divine Light bloomed, more than ten streams of light smashed towards Li Changshou. There were weapons, Dharma treasures, mystical abilities, and even shadows formed by the power of his essence soul.

Eight-Nine Arcane Art!

Li Changshou exclaimed. The Daoist robe on his body bulged, and golden light surged out from his body. He resisted the attacks and was sent flying.

He secretly took advantage of the situation to retreat. He was as unharmed as a mountain. Blood Qi that was like smoke emitted from his head, and waves of wind and thunder sounded from his body.

The golden ball suddenly flashed and continued to chase after Li Changshou.

The mighty figures widened their eyes in indignation.

The treasure that they had risked their lives to fight for actually flew towards that person!

Where is the axiom?

In an instant, they attacked one after another. Streams of light blasted towards Li Changshou’s figure. Li Changshou summoned the Mysterious Yellow PaG.o.da above his head, but he shouted anxiously at the PaG.o.da Master in his heart.

Let’s go easy!

Hurry up and go easy!

Although the PaG.o.da Master did not understand what was going on, he immediately followed orders. Li Changshou let out a comfortable hum in his heart and kept retreating under the violent attacks.

Li Changshou flew backward. Several spiritual lights flashed in his heart, and a General’s Order played in his tense heart.


Kun Peng!

Li Changshou’s immortal senses searched with all his might and captured the image of Kun Peng flying rapidly in the Chaos Sea!

A bold plan had already popped up in Li Changshou’s mind.

This time, he had no choice but to take the risk. He was only 80% confident. However, if he could succeed, he could count the number of birds with one stone!

The Mysterious Yellow PaG.o.da above his head was sent flying again. Li Changshou raised his hand and aimed at the golden ball. Before he could use any mystical abilities, layers of wrinkles suddenly appeared in the universe, isolating him from the Primordial Violet Qi.

Li Changshou suddenly turned his head and glared at the Primordial World mighty figures who were preventing him from obtaining the Primordial Violet Qi. Blood seeped out of the corners of his mouth.

A few old Daoists looked hesitant.

Li Changshou shouted as he flew backward.

“Senior Brothers, please help me obtain the purple gas! Let’s talk about Kun Peng for now! I will definitely reward you greatly if I obtain this item! Please protect yourself! I’ll disturb you!”

Six auras instantly appeared in Xuan Du City. Perfected Yu Ding, Perfected Taiyi, Perfected Huang Long, the G.o.ddess of Turtle Spirit of Jie School, Yu Yuan, and the mount of Ren School, Bai Ze, appeared in six directions at the same time!

They attacked together and revealed their abilities. They tried their best to implicate the mighty figures of the Primordial World.

At that moment, Kong Xuan had already understood that something had changed. The Primordial Violet Qi seemed to be real purple Qi and was bent on finding Li Changshou.

Without any hesitation, the Five-colored Divine Light erupted. In the blink of an eye, it sealed a mighty figure and struck the Dharma treasures in the hands of two great mystical abilities.

The pressure on Li Changshou decreased drastically. Endless waves were instantly stirred in Xuandu City. The various pillars of light almost pierced through the Chaos Sea. The entire Primordial World could sense the Great Dao trembling.

However, there were still more than ten experts from the Primordial World chasing after the Primordial Violet Qi, forcing Li Changshou to be unable to meet up with it.

In the corner of the Xuandu City, Quan Dong stood up. He was dressed in armor and holding a divine sword.

“Everyone, you want to become enemies with the Heavenly Courts!”

The heavenly might appeared and suppressed the world!

At that moment, a beam of golden light flew out from the vortex at the entrance of Xuandu City…

The fake Primordial Violet Qi had just arrived!

The Daoists in the city were also stunned. A mighty figure instantly understood the cause and effect and cursed, “The Heavenly Courts set up a trap to kill Kun Peng and attracted us!”

“Where did this violet Qi come from?”

“I will definitely obtain this violet Qi! The Heavenly Dao Saint is immortal and indestructible!”

The situation became more and more tense. The mighty figures no longer held back. Li Changshou had become the target of everyone!

Although there was the Mysterious Yellow PaG.o.da outside and the Eight-Nine Arcane Art inside, Li Changshou’s Qi and blood only trembled and he was slightly injured. However, he was continuously sent flying and was in a sorry state.

Not only did they fly back, but the experts of the Primordial World also used various methods to try and stop Li Changshou from being related to the Primordial Violet Qi.

They sealed the universe and distorted the void. They did not even hesitate to send the ball of light flying.

Li Changshou looked anxious. His immortal senses captured that the black shadow had quietly reached the edge of the city and was about to attack…

It was time!

Li Changshou quickly formed a seal with both hands. His eyes shone with blue light as he shouted, “Five Elements Return to Yin and Yang! I control the universe! It’s as urgent as a rule!”

In various parts of Xuandu City, the power of the five elements suddenly surged. The universe within a 500-kilometer radius suddenly froze!

The Five-Element Yin-Yang Array that was prepared for Kun Peng and more than ten supplementary arrays were activated by Li Changshou!

The effect was quite extraordinary.

The eminences lowered their bodies at the same time and were suppressed by the array formation. The attack that was attacking Li Changshou completely disappeared.

Li Changshou’s eyes were filled with joy. He opened his hand and was about to grab the ball of light that was flying towards him.

Three streams of light flew out of the vortex at the entrance of Xuandu City. Zhao Gongming, Jin Ling, and Wu Dang chased after them.

Suddenly, Zhao Gongming felt a voice transmission in his heart. He looked up and his pupils constricted.


Following a low cry that seemed to come from the deepest part of the Chaos Sea, it was instantly lengthened…

Zhao Gongming saw that…

On the city wall of the Xuandu City, the endless Chaos Sea was like a gray sky. The Mysterious Yellow PaG.o.da above Li Changshou’s head and his left hand opened to grab the golden ball of light in front of him…

The second golden ball of light was flying towards the Chaos Sea…

The power of the five elements surged. There was no sign of Kun Peng, but they had already used the array formation that they had set up for many years…

Behind Li Changshou, a black shadow that looked like a sky screen appeared strangely. At that moment, only a huge pitch-black head appeared on its huge body. It opened its abyss-like mouth!

It was clearly huge, but its speed was also extremely fast.

Demon Master Kun Peng!

Li Changshou’s pupils constricted. He suddenly turned his head. His left hand was only 30 feet away from the golden ball.


The abyss was about to swallow Li Changshou and the golden ball!

Compared to the huge mouth, Li Changshou’s body was as small as dust. At that moment, the universe was in chaos. Even his strongest escape technique could not dodge.

He suddenly turned around and left the Primordial Violet Qi at the side. He held the G.o.d-Slaying Spear in his right hand and blue flames surged out from his body. His tattered Daoist robe was torn apart by his muscles. His silver-white hair was so eye-catching!

Li Changgeng, the Heavenly Courts’ minister!

Leaping forward with the spear, he would not die!

The huge mouth instantly merged and let out a “whale roar” that only belonged to the Chaos Sea. It gnawed off half of the Xuandu City!

“How dare you, wretched beast?!”

He suddenly felt the Great Dao tremble. A blurry figure appeared at the edge of the Chaos Sea.

Why was it blurry? It was because the figure moved too quickly, and the Dao laws did not appear.

He held the Qingping Sword in his hand and was about to slash downwards when golden light suddenly shone in front of him. A figure walked out of the void, as if he had been waiting for a long time and had just arrived.

The Golden Body, Zhun Ti of the Western Sect!

“Fellow Daoist, what are you doing!?!”

She said coldly, “Get lost!”

Four immortal swords appeared behind the Grandmaster of Heaven. The Qingping Sword scabbard in his hand flew into the Chaos Sea. The five immortal swords clanged together!

Zhun Ti frowned and was about to say something.

The Grandmaster of Heaven had an extremely cold expression. With a wave of his sleeve, the Immortal Vanquis.h.i.+ng Sword and the Golden Body of Zhun Ti, strangely disappeared.

An ancient array formation appeared under the Grandmaster of Heaven. It was naturally the Immortal Vanquis.h.i.+ng Sword Array.

However, just as the Grandmaster of Heaven was about to kill Kun Peng that had begun to turn around, divine light flickered in front of him. The Daoist guide sat cross-legged in the clouds and blocked his path.

“Fellow Daoist, can you return my junior brother?”

The Grandmaster of Heaven laughed in anger. “You just want Changgeng to die, don’t you? Do you really think that my Eldest Senior Brother has a good temper?”

The Daoist priest frowned and asked, “Fellow Daoist, what are you talking about? I don’t know much about that. Can you return my junior brother?”

“If you want to fight, fight. Cut the c.r.a.p! Otherwise, I will kill the Sixth Saint today!”

The Qingping Sword in the Grandmaster of Heaven’s hand suddenly turned into streams of light and dissipated. The four Immortal Vanquis.h.i.+ng Swords around him floated vertically, and the array diagram under his feet kept trembling. It seemed that a Saint was struggling inside.

The guide smiled bitterly. The Welcoming Divine Banner appeared behind him.

The Grandmaster of Heaven sneered, but he was not in a hurry.

The two Saints disappeared with a whoosh. The Chaos Sea suddenly trembled. Multicolored light shone everywhere in the Primordial World. Two incomparably ferocious Great Daos collided head-on.

He looked at Xuandu City.

Streams of light pounced at Kun Peng. All the experts used their techniques, but they could not stop Kun Peng from retreating.

In the blink of an eye, a green bolt of lightning cut through the layers of Chaos aura and smashed onto the back of Kun Peng, causing blood arrows to splash.

It was the Qingping Sword scabbard. It entered Kun Peng’s body and emitted green light that was like a spider web, trapping Kun Peng.

At the same time, the Qingping Sword that had disappeared from the Grandmaster of Heaven’s hand turned into another green bolt of lightning and landed in the hand of a white figure that was pouncing towards the Xuandu City…

Yun Xiao held the Qingping Sword in her right hand. In the reflection of the sword beam, her beautiful face was sullen, but her eyes were filled with uncontrollable anger.

Kun Peng…

Kun Peng!


With the scabbard as the guide, the sword moved forward. Her speed increased by 60%!

At the same time!

The Taiji Painting crossed the Chaos Sea and suppressed Kun Peng. The Great Daoist Master’s long hair fluttered, and his eyes revealed a rare ferocious glint.

The Five-colored Divine Light condensed into a Five-colored Divine Phoenix. In the blink of an eye, it turned into a 50-kilometer-long phoenix and smashed down on Kun Peng’s head!

The Great Immortal Zhenyuan’s sleeve expanded, and chains flew out and wrapped around Kun Peng’s head. The old Daoist priest’s eyes were filled with hatred.


Zhao Gongming roared angrily and immediately flew forward to attack Kun Peng. However, the spiritual will that he had just received suddenly spread out and transformed into Li Changshou’s voice.

“Brother, I’m fine. Everything has happened according to my plan. There have been unexpected changes. I can only react in time.”

“Persuade Yun Xiao and my senior brother not to let them get injured. Don’t tell anyone else about this news.”


Zhao Gongming looked up at the fairy who was attacking Kun Peng with her sword. He felt the anger that his sister had never felt before. He sensed that the fairy, who had been addressing him as her brother and sister since ancient times, actually had such a strong killing intent. His Adam’s apple trembled.

How could he dare to persuade him?

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